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Wiki Task: (open) completed?
Overhaul of PvM strategy related pages. See User:IsobelJ/PvM strategies project for details.
Coordinator: IsobelGroup: PvM strategies project

Over the years we've had plenty of feedback about our PvM strategy pages. To quote some users from our last wiki survey:

Too focused on high combat levels/elite methods (barrows guide good example for taking all combat levels into account)

Recommend gear not representative of what levels players are likely to have for the content

Lack of mid level monster guides

More information about minimum requirements to kill monsters effectively

An expansion of the ""best in slot"" equipment for melee/range/mage gear, with alternatives (both cheaper & lower requirements, or non-degradable gear etc). Tiers of BiS equipment.

We have also had numerous discussions (most recently Forum:Regarding recommended equipment in guides and Forum:Optimal vs Entry PVM Guides) about how to try and improve these guides. We have identified improvements that should be made but as of yet little progress has been made in improving wiki content.

Maybe a 🎇project🎇 can change that!

I believe that the wiki community working together can change that - whether you're a PvMer with knowledge to share, a wikian with editing skills to apply to the work, or simply a player with feedback to give. I have outlined the scope of this project below (though this is just my interpretation from the discussions that have taken place so far - so subject to change) - if you'd like to get involved please join us in the #pvm-strategies channel on Discord.

Magic logs detail.pngIsobelTalk page 13:14, 18 August 2021 (UTC)

Create a central page for gear and weapon recommendations[edit | edit source]

This will basically be a replacement for the current large table of recommended equipment that features on all strategy pages; there would simply be a link back to the appropriate sections of the recommended equipment page with notes about any alternative equipment recommended. To do:

  • Make a new page (title Recommended equipment for PvM?). Currently in user space: Recommended equipment for PvM.
  • Decide how best to organise the recommendations - split into sections for each combat style (i.e. melee/magic/range - also hybrid/tank?) and subsections for (e.g. tier 70/ tier 80 / tier 85 / tier 90 / tier 92)?.
  • Consider a F2P specific page.

Expand PvM unlock guide[edit | edit source]

Sfoxrs of pvme has kindly gained approval for us to have a copy of pvme’s guide that gives a recommended order for upgrading gear. He has put this into a page on his userspace (User:Sfoxrs/sandbox/upgradeorder). To do:

  • Integrate this information into the current PvM unlock guide.
  • Add information on Discord affiliation with pvme.
  • Link between the unlock guide and gear recommendations guide so that recommendations are supported by information about how to prioritise upgrading.

Make PvM portal page[edit | edit source]

Habibi has mocked up a PvM portal page where we could help people navigate easily between PvM related pages, similar to how we have calculators to help people navigate between different calculators. To do:

Spruce individual strategy guides[edit | edit source]

We will need to go through our strategy guides and revamp them. Generally we will need to look at making recommendations more relevant to the gear and levels of players who are likely to be tackling each monster. To do:

  • Check all guides are up to a good standard.
  • Consider whether we can use a standardised format across guides (e.g. sections for getting there; recommended equipment and levels; mechanics; strategy).
  • Cut down unnecessary information on gear: with the central guide we can simply recommend combat styles/tier and link back to the guide. We should making more nuanced recommendations e.g. minimum gear recommended for your first kill; minimum gear for effective repeat kills; gear for maximum efficiency).
List of strategy guides

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