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Ardougne Zoo rewrite[edit | edit source]

Ardougne zoo is the only zoo in the world of RuneScape and is available to P2Pers only. Players must subscribe to be able to gain access to the Ardougne zoo.

The zoo is located in the southern part of Ardougne and holds a variety of creatures gathered from across RuneScape. It is also the starting point of the Eagles' Peak and Cold War quests.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Many creatures inhabit the zoo. Here are some of them.

These animals are all engaged and must be fought by either using a Halberd or by using Mage/Ranged attacks. The unicorn pen, though, can be accessed by using the Fairy Ring network code BIS.

Parrot and Postie Pete[edit | edit source]

For those players that read the Postbag from the Hedge letters that JaGeX posts on their website, they will know that RuneScape's very own postman, Postie Pete, can be found around RuneScape in certain locations. what most players did not know is that Pete's brother, Parrot Pete, works at the Zoo and is rather crazy about parrots. Postie Pete may be randomly found speaking to his brother in the Zoo.

Money Making Guide[edit | edit source]

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The Money Making Guide is a list of ideas that player may want to use to make money.

Note: When adding additional ideas, please keep these on a neutral point of view.

Mining Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 15: Iron is probably the easiest yet the most demanded ore compared to the rest of them. Non-members can mine Iron easily at Varrock east mine. Members have many more choice; the mine to the north of Yanille is one of them. Iron ore can sell for 100 coins each, possibly more in bulk.
  • Level 20: For lower leveled miners, you may want to mine Silver in the Dorgeshuun mines and sell the ore to Mistag. He will buy Silver for 60 coins each; though it does take a while though to make thousands. These can alternatively be sold to player for around 200 coins each.
  • Level 30: Pure essence can be mined quickly and sell for 100 coins each. Pouches from the Abyss help collect more per trip. The best place to mine them is from Yanille if you have level 66 Magic. Note that this is a material that is very easy to sell in Falador and Varrok East Bank.
  • Level 55: Mithril ore can be mined at level 55 and can be sold for 300 coins each to other players. This is very limited for non-members due to the fact that there are very few places to mine Mithril ore. The Mining guild contains 5 Mithril rocks and is close to a bank making it perhaps the best place for f2p's to mine Mithril ore.

Smithing Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 12: After completing Doric's Quest, players should remain in Falador and use the nearby Dwarven Mine to mine Copper and Tin. It is advised to improve your Smithing level by smithing the best item possible. Once players can make shields, they can be sold in Falador to the specialist shop there, but this should not be done too often as it tends to drive the price down. Once a player can smith the Bronze platebody, they can be sold to the armour shop in Varrock.
  • Level 23-35 (with level 15 Mining): Once players can mine and smelt Iron, they can again follow the previous strategy, although again it can drive prices down due to the low popularity of Iron and Bronze. Continue to follow the previous strategies with Steel.
  • Level 35: For members, this is a very fast way of making some quick money. Get the materials for 250 steel bars, you also need to start "Dwarf Cannon" to get the cannonball mould. Take your cannonball mould and an inventory of steel bars to a anvil and make cannonballs with them. Cannonballs currently sell for around 200 coins each, so even if you buy the steel bars (500 to 600 each) your still making a profit and gain smithing experience.
  • Level 48 (also requires either level 21 magic or 55 magic) Make Steel plate bodies (5 steel bars) and depending on your level use either low or high alchemy on them. 100 steel plate bodies using low alchemy will get you 80k and high alchemy will get you 120k. This can add up very quickly (can also be used with mithril plate bodies at level 68 smithing).

Fishing Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1-3: In order to start improving your skills, make good use of the two fishing spots just outside of Lumbridge (head through the graveyard near the swamp, they're a little further along the path). If you lose your net, you can pick another one up from the respawns. This is also a good time to improve your Cooking skill, as you can cook the shrimp on the range in the castle, on the way to the bank.
  • Lvl 30-40 the best way to make money is to sell salmon and trout. 25 salmon and trout for 5k/(5000)coins. salmon worth 200ea trout 100ea, and it has to be cooked. sell them at the east bank in varrock.
  • Level 40: A very common money maker is fishing and selling lobsters. Other players may buy 100 lobsters for up to 20,000 coins. They are also very fast. Karamja is one of the most popular spots, although there are others.
  • Level 50: Fish swordfish with a harpoon and cook them if you have level 45 cooking. Cooked swordfish can fetch 300-400 coins each and raw can fetch 200-300 coins each.
  • Level 76: At this level, Sharks are the most common. Sharks can be sold for 800 - 900 coins each. Raw ones tend to fetch higher prices compared to cooked ones due to the high demand by rich players whom want to level their cooking quickly. Sharks are P2P only. If you are having trouble selling your sharks you should always try World 18 Edgeville since World 18 is a pking server Edgeville will almost always pkers buying sharks usually 100 at a time, but that doesn't mean anything when there are 10 people buying 100.

