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Hello [user],

I wish you good day, and please feel welcome! Wink

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Userboxes[edit | edit source]

E7MvWlG.png This user is crazy about userboxes (see below). If you can be bothered to go all the way down the page, then well done!

Areas thougths[edit | edit source]

Gielinor This user's hasn't got a favourite place, all of Gielinor's places are charmy in their own way.
Eastern lands This user would love to visit the fabled, Eastern lands.Ornate katana detail.png

Affiliations & Membership[edit | edit source]

Philosophical affiliations[edit | edit source]

Book of knowledge.png Nowlege iz powar!
Zanik This user loves Zanik of the Dorgeshuun, member of the Godless.
Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.
The Godless symbol.png This user doesn't follow any of the Gods and doesn't want them on Gielinor either!
Wahisietel rejuvenated chathead.png
This user's favourite Mahjarrat is Wahisietel, a wise and kind Zarosian.
Kharshai chathead.png
This user's favourite Mahjarrat is Kharshai, the mysterious neutral mahjarrat.

Political affiliations[edit | edit source]

Dorgeshuun This user is an ally with the wise and friendly Dorgeshuun.
Void Knight Logo This user is an ally with the Void Knights, who assure Gielinor's balance. Against all odds.
Keldagrim This user is an ally with the skilled and crafty dwarves of Keldagrim.
Fremennik Province lodestone icon.png This user is an ally with the skillful fremenniks of the Fremennik Province.

Guild membership[edit | edit source]

In chronological order:

Dragonstone necklace.png This user is in all the guilds!
Prayer-icon.png Monk's robe (top).png Prayer Guild
Crafting-icon.png Brown apron.png Crafting Guild
Mining-icon.png Mining Guild
Quest map icon.png Anti-dragon shield.png Champions' Guild
Cooking-icon.png Chef's hat.png Cooks' Guild
Runecrafting-icon.png Runecrafting Guild
Ranged-icon.png Ranging Guild
Magic-icon.png Wizards' Guild
Attack-icon.png Strength-icon.png Warriors' Guild
Quest map icon.png Heroes' Guild
Quest map icon.png Legends' Guild
Fishing-icon.png Fishing Guild
Thieving-icon.png Thieves' Guild

Military membership[edit | edit source]

First tower hat (grey).png Member of the The Order of Grey Wizards One of the founding orders of the first Wizards' Tower. Although not responsible for creating many spells, they were known as critical thinkers and were responsible for contributing to pure magical theory.
Master thief's armband.png Member of the Black Arm Gang A gang of thieves and criminals, forever battling their arch-rivals of the Phoenix Gang.
White full helm.png Member of the White Knights A Saradominist Military group, with he goal of protecting Fallador, Asgarnia and the general good of mankind and Gielinor in general.
Proselyte sallet.png Member of the Temple Knights An elite Faladian group of Saradomin's servants dedicated to defeating any threat to Saradomin
Gnome squad sigil.png 10th squad sigil.png Honorary Member of the 10th squad An elite military unit of the Royal Guard of the Guthixian Gnome Empire of King Narnode Shareen.
Purple Pewter standard.png Member of the The Purple Pewter One of the eight mining companies of the Consortium, a large trading organisation composed of the eight largest mining companies in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim. Previous rulers of the Dwarven realm.
Elite void knight top (justiciar).png Recognized Elite Void Knight Justiciar The Void Knights are a Guthixian military organisation. Being the main human fighting force of Guthix, their duty is to maintain the Equilibrium Guthix created in Gielinor. Their primary focus is the threat the Pests pose, the Void Knights fight them on land, which is their main point of entrance, and occasionally at sea.
Clockwork suit.png Agent of the PBJ, Polar Bears of Justice An organisation fighting against the KGP takeover of Gielinor.
Silver sickle (b).png Member of The Myreque resistance A Saradominist paramilitary resistance movement against organized against the Vampyres of Morytania.
Relic helm of the Godless.png Member of The Godless faction The Godless are a group of like-minded individuals, striving for a world where there are no gods; no 'supreme beings' fighting for dominance. They may not be as strong as the gods alone, but together they believe they can rise up and cast them from this world. They are their own protectors!
Dragon Zamorakian Token.png Mercenary soldier in Zamorak's army Footsoldier in the Battle of Lumbridge fighting for the Godless cause. Signed up for Zamorak's army to oppose Saradomin's clear victory. The latter seemed more dangerous.
Dragon Armadylean token.png Volunteering soldier in Armadyl's army A volunteering footsoldier in the battle between The Bird and The Beast. Signed up for Armadyl's army to support the resistence to the oppression, intolerance war favoured by Bandos. The God of War has place in Gielinor! Peaceful coexistence is what we fought for.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Clan chat button.png This user is a "Godless emissary" in the clan Crystal Wings.
Quest icon fixed.png This user has completed all of the free quests.
This user owns a
Pet kitten (purple).png
This user owns a
Rune guardian (nature) chathead.png This user has a Nature Rune Guardian and is proud of it.
Baby Troll.png This user's baby troll is named [user].

