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About Me[edit | edit source]

Lady Nadya
Total level: 1122
Attack 70Constitution 1Mining 68
Strength 65Agility 41Smithing 53
Defence 64Herblore 35Fishing 64
Ranged 50Thieving 51Cooking 66
Prayer 52Crafting 67Firemaking 53
Magic 57Fletching 53Woodcutting 65
Runecrafting 45Slayer 31Farming 36
Construction 10Hunter 17Summoning 4
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 83Quests 103
Music 278Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 09-18-08
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LvL 83
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as LadyNadya.
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2004 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2004.
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Beggars This user hates beggars.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
FunOrb This user does not like FunOrb, and resents being told about updates to it on the RuneScape website.
Fremennik Province lodestone icon.png This user is an ally with the skillful fremenniks of the Fremennik Province.
Lumbridge Teleport icon.png This RuneScape player respawns in Lumbridge.
Gnome (level 44).png This user is an ally with the Gnomes and an enemy of the Khazard forces.
Woodcutting This user cuts down trees when bored.
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Hi everyone my name is Nadya my Runescape ingame name is LadyNadya. Please feel free to ping me ingame. I like starting random conversations with people while killing or woodcutting or fishing. I like to witness, but not participate in, dumb arguments. I think it's fun when people over-react to something someone says on the game. I very much dislike that I can not write "That Sucks I'm sorry" to someone in the game when something bad happen to them. It bothers me that I have to write "That Socks I'm sorry" instead. I really really want them to add in horses, they are my favorite animal, and come on who here doesn't want to ride a horse around Runescape? {{{2}}}



Here On Wiki[edit | edit source]

My mission here on wiki is to create a map for all NPC because whenever I read a description of where an NPC is I have the hardest time finding it.

My Goals[edit | edit source]

Ultimatley my goal is to get all skills to lvl 99. And to do all quests possible in the game.

Come Quest With Me![edit | edit source]

I have done all the Free quests. The Crossed out ones have been finished, the rest still needs to be done. If anyone wants to do one together just ping me in game.

