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Leevclarke (real name Lee V. Clarke, both pronounced /ˌliːviːˈklɑː(ɹ)k/) is a player of RuneScape whose account is Max Bulldog. He began playing at the very beginning of May 2007, and became a member in the middle of June. He is also an administrator of the RuneScape wiki, and was the User of the Month for September 2008.

Leevclarke was born in Southampton, England in 1980; every year since then, his age has increased by one (some maths is required if you want to know his age). The name he used to register on the wiki is unusual, in that it does not match the name of the user's in-game character. However, he is uniquely identified as leevclarke in many places around the World Wide Web, including Wikipedia.

It was unsuitable as a RuneScape username, since it is simply an alphanumeric contraction of the player's real name, which would be in breach of security rules. Jagex specifically tells players when they sign up for a new account that the username "should not contain your real name, birth date, or other personally identifiable information".

Leevclarke likes RuneScape, and dabbles in FunOrb, and in most respects can be considered a Jagex supporter. One exception to this is what he considers the grossly over-cautious approach to censorship, an example of which is the incident in which Jagex punished him for apparently revealing himself to be Barry Scott (see below). Additionally, being a relatively free-thinking, sentient and mentally capable adult, he considers the compulsory chat filter to be too restrictive. He would love a way to switch it off, as he is quite capable of utilising the Ignore List if someone gets on his wick.

Contributions to the wiki[edit | edit source]

Leevclarke made his first edit as a registered user on this wiki on 14 June 2007, which was about the same time that he became a member of RuneScape. He was made an administrator on the 9 September 2008 after a successful nomination.

He was User of the Month for September 2008, and consequently was featured on the wiki homepage. However, he garnered just six votes out of 945,000 registered users. Of course not all registered users are active and participate in such nominations, but this was still lower than previous successful candidates. This may be explained at least in part by the fact that he was essentially running unopposed; one nomination was invalid, and another candidate withdrew from the running. In any case, all editors are equal.

Like all editors, leevclarke cannot claim ownership of any articles, images, or other content that he contributes. However, examples of articles to which he has made significant contributions include Clothes, Door, Gender, Geoff Iddison, and Note. Leevclarke's picture of Varrock fountain was on the RuneScape Wiki's homepage for the whole month of January 2008, as it illustrated the featured article of Varrock.

Leevclarke also pioneered the "detailed" images of items and NPCs (which Jagex calls "chatheads" for the latter), which usually appear to the left of the first paragraph of an article. See Raw chicken for the first such example, which leevclarke added on the 2 August 2007. This was well before the Grand Exchange Database appeared, so all of the images were initially taken opportunistically from the game. Other editors have since adopted the practice.

Leevclarke cites external sources where possible, even though these are usually from [ the ''RuneScape'' Game Guide]. He also sometimes briefly discusses in articles how RuneScape content relates to real life, i.e. putting it into context. This includes linking to Wikipedia, especially via the [[:Template:wpalso|wpalso template]].

Note that this user's fun personality type has been determined to be ESFJ: The Control Freak. Since no one person does (or should) control the wiki, this tendency may be in conflict with the premise that all editors are equal. His ability to maintain a neutral point of view has also been called into question. Any user who notices any similar issues should either raise the matter on individual articles' talk pages (if applicable to the article), or leave a message for him directly.

Templates[edit | edit source]


Leevclarke copied the Future template from Wikipedia and added a custom graphic to it, and created the corresponding category. It has since been customised to fit this wiki better. He also added the Previous vfd template, though it remains to be seen how useful it will be.

Additionally, leevclarke has contributed the following userboxes:

Max Bulldog[edit | edit source]


Max Bulldog is leevclarke's in-game character, and is usually found running around UK servers. His vision is equally good in both eyes, though he is rarely without an eye patch over one eye (except when wearing a helm or other headwear, of course). His clan is named "Druimeanach", which is the modern Scottish Gaelic word for leevclarke's real-life ancestral clan, Clan Drummond.

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Just for fun[edit | edit source]

This user has a bet with Vimescarrot for one amulet of glory. The bet will expire on 25 December 2010, if not before. ...Don't ask.  ;-)

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