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I was initially active in the suggestions forum way back in 2005. My first suggestion was to put a tunnel under White Wolf Mountain not realizing there already was one. However, some of my suggestions did make it into the game. They may not be exactly one to one and they may be entirely coincidental. But I figure I'll share these for fun.

Things that made it into the game[edit | edit source]

To the best of my recollection, these were suggested in the forums in chronological order.

  • Elder Gods - Around 2005, I suggested the idea of elemental titans that were responsible for the creation of Gielinor. Funnily, there were people commenting supposedly saying that my idea couldn't work because Guthix actually created the world while Saradomin stole the credit. While the Elder Gods' similarities may just be coincidence, Jagex does have a history of working on ideas for nearly a decade or more.
  • No-item dungeon quests - I posted an idea about a quest where you go to an island ruled by Crondis. The idea is that you would go in with no items and you would solve puzzles based on what was available to you. There eventually was a quest based on Crondis in the form of Crocodile Tears, but it wasn't too much like my original idea. However, the quests Broken Home and Dimension of Disaster are pretty similar to what I suggested.
  • Ability to toggle the chat filter off - Jagex added this into the game only a few weeks after I suggested it.
  • Shifting Tombs - I made a thread on a Dungeoneering system in Menaphos which was far more complex than what was actually seen in-game. I did also post the idea on a larger Menaphos suggestion thread by Amascut.

Things that never made it[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Pact sequel - I suggested the idea of a f2p sequel to the Blood Pact. You fight a zombie dragon at the end. Was proud of writing this one in particular since I thought it could serve as a finale for the f2p game.