Slayer masks & helms I own[edit | edit source]

Mask info Creature info Helm info
Mask of... Defence Monster Weakness Slayer Kills to upgrade Helm of...
Mask of Broken Fingers.png Broken Fingers 5 Crawling hand icon.png Crawling Hands Fire weakness icon.png Fire spells 5 100 Helm of the Dead Hand.png the Dead Hand
Mask of Mourning.png Mourning 15 Banshee icon.png Banshees Arrow weakness icon.png Arrows Salve amulet.png Salve amulet 15 200 Helm of Keening.png Keening
Mask of Stone.png Stone 20 Cockatrice icon.png Cockatrice Crush weakness icon.png Crush 25 300 Helm of Petrification.png Petrification
Mask of Reflection.png Reflection 30 Basilisk icon.png Basilisks Tune Banite Ore icon.png Bane ammunition Air weakness icon.png Air spells 40 500 Helm of Little Kings.png Little Kings
Mask of Gelatin.png Gelatin 35 Jelly icon.png Jellies Crush weakness icon.png Crush 52 600 Jellyhead.png Jellyhead*
Mask of Stench.png Stench 40 Aberrant spectre icon.png Aberrant spectre Thrown weakness icon.png Thrown Salve amulet.png Salve amulet 60 700 Helm of Foulness.png Foulness
Mask of Dust.png Dust 40 Dust devil icon.png Dust Devils Crush weakness icon.png Crush 65 700 Helm of Devilry.png Devilry
Mask of the Kura.png the Kura 45 Kurask icon.png Kurasks Air weakness icon.png Air spells 70 800 Helm of the Kuraski.png the Kuraski
Mask of the Green Wyrm.png the Green Wyrm 45 Jungle strykewyrm icon.png Jungle strykewyrms Fire weakness icon.png Fire spells 73 800 Helm of the Verdant Wyrm.png the Verdant Wyrm
Mask of Granite.png Granite 45 Gargoyle icon.png Gargoyles Silverlight.png Silverlight
Water weakness icon.png Water spells
75 800 Helm of Grotesquery.png Grotesquery
Mask of the Yellow Wyrm.png the Yellow Wyrm 45 Desert strykewyrm icon.png Desert strykewyrms Stab weakness icon.png Stab 77 800 Helm of the Parched Wyrm.png the Parched Wyrm
Mask of Vines.png Vines 50 Mutated jadinko baby icon.png Mutated jadinkos Stab weakness icon.png Stab 80 900 Helm of Mutation.png Mutation
Mask of the Abyss.png the Abyss 50 Abyssal demon icon.png Abyssal demons Silverlight.png Silverlight
Tune Banite Ore icon.png Bane ammunition Slash weakness icon.png Slash
85 900 Helm of Warping.png Warping
Mask of Gloom.png Gloom 55 Dark beast icon.png Dark beasts Bolt weakness icon.png Bolts 90 1,000 Helm of Darkness.png Darkness
Mask of the White Wyrm.png the White Wyrm 55 Ice strykewyrm icon.png Ice strykewyrms Fire weakness icon.png Fire spells 93 1,000 Helm of the Frozen Wyrm.png the Frozen Wyrm