Magic Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 20: Those of you who have completed Elemental Workshop II could make mind elemental equipment. Shops will buy these for 2800 coins each though this does wear your magic level down and you can only make 4 at a time even with 99 magic.
  • Level 33: You could use Telekinetic Grab to obtain Wine of Zamorak, which sells for 1k each, and even more in bulk on the forums. This can be very boring, waiting for the wine to respawn, but you can gain combat training by killing monks whilst you're waiting.
  • Level 33: In Wizard's Tower if you go all the way to the top of the tower, there is a caged level 82 Lesser Demon, if you usually kill this demon he drops:
    • Mithril Arrows
    • Rune Medium Helmet (Rare)
    • 100-200 Coins (Common)
    • Dragon spear (Extremely rare)

You can use Telekinetic Grab to obtain these items and sell them for a good price. (what might cost you is getting the law runes)

  • Level 55: High Level Alchemy is a great money maker especially when being used on Yew longbows at 768 coins each. After gaining a fair sum of money, another wise thing to do is buy Rune Medium Helmets for approximately 10,000 coins each and using High Level Alchemy to turn them into 11,580 coins.

Runecrafting Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1: Fast Free Law Service on World 66 is probably the easiest and fastest way to get more than 300k.
  1. You need to mine 27 un-noted pure essence or trade them from a player.
  2. Talk to the Monks of Port Sarim to go to Entrana (remember no armor or weapons are allowed on Entrana).
  3. Go North-West next to the law altar. There will be law crafters there in Zamorak Robes.
  4. They will usually say that they are "open" for trading. Offer to trade them. They will trade you 27 law runes and 27 noted pure essence (so you don't lose essence but get free laws).
  5. Take the ship back to Port Sarim and go to the closest bank, Draynor Village, or use Amulet of Glory to teleport there. Store all pure essence and withdraw all back. You can also use the Balloon Transport System from Castlewars Bank to Entrana and teleport back to the bank using a Ring of Dueling.
  6. Repeat to you have 400-2000+ law runes, and sell them from (300-500gp a piece), this will give you anywhere from 120K-1Mil.
  • Level 1: Go to world 16, you must have 25 un-noted regular essences. You also need an air talisman or tiara, go to Falador and take your 25 essences, then enter altar and see people that say open or open 2k, trade them give them the 25 essence, they will give back 2k and 25

noted essences, so you don't lose anything. Keep on repeating until you get tired, sometimes the richest runecrafters will give you 2.5-3k.

  • Level 54: Law runes also sell in the region of 300 coins when sold in bulk quantities. Very low volume law sales charge around 1000 coins each. Law making through the Abyss is difficult due to the Abyss monsters and the limited amount of points where you can enter the center ring. Law crafting using the Balloon transportation system is an alternative.
  • Level 65: Death runes are now craftable. Death runes are not an easy sell in bulk quantities.
  • Level 66: Air runes using runners now becomes marginally profitable as the value of the airs is higher than the cost of normal essences and the fee paid to the runners.
  • Level 75: Adding the giant pouch to any runecrafting activity offers a significant boost in crafting speed.
  • Level 91: Making double Nature runes more than doubles the net runecrafting profits (proceeds of selling the runes minus the cost of pure essences).

Woodcutting Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • All Levels (Members): Nests will often fall from tree often containing seeds, depending on the seed they can be sold from 5,000 coins to 225,000.
  • Level 15+: Oak logs are in high demand for the construction skill, if you have a large quantity you might expect to receive 50 coins each for oak log. Additionally, if you are a member, you might consider cutting oaks by the sawmill northeast of Varrock, making the logs into oak planks and selling the planks, which sell for up to 500 coins each - however, you must have a reasonable amount of cash to start with.
  • Level 60+: Yew logs are a good mix of cutting speed and sale price. They sell for approximately 200-300coins each but can be hard to sell. It is wise to go to a crowded world, normally closer to 1. A good place to sell these is the west gates of Varrock, by the bank.

Or you can sell on GE for 424-444.

  • Level 75+: Magic logs can be sold to fletchers for 900-1100 coins each.

