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The 2009 Autumn Wikifest is over. We hope you all had fun!

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What ive made


my VBA wiki, really bad wiki,please help if you can

Videos <-- Some funny videos in here, and other that are informative.

Jigo22[edit | edit source]

hi! my RuneScape main character's name is Jigo22, dont ask me what does it mean beacause i dont know, my favorite weapons are axes, thats why i use battleaxes normally.(you can confirm it in my old signature: Rune battleaxe.pngJigo22Rune battleaxe.png) Im not a member yet, but i wish to become!, RuneScape is my favorite game, im quite experienced now in editing, i should not be considered an expert, as there are many things i dont know, with practice ill become a better editor, its a promise i make to this wiki and i expect getting it accomplished...yeah, that would be cool, i can help with simple signatures (like the one i made for Nick advent ), i am not a very good page creator, since many of the pages that dont exist are from member things, and i dont have a clue about them( i still created Oronwen and CastleWars Tickets, both stubs, and the information in CW Tickets was wrong... Sorry for that). mmm... thats enough about the RuneScape me... keep reading this page, if you want to make a question ask me in my Talk Page. Rune battleaxe.png

Real Me[edit | edit source]

I live in Colombia, a little country located in South America, my main language is Spanish, i also speak a little english and french, i was born in February 17, 1994, usually i feel like the youngest person in this wiki, i spend many time into this wiki and the fan fiction one, though i dont edit much, i read many articles to see if i can edit them.
Living here in Colombia limits me from being a member, we don't use dollars in here, so i cannot pay the membership, and my parents wont do it for me.
I also make some videos and upload them to YouTube, most of them are from RuneScape, i also like the game and the wiki beacause they help me practice english, that is a language i love.
Thanks for visiting my page! :) ♠

My New Signature[edit | edit source]


Randomness[edit | edit source]

2005 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2005.

Beggars This user hates beggars.

F2P icon.png This user is a free player.

Coins 10000.png
This user calls coins "GP" and loves it.

Safe zone icon.png This user doesn't PK.

Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Jigo22.

Windows > Macs This user likes Windows operating systems more than they like Macs.
Yay! Windows!

Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.

Chicken head.png This user has one or more pieces of a chicken costume.

Yayz! This user has an Rune scimitar.

Woodcutting 41%
56  65 
9 levels

Woodcutting Emote.gif I want to have that cape!!!!


Total level: 367
Attack 40Constitution 1Mining 31
Strength 37Agility 1Smithing 12
Defence 35Herblore 1Fishing 19
Ranged 10Thieving 1Cooking 28
Prayer 26Crafting 6Firemaking 31
Magic 20Fletching 1Woodcutting 56
Runecrafting 2Slayer 1Farming 1
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 46Quests 30
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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Bye, Come Back Soon!