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Daemonheim Tasks.png Seers' Village Tasks.png Aura slot.png Head slot.png Pocket slot.png Daemonheim aura 4.png
Seer's headband 4.png
Ardougne Tasks.png Desert task set icon.png Tirannwn Tasks.png Back slot.png Neck slot.png Ammo slot.png Ardougne cloak 4.png
Desert amulet 3.png
Tirannwn quiver 3.png
Varrock task.png Falador Tasks.png Main hand slot.png Torso slot.png Off-hand slot.png Varrock armour 4.png
Falador shield 4.png
Morytania task set icon.png Legs slot.png Morytania legs 4.png
Karamja Tasks.png Fremennik Tasks.png Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks.png Gloves slot.png Feet slot.png Ring slot.png Karamja gloves 3.png
Fremennik sea boots 4.png
Explorer's ring 4.png

Titles[edit | edit source]

Worn with honour, in chronological order:

Enchanted lyre.png Known by fellow-Fremennikas Far-strider Jiklak
Seal of passage.png Diplomat of Rellekka
Ghrim's book.png Regent of Miscellania and Etceteria
Guthix rest (3).png Guardian of Guthix
Sixth-Age circuit.png The World Guardian

My Effigies![edit | edit source]

Ancient effigy.png This user has found 12 Ancient effigies.
# Location; species/race; found while slaying? Date; time
1. Chaos tunnels; Black demon; yes 25-10-2011; 23:49
2. Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon; Aberrant spectre; yes 11-12-2011; 15:26
3. Chaos tunnels; Black demon; yes 14-01-2012; 15:54
X mark.svg Effigies got nerfed 14-02-2012
4. Forgot place, victim and date :(
5. Morytania Slayer TowerAbyssal demon; yes 17-09-2013; 20:30
6. Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon; Mighty Banshee; yes 24-01-2014; 14:51
7. Kuradel's dungeon; Steel dragon; yes 01-02-2014; 13:52
8. Piscatoris Hunter Area; Airut; yes 15-03-2014; 16:39
9. Phoenix Lair; Greater reborn warrior; no 30-04-2014; 9:54
10. Mobilasing armies; Jungle strykewyrm; yes 05-05-2014; 18:14
11. Mobilasing armies; Jungle strykewyrm; yes 05-05-2014; 18:53
12. Ancient Cavern; Waterfiends; no, while getting 99 ranged 29-04-2015; 11:18
13. Edimmu resource dungeon; Motherlode Maw; no 20-04-2016; 21:23
14. Edimmu resource dungeon; Motherlode Maw; no 14-08-2016; 09:09

My Elite clues![edit | edit source]

