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"Too focused on high combat levels/elite methods (barrows guide good example for taking all combat levels into account) (8) Recommend gear not representative of what levels players are likely to have for the content (10) Out of date (6) Lack of mid level monster guides (3) More information about minimum requirements to kill monsters effectively (2) telos/aod money making guides are straight up shit More guides bossing solo An expansion of the ""best in slot"" equipment for melee/range/mage gear, with alternatives (both cheaper & lower requirements, or non-degradable gear etc). Tiers of BiS equipment. Incorporating group-finding methods on pages for group bosses. "

Forum:Optimal vs Entry PVM Guides


equipment tables by style (and 2x, 2h, shield, tank vs power etc)

With the first kill guide, a section for 'Getting there' would be the easiest option, in the same way it is on pages for Menaphos or other areas, and War's Retreat being the last on the list with the mention of 1 KC and the cost to switch

Comparison of high-level ranged weapons Armour/Magic armour

Minimum gear/stats/strategy to get a singular kill BONUS: gear suggestions for a spooked hardcore ironman to get confidence that they won't die instantly while also not risking too much Gear/stats/strategy to comfortably repeatedly kill the boss (camping the boss if that's applicable) BONUS: ironman friendly alternatives, especially for lower bosses Strategy/gear to push for best kill times (max stats assumed) - the PvME way

Template:PvM perks Template:PvM capes and relics

PvM unlock guide