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Here is where I post fantheories and headcanons about some aspects of RuneScape. None of these stories are official lore and they should not be quoted or referred to as such.

The lore behind Double XP weekends[edit | edit source]

At the start of 2010, Guthix decided he wanted to balance the world slightly by sharing his knowledge with the adventurers of Gielinor, to reduce the gap between those with low and those with high levels. To this extent, he wielded the Sword of Edicts (which had not yet been planted in the Wilderness Volcano) and used it to share his knowledge. As a rule, however, he decided that those who wanted a share of his knowledge should work for it, and he would thus only increase the knowledge earned by players through actual training.

Guthix was a bit impulsive at the time, however. He had planned a three-day period in which to wield the sword and share his knowledge, but at the start of the period he put so much energy in it that he soon began to falter, granting a large boost of knowledge at the start of the period but diminishing to only a sliver within the first ten hours. After that, he had to recharge for approximately half a year before attempting it again.

After the Sword was planted in December 2011, Guthix instead went to the crater every half year to perform the ritual there.

At the end of 2012, he decided that he wanted to balance out the ritual. Instead of starting out with a lot of power and quickly faltering, he decided he would adjust the ritual to give a constant stream of knowledge to training adventurers. From this point on, the Double XP Weekends gave a constant 2x XP instead of the diminishing return formula.

However, in 2013 there were no weekends as such. This is because of the fact that Guthix got murdered by Sliske early on in the year, because of which Guthix could not make it to the Sword to carry out the ritual to share his knowledge. After his death, the essence of his being slowly seeped into the Anima Mundi, which in August 2013 materialised at various places around Gielinor, which created wisp colonies, and thus Divination. However, his essence flowed to one more location: the Sword of Edicts.

There is said to be a cavern below the Sword, locked off from the outside world. Guthix's essence slowly filled this cavern, until at the start of 2014, the cavern got full. The Sword reacted to this pool of Guthix's being, and started drawing his knowledge from it to once again share with the world in the same way Guthix did when he was alive. In honor of Guthix's ways, the Sword also emitted a constant stream of knowledge, following the same rules Guthix did. However, this wouldn't last long, as the essence would be completely drained from the cavern in three days, and taking approximately half a year to completely refill.