Clue scroll (elite).pngClue scroll (elite).png
# Acquired Treasure Price checker value (then)
Upon Date (dd-mm-yyyy)/sup>; Time (GMT+1)
1. killing the Skeletal horror 07-01-2013; 19:20 58Law rune.png, 53Zamorak arrows 5.png, 5Rune bar.png, 1Dwarf weed seed 1.png 93,888 Coins 10000.png
2. killing Bork 06-06-2013; 15:05 63Law rune.png, 30Air rune.png, 9Antifire (4).png, 3Super attack (4).png,
3Super strength (4).png, 3Super defence (4).png, 2Yew seed 2.png, 1Rune plateskirt (Armadyl).png
327,406 Coins 10000.png
3. Killing an Automaton Guardian for Kuradel 06-02-2014; 15:29 85Law rune.png, 9Antipoison++ (4).png, 9Antifire (4).png,
14Wild pie.png, 10Onyx bolt tips 5.png, 21Purple sweets 10.png
326,629 Coins 10000.png
4. killing the Skeletal horror 08-02-2014; 10:58 1Yew seed 1.png, 9Prayer potion (4).png, 83Saradomin arrows 5.png,
6Onyx bolt tips 5.png, 1Dragon dagger.png, 1Dragon longsword.png
252,684 Coins 10000.png
5. killing the Skeletal horror 13-06-2014; 22:39 63Nature rune.png, 13Tuna potato.png, 2Dragon longsword.png,
1Dragon dagger.png, 10Bandit Camp Teleport.png
206,111 Coins 10000.png
6. Pickpocketing 1st batch Prifddinas Elf workers 25-09-2014; ...? 1Bandos crozier.png, 2Snapdragon seed.png, 1Yew seed.png,
5Rune bar.png
152,763 Coins 10000.png
7. Pickpocketing 1st batch Prifddinas Elf workers 1Dragon longsword.png, 41Blood rune.png, 54Saradomin arrows 5.png,
9Antifire (4).png
134,087 Coins 10000.png
8. Pickpocketing 2nd batch Prifddinas Elf workers 9Prayer potion (4).png, 8Water talisman.png, 1Yew seed.png,
22Purple sweets.png
227,366 Coins 10000.png
9. Tracking with Ava's Alerter to Iceberg 2-12-2014; 1:06 5Rune bar.png, Dragon helm.png, 8Water talisman.png, Blessed dragonhide vambraces (Armadyl).png 379,511 Coins 10000.png
10. Pickpocketing 2nd batch Prifddinas Ithell workers 8-12-2014 1Papaya tree seed 1.png, 40Mahogany plank.png, Dragon helm.png, 5Rune bar.png, Zamorak page 3.png 796,651 Coins 10000.png
11. Pickpocketing 2nd batch Prifddinas Ithell workers 9-12-2014+ 12:00 5Rune platebody.png, 100,000 Coins 10000.png, 1Papaya tree seed 1.png, 9Prayer potion (4).png, Phoenix Lair Teleport.png 223,143 Coins 10000.png
12. Killing Celestial Dragons for Morvran. 14-01-2015; 00:21 16Water talisman.png, 1 Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp).png, 50,000 Coins 10000.png, 30 Royal dragonhide.png 406,794 Coins 10000.png
13. Killing Celestial Dragons for Morvran. 14-01-2015; 22:09 2Uncut dragonstone.png, 2Lantadyme seed.png, 1Rune platebody.png, 1Bat staff.png, 9Antifire (4).png, 9Prayer potion (4).png 234,427 Coins 10000.png
14. Finding a Triskelion treasure. 26-01-2015; 21:55 10Unicorn horn.png, 40Mahogany plank.png, 1Papaya tree seed 1.png, 8Battlestaff.png, 26Holy biscuits 25.png 240,233 Coins 10000.png
15. Killing Cadarn magus for Kuradel. 30-01-2015; 00:00 12Onyx bolt tips 5.png, 5Rune bar.png, 1Yew seed 1.png, 5Meerkats pouch.png 235,678 Coins 10000.png
16. Killing Celestial Dragons for Morvran. 24-02-2015; 00:23 2Dragon helm.png, 20Unicorn horn.png, 1Rune platebody.png, 1Penguin staff.png 212,343 Coins 10000.png
17. Killing Mutated jadinko males for Morvran. ??-03-2015 8Battlestaff.png, 5Logs.png, 1Palm tree seed 1.png, 8Water talisman.png, 5Rune bar.png, 1Rune platebody.png, 8Miscellania Teleport.png 446,674 Coins 10000.png
18. Killing Mutated jadinko males for Kuradel. 20-03-2015; 00:01 1Papaya tree seed 1.png, 2Lantadyme seed 2.png, 2Dwarf weed seed 2.png, 1Rune platebody.png, 1Yew seed 1.png, 13Green firelighter.png 255,632 Coins 10000.png
19. Killing Steel dragons for Morvran. 1-05-2015; 23:14 9Prayer potion (4).png, 1Palm tree seed 1.png, 1Yew seed 1.png, 15Green salamander.png, 1Rune full helm (Ancient).png, 1Rune platebody.png 391,365 Coins 10000.png
20. Killing Saradominist Spiritual mages for Kuradel. 16-05-2015 15Green salamander.png, 2Lantadyme seed.png, 1Blessed dragonhide chaps (Armadyl).png, 5Rune bar.png, 8Battlestaff.png 195,572 Coins 10000.png
21. Killing Mutated jadinko males for Morvran 27-05-2015; 21:11 1Papaya tree seed 1.png, 8Battlestaff.png, Dwarf weed seed 2.png, 9Prayer potion (4).png, 54Zamorak arrows 5.png 185,657 Coins 10000.png
22. Killing the Skeletal horror after it's guaranteed to drop Elite clues 06-06-2015; 14:13 9Prayer potion (4).png, 2Dwarf weed seed 2.png, 2Lantadyme seed.png, 1 Dragon platebody ornament kit (or).png 130,274 Coins 10000.png

