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I can't believe it's been so long since I've edited anything.

I remember coming home from school everyday just to play RS and come chat on the wikia.

I see all the people I used to talk to are inactive.

I guess I'll give some info on myself. I started playing RS in 2004. I quit soon after and started playing again in 2006. On March 30th of 2007, I joined the RS Wikia.

I quit playing Runescape around the time I started smoking weed. I now work regularly and still smoke weed errday but I heard the wild is back and we can free trade again so I'll likely be on again.

I made an account to mess around when I was stoned, it's either called thatniggamc or thatniggamcj.

I think I forgot the password, anyway, so I'll probably end up making another account soon.

Contact (All of this is irrelevant. I don't know the passwords for any of these accounts)[edit | edit source]

You can reach me at MySpace [1]

You can contact me on aim - Mariner Rox
On Yahoo messenger at - Mariner_Rox
Runescape on any of the accounts listed above, though I'll most likely be on Medel Jr1
Or my email [email protected]

Da Shop[edit | edit source]

I have a shop page here.

Greatest Prank Video Made By Me[edit | edit source]

This video ROCKS! Original video