Members' quests

Quest name Rating Diff. Length Skill levels
All Fired Up 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 43 Firemaking Priest in Peril
Animal Magnetism 2***** Intermediate Quest Medium 18 Slayer 19 Crafting 30 Ranged 35 Woodcutting The Restless Ghost
Ernest the Chicken
Priest in Peril
Another Slice of H.A.M. 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 15 Attack 25 Prayer Death to the Dorgeshuun
The Giant Dwarf
The Digsite
As a First Resort... 2***** Intermediate.svg Long 48 Hunter 51 Firemaking 58 Woodcutting Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Back to my Roots 5***** Master.svg Medium 55 Agility 53 Farming, 59 Slayer 72 Woodcutting A Fairy Tale Part II
Hand in the Sand
One Small Favour
Tribal Totem
Between a Rock... 2***** Experienced.svg Medium 30 Defence 40 Mining 50 Smithing Dwarf Cannon
Fishing Contest
Big Chompy Bird Hunting 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 5 Fletching 30 Cooking 30 Ranged
Biohazard 1***** Novice.svg Short - Medium Plague City
Cabin Fever 2***** Experienced.svg Medium 42 Agility 45 Crafting 50 Smithing 40 Ranged Pirate's Treasure
Rum Deal
Catapult Construction 3***** Master.svg Long 42 Fletching 44 Construction Regicide
Clock Tower*I have started. 2***** Novice.svg Short
Cold War 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 10 Hunter 30 Agility 30 Crafting 34 Construction
Contact! 4***** Master.svg Medium Prince Ali Rescue
Gertrude's Cat
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Creature of Fenkenstrain 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 20 Crafting 25 Thieving Priest in Peril
Restless Ghost
Darkness of Hallowvale 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 5 Construction 20 Mining 22 Thieving 26 Agility
32 Crafting 33 Magic 40 Strength
In Aid of the Myreque
Dealing with Scabaras 5***** Master.svg Medium 21 Firemaking 50 Agility 60 Thieving 60 Strength The Feud
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Death Plateau*I have started. 2***** Novice.svg Medium
Death to the Dorgeshuun 2***** Intermediate.svg Long 23 Agility 23 Thieving Lost Tribe
Defender of Varrock 3***** Medium 51 Agility 51 Hunter 54 Smithing 59 Mining Shield of Arrav
The Knight's Sword
Romeo and Juliet
Demon Slayer
Temple of Ikov
Family Crest
What Lies Below
Garden of Tranquility
Desert Treasure 5***** Master.svg Long 10 Slayer 50 Firemaking 50 Magic 53 Thieving Digsite Quest
Priest in Peril
Temple of Ikov
The Tourist Trap
Troll Stronghold
Waterfall Quest
Devious Minds 3***** Experienced.svg Short 65 Smithing 50 Runecrafting 50 Fletching Wanted!
Troll Stronghold
Recruitment Drive
Doric's Quest
Digsite Quest 2***** Intermediate.svg Long 10 Agility 10 Herblore 25 Thieving
Dream Mentor 5***** Master.svg Short 85 CombatSwords.png Lunar Diplomacy
Eadgar's Ruse
Druidic Ritual 1***** Novice.svg Short
Dwarf Cannon 1***** Novice.svg Medium
Eadgar's Ruse 4***** Experienced.svg Medium 31 Herblore Druidic Ritual
Troll Stronghold
Eagles' Peak 1***** Novice.svg Medium 27 Hunter
Elemental Workshop I 1***** Novice.svg Short 20 Mining 20 Smithing 20 Crafting
Elemental Workshop II 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 20 Magic 30 Smithing Elemental Workshop I
Enakhra's Lament 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 50 Crafting 45 Firemaking 43 Prayer 39 Magic
Enlightened Journey 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 20 Firemaking 30 Farming 36 Crafting 20 Quest.png
Eyes of Glouphrie, the 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 5 Construction 46 Magic The Grand Tree
Fairy Tale Part I, a 3***** Experienced.svg Medium Lost City
Nature Spirit
Restless Ghost
Fairy Tale Part II, a*I have started. 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 40 Thieving 49 Farming 57 Herblore A Fairy Tale Part I
Family Crest 4***** Experienced.svg Medium 40 Mining 40 Smithing 59 Magic 40 Crafting
The Feud 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 30 Thieving
Fight Arena*I have started. 3***** Experienced.svg Short
Fishing Contest 1***** Novice.svg Short 10 Fishing
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf 2***** Intermediate.svg Long 22 Cooking 17 Farming The Giant Dwarf
Fishing Contest
Fremennik Isles, the*I have started. 4***** Experienced.svg Long 20 Construction 46 Crafting 40 Agility 56 Woodcutting The Fremennik Trials
Fremennik Trials, the 3***** Intermediate.svg Long
