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{{Infobox NPC |name = Kcin |release = October 2006 |update = |race = Human |members = Yes |quest = No |location = Everywhere |shop = no |gender = Male |examine = the World Guardian |features = Guardian of Zamorak


|text1= Normal


{{Infobox Monster

|release          = [[October]] [[2006]]

|image            =

|name             = Adventurers

|level            = 138

|LP               = 9900 (can change if wearing defense armor)

|slaylvl          = invalid

|slayxp           = invalid

|xp = invalid

|attack = 99

|defence = 99

|magic = 99

|ranged = 99

|immune to stun   = No

|Kuradal          = Yes

|Morvarn          = Yes

|members          = Yes

|aggressive       = No

|poisonous        = No

|immune to poison = No

|attack style     = [[Melee]], [[Ranged]], [[Magic]]

|weakness         = Melee, Ranged, Magic

|always drops     = Random Items

|examine          = the World Guardian.


|text2= Combat}}

==This is my player information:==

Adventurers started playing around the late 2006, he was a normal adventurer, until he slowly learned his way through the game. His first quest was tutorial island, took him only 1 days to complete it. After awhile he was use to runescape. He was a Zamorakian even after all the quests wanted to make him Saradominist. In an unknown year he got the strength skill cape, and his next cape he got was the quest. His current title he holds (as everyone else) is The World Guardian and his title is of Zamorak. His home world is 31, but is mostly in 21 due to his clan home world. After Guthix death, he allied with the Guthix until Zamorak came back to Gielinor wanting to as well, as other players, to protect the world against the gods that oppose his beliefs.

== Miscellaneous ==


!Event !!Choices & why


|[[Shield of Arrav]] ||[[Phoenix Gang]]


|[[Hazeel's Cult]] ||Did revive [[Hazeel]]


|[[Temple of Icov]] ||To get the Armadyl pendant, I helped the [[Guardians of Armadyl]]


|[[Void Knight quest series]] ||Allied with the Void knight


|[[Ariane]] quests || Turns out I'm a [[Red Order|Red Wizard]] too.


|[[The World Wakes]] ||Agreed to Protect [[Guthix]], it is my job as a guardian after all.


|[[Emissaries]] ||Aligned myself with [[Zamorak]];


|[[Battle of Lumbridge]] ||[[Zamorak]], My allegiance will not falter in the face of loosing.


|[[The Bird and the Beast]] ||Sided with [[Bandosl]]. So that the event wouldn't be a walk in the park.


|[[Fate of the Gods]] ||I gave [[Zaros]] a [[Divine simulacrum (dark)|Dark divine simulacrum]], I did so in order to help defend Zamorak and the world against the Elder Gods.


|[[Dishonour among Thieves]] || Helped Zamorak throughout


|Name = Kcin

|Task = 656

|Music = 1039

|Quest = 369