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Hello, I am LeonAustin! I've only recently created my account, so my userpage isn't finished yet.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My character name is I am u
I am u
Total level: 2781
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 99
Strength 99Agility 99Smithing 99
Defence 98Herblore 105Fishing 99
Ranged 99Thieving 99Cooking 99
Prayer 99Crafting 99Firemaking 99
Magic 99Fletching 99Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99Slayer 109Farming 105
Construction 99Hunter 99Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 106Divination 99Invention 103
Archaeology 76Combat 138.1Quests 361
Music 1,139Tasks 1,618RuneScore 13,225
As of 27 April 2021
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  • My combat level is 138
  • My current (dead) Hardcore Ironman is I am u JR (currently working on unlocking Prifddinas (achieved))
  • I am mostly a Casual player
  • My favorite skill is Slayer.
  • Current Runescape Goal: working on Achievements

I enjoy using the Runescape Wiki very often since it holds extremely useful information on it. From time to time, I will make small edits to pages, mainly consisting of spelling/grammatical errors, or update for extra information when needed. Currently learning how edit screenshots including adding transparency to images and such.

Total edits
Main: User: File: Template: Update: Map:
191 17 48 4 0 0
Talk: User talk: File talk: Template talk: Update talk: Map talk:
0 1 0 0 0 0
RuneScape: Transcript: Module: Calculator: Forum: MediaWiki:
5 3 0 0 1 0
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