Favorite activities[edit | edit source]

Quest Icon Crest.png This user sometimes does Quests if bored.
Citadel forum icon.png This user does work at the Clan Citadel when bored.
50x This user trains Runecrafting in the Runespan when bored.
Door.png This user logs off RuneScape and goes outside when bored.
Wiki.png This user edits the RuneScape Wiki when bored.
A Penguin disguised as a Cactus. This user finds 10 Penguins
every week.
PBJ Agent.png This user finds 10 Penguins
and the Polar bear every week.
Juna chathead.png This user visits Tears of Guthix weekly.

Tightrope icon.png This user likes the circus so much that they go every week.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

GE pillar.png This user likes to pick things off the floor of the G.E. and sell them on it.
Some important event Choices & why
Shield of Arrav Black Arm Gang
Hazeel's Cult Revive Hazeel
Temple of Icov After I learned the truth, I helped the Guardians of Armadyl
Void Knight quest series See here
Ariane quests Turns out I'm a Grey Wizard too.
The World Wakes Agreed to speak to Guthix he slept more than enough, after what I did for him, an audience is too much to ask?
Emissaries Aligned myself with Godless, I agree most with Biehn and Garlandia, Kara-Meir seems liek a Bandosian to me: only wants war.
Battle of Lumbridge Zamorak, among other reasons, I distrust Saradomin more. Zamorak has always been demonised.
Birthright of the Dwarves
  • let people live, banish the one who doesn't want to change
  • If she wants to Ikadia the Exile can kill herself
  • Allowed Grunsh to live too, he caused lots of harm, but also dim and deceived.
  • I kept Veldaban king, laws are only there for the good of the society, he's better than the Consortium, a Drunken Dwarf, etc.
The Death of Chivalry
  • Told Saradomin he's not my god, and looks like a Snowimp
  • Allowed the Elite Black Knight to live, why kill him if you can just tie him up?
  • Since Sir Owen thought it bad to ask Dawn for a drop of blood, I offered to do so...
  • Took Owen's shield to show his family he died with honour, but he thinks I tried to steal from his dead body.. Saradominists... not everybody is like you.
  • Tried to stop Saradomin from corrupting Sir Owen, I attempted to break the wand, but due to his arrogance, he wouldn't listen... turns out Saradomin isn't that virtuous. Shocking he has vice...
Missing, Presumed Death How could anyone disagreed with Icthlarin? He was the one that was the most correct: you can never trust Sliske. All those other gods should know that by now.
The Bird and the Beast Which rational person can side with Bandos? His philosophy fails even as an observation of live. I can see some of the reserve and fear of The Godless. If only they had listen to me. Kara-Meir is a dangerous zealot, can I turn her?
One of a Kind Told Hannibus I thought he should side with Kerapac. He will die anyway, maybe this is a change to save his people and save the multiverse from Dragonkin rage.
Fate of the Gods I gave Zaros a Dark divine simulacrum, given what he told me later.. and when I had some time to think about it, I fear it was the wrong choice... When the Elder gods really try to destroy the multiverse... we're off worse. Seren isn't back yet, so he was the only current possible option, he also knows... and as a world guardian... I could (try) to stop him. Which I shall try. You shouldn't gamble with lives, Zaros gambles not just with his and his followers, not just with the lives of the people on Gielinor... he gambles with the lives of everyone in the entire multiverse. I should not have given him any body. But at least the Zarosians treat me well still. And luckily Sliske is all on his own. Too bad the next ritual is 500 years off. They shall surely all want him by now.
Heart of Stone Xenia, that stupid madwoman! What has she done? Sucked a lot of Anima Mundi away from Gielinor! What was she thinking really!?? I still don't get this. And I thought Zaros was risky!
Tuska Comes I joined The Godless in their support of Vorago as the Defender of Gielinor to ward off and kill Tuska. Together with the Armadyleans, Zamorakians, and Saradominists we were successful. Gielinor is save. For now. Hopefully the new Divine energy that Vorago took from Tuska can help restore some of Gielinor's Anima Mundi and.. undo the damage Xenia has caused. I have seen nothing of the Elder gods yet, I hope this is a good sign and not just the silence before the storm.