Fletching Money Makers[edit | edit source]

Crafting Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level 10: Crafters can now spin flax into bowstrings. This is a popular way to make money as 1 bowstring can be worth 180 coins. For example 1000 bowstrings could make you 180k. NOTE: Bulk bowstrings (10k+) can be worth as much as 220each.
  • Level 50 : Non-members can make ruby amulets - which can be enchanted into strength amulets. So just make and sell strength amulets. To make some real money off your level 50 crafting, just buy rubies 1-1.5k each, cosmic runes 100-200 each, gold bars 200-300 each and balls of wool 100-200 each. So you get the raw materials for 1.4-2.2k per amulet. So if you make strength amulets from it and sell 2.5-5k each, you make some good profit. Merchants will always be ready to buy bulk amounts of amulets at lower side of the prices.
  • Level 70 : The ultimate crafting money maker. Just make and sell power amulets. They easily go for 6-10k each, and some desperate buyers pay as high as 12-15k, that is if they need it like anything. Do the same as in the case of strength amulets. Buy diamonds for 3-5k each and the rest of the materials for the prices mentioned above. That means you spend 3.4-5.7k per amulet. Some great profit. Merchants will always be ready to buy bulk amounts of amulets at lower side of the prices.

Herblore Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Level depending: Identifying herbs and selling them is a good way to make money, for example if you identify three Rannar weed's and sell them you could get up to 21,000 coins. Generally, the higher the level herb identified the more money it is worth, but that is not always the case.
  • All levels: Gathering secondary ingredients for potions is an easy way for players to make money. Indeed, because of the few people using this method (you gain little experience whilst ingredient collecting), you can expect to make up to 400k an hour collecting white berries.
    • Snape grass can be gathered without cost and sold for 500 coins each. Either collect from the peninsula just below the crafting guild, or if you have lyre teleports, your house is in Rellekka, or you have Waterbirth Teleport, collecting from Waterbirth Island is both faster and less busy.
    • White berries sell for up to 1k each. They are difficult to obtain for normal players, but after completing Mourning's Ends Part I you can then teleport to Lletya using elf crystals, and run around to the nearby fast white berry spawn. Up to 400 berries can be collected an hour, even taking into account the elf crystal recharges that you have to make. Some food and anti-poisons are required for this.
    • Mort myre fungi are reasonably easy to collect if you have a good construction level (50) and have completed the nature spirit quest. Use the altar in your house to recharge your prayer and teleport to canifis via the Kharyll Teleport, then run west and collect fungi using a silver sickle. Then teleport to your house again (recharge prayer, teleport to canifis), bank at canifis and repeat.
    • When sold in bulk, Eyes of Newt can be sold for as much as 250 coins each, despite being bought for a meager 3 coins. Nearly every secondary ingredient can be found or bought for nearly nothing, and sold for a noticeable amount.

Merchanting Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Merchanting is the easiest way to make money as it requires no skills.
  • If you are able to buy runes from Rogue Trader, then buy 1,000 Nature runes for 225,000 coins and sell them to another player for 300,000 to 350,000 coins.
  • Start with a capita of at least 200k. Go to world 1 and buy sets of full rune for between 160-175k each and sell them for between 175-200k each. This can make you a profit of at least 20k per set. As your capita increases you can start to merchant more than one set of full rune at once.

Miscellaneous Money Makers[edit | edit source]

  • Flax can be gathered easily at any level and sell for around 100 coins each.
  • There are a lot of respawining items in the game that can be sold for a fair price.
  • One good way for new players is going to Port Sarim, South of Falador. Then go to the docks talk to one of the three seamen. Pay 30 coins. You will end up at Karamja island. Talk to Luthas get him 10 bananas go back to him and fill the crate. Talk to him again he will pay you 30 coins. Repeat.
  • Hanging around areas where players kill creatures can yield many drops, which, although they don't get a good price at general stores, can help make money. The cow paddock outside Lumbridge also gives cowhides, which can be sold to players levelling Crafting, or they can be stored for use in crafting.
  • Another way to make money is to buy lots of Flax 100 each, make them into Bow strings and sell as high as 200 each.

Combat Money Makers[edit | edit source]

This is a way everyone gets money when they start out. Here are some tips:

For lower levels (3-40):