Garden of Tranquility 2***** Intermediate.svg Long 25 Farming Creature of Fenkenstrain
Gertrude's Cat 1***** Novice.svg Short
Ghosts Ahoy 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 25 Agility 20 Cooking Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost
Giant Dwarf, the 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 12 Crafting 16 Firemaking 33 Magic 14 Thieving
Golem, the 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 20 Crafting 25 Thieving
Grand Tree, the 4***** Experienced.svg Long 25 Agility
Great Brain Robbery, the 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 16 Crafting 30 Construction 50 Prayer Creature of Fenkenstrain
Cabin Fever
Rum Deal
Recipe for disaster(Pirate Pete)
Grim Tales 4***** Master.svg Short - Medium 45 Farming 52 Herblore 58 Thieving
59 Agility 71 Woodcutting
Witch's House
Hand in the Sand, the 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 17 Thieving 49 Crafting
Haunted Mine 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 15 Agility 35 Crafting Priest in Peril
Hazeel Cult*I have started. 1***** Novice.svg Short
Heroes Quest 3***** Experienced.svg Medium - Long 53 Cooking 53 Fishing 25 Herblore
50 Mining 55 Quest.png
Shield of Arrav
Lost City
Dragon Slayer
Merlin's Crystal
Holy Grail 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium - Long 20 Attack Merlin's Crystal
Horror from the Deep*I have started. 3***** Experienced.svg Short 35 Agility
Icthlarin's Little Helper 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 35 Agility Gertrude's Cat
In Aid of the Myreque 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 25 Crafting 15 Mining 7 Magic In Search of Myreque
Nature Spirit
In Search of the Myreque 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 25 Agility Nature Spirit
Jungle Potion 2***** Novice.svg Short - Medium 3 Herblore Druidic Ritual
Kennith's Concerns 2***** Experienced.svg Medium 45 Mining Slug Menace
King's Ransom 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 45 Magic 65 Defence Black Knight's Fortress
Holy Grail
Murder Mystery
One Small Favour
Land of the Goblins 2***** Experienced.svg Medium 30 Prayer 36 Agility 36 Fishing
36 Thieving 37 Herblore
Another Slice of H.A.M.
Fishing Contest
Legacy of Seergaze 4***** Experienced.svg Long 20 Construction 29 Agility 31 Slayer 35 Mining 40 Firemaking 47 Crafting 49 Magic Darkness of Hallowvale
Legends Quest 5***** Master.svg Long 107 Quest.png 50 Agility 50 Crafting 45 Herblore
56 Magic 52 Mining 43 Prayer 50 Smithing
50 Strength 50 Thieving 50 Woodcutting
Family Crest
Heroes Quest
Shilo Village
Underground Pass
Waterfall Quest
Lost City 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 31 Crafting 36 Woodcutting
Lost Tribe, the 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 13 Agility 13 Thieving 17 Mining Goblin Diplomacy
Rune Mysteries
Lunar Diplomacy 3***** Experienced.svg Medium - Long 61 Crafting 40 Defence 49 Firemaking
5 Herblore 65 Magic
60 Mining 55 Woodcutting
The Fremennik Trials
Lost City
Rune Mysteries
Shilo Village
Making History 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 7 Magic 20 Crafting 40 Smithing Priest in Peril
Restless Ghost
Meeting History 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium Making History
Druidic Ritual
Merlin's Crystal 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium - Long
Monkey Madness 5***** Master.svg Long The Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village
Monk's Friend 1***** Novice.svg Short
Mountain Daughter 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 20 Agility
Mourning's Ends Part I 4***** Master.svg Long 60 Ranged 50 Thieving Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Roving Elves
Sheep Herder
Mourning's Ends Part II 5***** Master.svg Long Mourning's Ends Part I
Murder Mystery 1***** Novice.svg Short
My Arm's Big Adventure 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 10 Woodcutting 29 Farming Eadgar's Ruse
The Feud
Jungle Potion
Nature Spirit 3***** Novice.svg Short - Medium 18 Crafting 10 Prayer Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost
Observatory Quest 2***** Novice.svg Short 10 Crafting
Olaf's Quest 4***** Intermediate.svg Short 40 Firemaking 50 Woodcutting Fremennik Trials
One Small Favour 2***** Experienced.svg Long 36 Agility 25 Crafting 18 Herblore 30 Smithing Druidic Ritual
Rune Mysteries
Shilo Village
Path of Glouphrie, the 4***** Experienced.svg Medium 60 Strength 56 Thieving 56 Slayer
