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Mr Prince
Total level: 2597
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 99
Strength 99Agility 99Smithing 99
Defence 99Herblore 99Fishing 99
Ranged 99Thieving 99Cooking 99
Prayer 99Crafting 99Firemaking 99
Magic 99Fletching 99Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99Slayer 99Farming 99
Construction 99Hunter 99Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 120Divination 99Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 138Quests 350
Music 1,001Tasks 601RuneScore ----
As of 25 September 2021
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Hello, I'm MR PR1NCE I! I've only recently created my account, so my userpage isn't finished yet. If you have any formatting tips, please leave them on my talk page. I welcome all advice.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My character name is Mr Prince
  • My combat level is 138
  • My total level is 2595
  • I successfully completed all of the tasks
  • I am mostly a quest-er, but since I've completed all the quests, I'm a skiller!
  • I have obtained at least 99 in all skills and am a wearer of the Max cape
  • I have obtained the Completionist cape
  • I am all around friendly guy who can get a long with almost everyone
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Balance is power.
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the Empty Lord.

Quest Info[edit | edit source]

Quest log This user has a quest log here.

Quest map icon.png This user has completed all of the quests.
Quest point cape.png
This user owns a
Quest point cape.
Master thief's armband.png This user is a member of the Black Arm Gang.
Quest Icon Crest.png This user misses Tutorial Island.

Skills I Mastered[edit | edit source]

Max cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Max cape
This user owns a
Max cape.
Completionist cape.png
This user owns a
Completionist cape.

My Slayer Master[edit | edit source]

Morvran This user goes to Morvran for slayer assignments.