  • Kill men, guards, or any other weak monster that drops bones. Pick up the bones. Simple as that. Regular bones sell for between 50-100gp each to players with money who want to raise their prayer, but only if you gather 500 or more.
  • Kill chickens in the Lumbridge chicken coop. Take all the feathers. Feathers sell for up to 6gp ea to members buying them for fletching or fishing. If you need prayer experience, you can take the bones too and bury them, or sell them for some extra cash.
  • If you have a normal combat level (around 25-35), then you can make an attempt at the Wilderness. Bank everything that you can, besides the best food available (swordfish or lobsters are recommended for free players; members can use sharks) and try not to go too far in unless you're confident that you'll be able to get out of there quickly. A high Magic level is also recommended, so that you can teleport out, but remember: teleport spells won't work after you pass level 20 wilderness. The risks involved are high, but many of the monsters drop very good items.
  • Kill Hill giants for their big bones. Hill giants can be found in a cave in the Edgeville dungeon which can be entered from a small building with stairs leading downward in it northwest of the western exit of Varrok. To enter the building, you need a brass key. In order to get it, you must go through the Edgeville dungeon running to the spawn near the bottom of the stairs, or you can ask someone you see coming up from the stairs to go get you one. Hill giants also drop gems, runes, herbs if you are a member, and low level armor, which all may be worth keeping if you need them or selling. Limpwurt roots, another drop, can be sold to members for 500-1k each. Bank in West Varrock. To save food, you may want to range or mage the hill giants and hide behind an obstacle to avoid being attacked.

For mid-levels (40-70)

  • Player killing (PKing): Get your combat to a decent level (50+) and go a bit into the Wilderness and wait for other players to venture into where you are and attack them. Be careful! Attacking other players will put a skull above your head. If you die when you are skulled you will lose all your items so it is recommended to bring the best food, weapon, and armor you can get, but remember it is risky and you may lose it. Members may want to bring potions. Stay in below level 20 Wilderness no matter what (if you go farther, you won't be able to teleport out! Also, the farther you go, the stronger the players that may attack you!. For full details read the Wilderness and player killing guides.
  • Herbs (members only): Members may want to go into the Taverly dungeon and kill chaos druids. Chaos druids often drop unidentified herbs which can be sold for 1k each. They also drop runes and gems.

For high-levels (70+)

  • Dragon killing: Killing green and blue dragons is a great way to make money once you're a high level. Green dragons can be found in level 12 wilderness north of Goblin Village, and in higher level wilderness (watch for player killers!). Blue dragons can be found in Taverly dungeon or the Hero's Guild (requires completion of the Hero's Quest. These spots are often crowded, but green dragon hides sell for 1k each, blue dragon hides sell for 1.5k each, and dragon bones sell for up to 2k each! Dragons also drop runes and some rarer items.

Thieving Money Makers[edit | edit source]

Thieving is a good members skill, can be used to make loads of money if you have a high level.

Training[edit | edit source]

  • All, Sorceress's Garden.
  • From level 1-10, pickpocket men in Edgeville (3 coins/pick).
  • From level 10-20, steal cakes from the Baker's Stall in Ardougne.
  • From level 20-30, steal silk from the Silk Stalls in Ardougne. After five minutes of not stealing from these stalls, you can sell the silk back to the merchant for 60 coins each.
  • From level 30-50, pickpocket Al Kharid Warriors.
  • From level 50-70, pickpocket guards (40 coins/pick).
  • From level 70-80, pickpocket watchmen.
  • From level 80-99, pickpocket Paladins in Ardougne.

Best Thieving Money Making Methods[edit | edit source]

  • Level 20+ Thieving - Steal silk from the Silk Stalls in the East Ardougne marketplace and bank it until you have the desired amount. Then wait five minutes and sell it back to the merchant for 60 coins each, but remember he will not accept noted silk.
  • Level 28+ Thieving - Steal nature runes from a chest upstairs in a house east of the marketplace in East Ardougne. You need to right-click and pick lock the door to get in. You also get a few coins each time, and it respawns about every 10 seconds.
  • Level 50+ Thieving - Steal silver ore from the Silver Stall in the East Ardougne marketplace. You can craft with the silver and sell your products or sell it on the forums or to the merchant. The respawn time is about a minute.
  • Level 59+ Thieving - Steal from the two Blood Chests in basement of the Chaos Druid Tower north of Ardougne. You need 59 Thieving to pick the lock on the door and get in. The Blood Chests yield 500 coins and two blood runes, but teleport you to a small room in the western part of East Ardougne, near the West Ardougne wall. If you run up to the tower, picklock the door, go down, steal from the other chest, go back to the tower, pick lock the door, go down, and go to the first chest you stole from, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to respawn. Beware of the level 53 Ogres here who may hit you for high damage.
  • Level 59+ Thieving - You can picklock a door upstairs in Ardougne Castle. Inside the room is a black scimitar spawn. Note that you may fail when picklocking the door and will take damage.
  • Level 72+ Thieving - Steal from the Shark Chest upstairs in the Ardougne Castle. You need to piclock the door requiring level 59 Thieving, and will take damage if you fail. The chest yields a raw shark, 1000 (1k) coins, an adamantite ore, and an uncut diamond. This has a VERY long respawn time.
  • Level 75+ Thieving - Steal gems from the gem stall in the East Ardougne marketplace. Note the long respawn time.

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