Hero's Welcome V... always wondered how he would be. I have not been disappointed. Though I disagree with some of his positions... he certainly is too militant and warlike, his intent and selflessness for his cause is praise worthy. Not to mention inspiring people to become heroes and stand up for what is right.
Dishonour among Thieves I joined the Zamorakians in their quest to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske. On the off-chance they might have succeeded...a fool's gamble, given their ridiculous 'unprofessionality', I might have tried to take it myself, and if not.. the Stone's better in the hands of Zamorak than Sliske.
Dimension of Disaster Gypsy Aris can have an effect on you. I value this lesson she has given me, seen the world in a different light. But... I still don't know what is right. Did I really have a net-positive effect? I know how Varrock would be, or New Varrock actually, and some of the rest too. But... in truth... this has made me more unsure than before. Maybe I should not have been..? For sure some choices have had terribly unforeseen effects.
The Light Within I helped the Elves restore Seren. I made sure the Dark Lord wasn't part of her...there's enough darkness in the world as is.If she needs reminding, not just I, but all the Clans can help her. I'm glad to see Eluned making the best of it. Though I fear Seren is not as loving and gentle as I was lead to belief. Even worse news... my suspicions of Zaros have been strengthened.
Call of the Ancestors Goebies and odd and peculiar race, but kind and open. They used to have a very interesting society, I wish to help them and learn from them. They seem to have some interesting rituals that help their Anima Mundi... perhaps this might help us on Gielinor too. Who knows, it might aid in our struggle to keep the Elder gods asleep. And if not... let us whisper a dream, might we use this to reinvigorate some of Gielinor's most ruined places? The Kharidian desert used to be a lush and fertile land, until Tumeken saw no other way. The Wilderness also used to be a great, beautiful continent, perhaps even more than the Kharid once was... but now it seems even worse. And what about the Poison Waste, or the Crater near Lumbridge?? Let us whisper of a dream...
Nomad's Elegy All these players I expected.. but not all at once. The Order of Ascension was a problem waiting to unfold. Nomad has never been a question, how could those Zamorakians ever think he was on their team? What an utter fools! Luckily I was there to stop him too. God knows how this fight might have turned out. The more I see of Icthlarin, the more I appreciate him as a friend. He has his heart on the right place, but is plagued by the consequences of his choices from many ages ago. Since my last visit with Gypsy Aris I get this all too well. Anyway, we're fortunate that this zombie god named 'Gielinor' is no more. What a terrible name, what an affront, to think Nomad meant it as an homage sickens me more. I fear and wonder what Sliske will do with his dead body. I hope it's a useless husk, only useful to tease, mock and, defy us at his next... great gathering. Why cannot the gods join and destroy him!? V would have seen.
Of course Slisk's "God Scoreboard" cannot be fair, I suspect he's set himself up to win. Only to provoke the gods to war and battle. So far... I think it has little effect, but it worries me still.

Before my membership[edit | edit source]

F2P icon.png This user is a free player.

All my F2P levels and such, just before I turned P2P

Leon Art
Total level: 1188
Attack 71Constitution 77Mining 79
Strength 80Agility 1Smithing 72
Defence 71Herblore 1Fishing 75
Ranged 65Thieving 1Cooking 83
Prayer 64Crafting 74Firemaking 90
Magic 79Fletching 1Woodcutting 87
Runecrafting 65Slayer 1Farming 1
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 48Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 94Quests 43/316
Music 218/765Tasks 169/428RuneScore ----
As of 18th of April 2011
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