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Attack: 82Strength: 83Defence: 85Ranged: 80Prayer: 70Magic: 85Runecrafting: 57Construction: 70Dungeoneering: 46Constitution: 85Agility: 66Herblore: 63Thieving: 62Crafting: 70Fletching: 70Slayer: 74Hunter: 61Mining: 65Smithing: 70Fishing: 63Cooking: 99Firemaking: 71Woodcutting: 80Farming: 64Summoning: 72278 quest pointsCombat: 113
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Hello there, i am your faithful companion disavowed. Known as tuka rygat, and loiusdud before. I play runescape for fun, i am a member, i have been for years. Even though i have been playing for along time(7 years) i only have a single level 99 skill. I know. amazing right. I eventually i may get another Maybe defence. I like to stand around talking about nothing in Varrock. you can always find me in w27 when i am logged in. If you feed me a cookie i will dance.


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During the Bonus Xp weekend March 2012, I attained these levels.

  • 10 cooking levels going from 89-99
  • 3 Firemaking levels going from 68-71
  • 1 agility level going from 63-64

I should probably commit to making a slayer log....