47 Ranged 45 Agility
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Waterfall Quest
Perils of Ice Mountain 1***** Novice.svg Short 10 Construction 10 Farming 10 Hunter 11 Thieving
Plague City 1***** Novice.svg Short - Medium
Priest in Peril 2***** Novice.svg Medium Rune Mysteries
Rag and Bone Man 1***** Novice.svg Medium
Rat Catchers 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium Icthlarin's Little Helper
Recipe for Disaster 5***** Master.svg Very Long 70 Cooking 48 Agility 20 Firemaking
176 Quest.png (whole quest)
Cook's Assistant
Fishing Contest
Goblin Diplomacy
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Demon Slayer
Lost City
Murder Mystery
Nature Spirit
Priest in Peril
Restless Ghost
Witch's House
Gertrude's Cat
Shadow of the Storm
Started Legends Quest
Monkey Madness
Desert Treasure
Horror from the Deep
Recruitment Drive 3***** Novice.svg Short Black Knight's Fortress
Druidic Ritual
Regicide 4***** Master.svg Long 56 Agility Underground Pass
Roving Elves 3***** Master.svg Short-Medium Regicide
Waterfall Quest
Rocking Out 4***** Experienced.svg Long 60 Agility 63 Thieving 66 Crafting 69 Smithing The Great Brain Robbery
Royal Trouble 3***** Experienced.svg Medium - Long 40 Agility 40 Slayer Throne of Miscellania
Rum Deal 2***** Experienced.svg Medium 42 Crafting 40 Farming 50 Fishing
47 Prayer 42 Slayer
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Scorpion Catcher*I have started. 2***** Intermediate.svg Short - Medium 31 Prayer
Sea Slug 1***** Intermediate.svg Short 30 Firemaking
Shades of Mort'ton 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 20 Crafting 15 Herblore Priest in Peril
Shadow of the Storm 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 30 Crafting Demon Slayer
The Golem
Sheep Herder 3***** Novice.svg Short
Shilo Village 3***** Experienced.svg Long 20 Crafting 32 Agility Jungle Potion
Slug Menace 2***** Intermediate.svg Medium 30 Crafting 30 Runecrafting 30 Slayer 30 Thieving Wanted!
Sea Slug Quest
Smoking Kills 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium 25 Crafting 35 Slayer 85 CombatSwords.png The Restless Ghost
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Soul’s Bane, a 2***** Novice.svg Medium
Spirit of Summer 4***** Intermediate.svg Medium 40 Construction 26 Farming 35 Prayer 19 Summoning
Spirits of the Elid 3***** Intermediate.svg Short - Medium 33 Magic 37 Ranged 37 Mining 37 Thieving
Summer's End 5***** Experienced.svg Short 23 Summoning 23 Woodcutting 35 Hunter 45 Mining 47 Firemaking 55 Prayer Spirit of Summer
Swan Song 4***** Master.svg Short 100 Quest.png 66 Magic 62 Cooking 62 Fishing
45 Smithing 42 Firemaking 40 Crafting
One Small Favour
Garden of Tranquility
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 32 Agility 30 Cooking 5 Fishing Jungle Potion
Tail of Two Cats, a 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium Icthlarin's Little Helper
Tears of Guthix 1***** Intermediate.svg Short 43 Quest.png 49 Firemaking 20 Crafting 20 Mining
Temple of Ikov 3***** Experienced.svg Long 42 Thieving 40 Ranged
Throne of Miscellania 3***** Experienced.svg Medium Fremennik Trials
Heroes Quest
Tourist Trap, the 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 10 Fletching 20 Smithing
TokTz-Ket-Dill 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 40 Attack 41 Mining 43 Crafting 45 Strength 50 Construction
Tower of Life 1***** Novice.svg Short 10 Construction
Tree Gnome Village 3***** Intermediate.svg Short - Medium
Tribal Totem 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 21 Thieving
Troll Romance 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 28 Agility Troll Stronghold
Death Plateau
Troll Stronghold 3***** Experienced.svg Medium 15 Agility Death Plateau
Underground Pass*I have started. 4***** Experienced.svg Long 25 Ranged Biohazard
Wanted! 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 32 Quest.png The Lost Tribe
Priest in Peril
Recruitment Drive
Rune Mysteries
Watchtower 3***** Intermediate.svg Long 14 Herblore 14 Magic 15 Thieving
25 Agility 40 Mining
Waterfall Quest*I have started. 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium
What Lies Below 2***** Intermediate.svg Short 35 Runecrafting Rune Mysteries
Witch's House 2***** Intermediate.svg Short
Wolf Whistle 1***** Novice.svg Short
Zogre Flesh Eaters 3***** Intermediate.svg Medium Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Jungle Potion

My Wish List[edit | edit source]