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About me[edit | edit source]

I've been playing RuneScape since June 2006. On my first day of playing, I was lured into the wilderness. I would have died, but a dark wizard attacked the pker and killed him. I ran around for awhile until I saw a guy being attacked by a level seven mage. Being the hero that I am, I attempted to save the poor dude, but the mage was not in my combat level range. I'm now best friends with the player I attempted to save.

Joining in 2006 means I don't have some of the better untradeable holiday items such as the wooly hat, or the zombie head. I also do not have the Easter ring, unfortunately.

I have every holiday event item on at least one account from the 2006 Hallowe'en event onwards. My first account is the only one with the skeleton costume, but it doesn't have any other holiday rewards (except for the warlock set and eek+web cloak). Another one of my accounts only has the reindeer hat and the chicken Set (and the warlock set), but is permanently muted. It also has a yo-yo for some reason (must be a glitch). My "main" (Aligerous) has the chicken Set, grim reaper hood, snow globe, Chocatrice cape, warlock set, Easter carrot, Web cloak, and Eek.

I've been on the wiki since November 2007 on my previous account. I made quite a few edits in the short span that I was active on this account, from November-January of 2008 (I think just over 3000 - many files I uploaded have been deleted though). I've come back 9 times, the newest one being August 2010. Funny how '09 seems like just two-three weeks ago to me, and 2008 just a bit further back in time.

A cool thing that recently happened to me was a user PMing me in-game to tell me he read my user page and was "touched" by my story of meeting my best friend.

I play RuneScape as Aligerous and FunOrb as Greasers Pwn. I do have many other accounts, but these are my mains for all uses. My first account was named pikapikaoldm. It was originally going to be called pikapikaoldman, but I didn't notice the 12 character limit. Lolioe is the account I usually call my first, since it's where I met most of my old friends (only one of which I still know, my best friend).

My main goal for RuneScape is to become famous from making RuneScape Music Videos (RSMVs, sometimes called machinima but I prefer RSMV). There are a lot of video makers out there who make amazing videos. People tell me I can edit very well, but my hardest part is picking a song. When I get 99 firemaking (or when I know someone who has 99 fm and the cape and is willing to help me out) I know I can finish the current video I'm working on.

You'll never see me on the official forums of either FunOrb or RuneScape. Greasers Pwn is perm banned on the FunOrb forums. Aligerous isn't banned on the FunOrb Forums, but that account doesn't have 42 achievements and isn't a member of FunOrb, and Aligerous is perm banned on the RS Forums, but Greasers Pwn has two forum strikes and isn't a member on RS. I was banned on both for spamming, trolling, and evading temporary bans with an alternate account.

I haven't really played RuneScape since February 2010 due to getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I mostly play Call of Duty: World at War, Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty 4. I recently preordered the prestige edition Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you play any of these games, feel free to add my gamertag (Aligerous). Just say that you're from the wiki.