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extra_001FB2 Description
0 General buffs (stat boosts, XP boosts)
1 Offensive abilities
2 Defensive abilities
3 More general buffs (baron shark, cinder core, enhanced excalibur cooldown, dreadnip active etc.)
4 Summoning and Legendary Pet buffs
5 MTX buffs (portable trader, desert pantheon aura communions, anniversary cake)
6 Combat buffs (some Arch relics, DSF jellyfish stun, wyvern cave frostbite, Sophanem dungeon corruption etc.)
7 Skilling buffs (tune bane ore, luminite injectors, shooting star buff etc.)
8 Invention buffs (Crackling, crystal shield etc.)
9 Mainly XP buffs, some stat changes
10 Prayers
11 Protection prayers and all curses
12 Telos, raids and ED (de)buffs
13 Potions