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I don't contribute to! Don't be fooled, everything on that site is fake!
I am "semi-retired" from this wiki. If you scroll down, you'll notice that I no longer list my stats. This is because I don't play RuneScape anymore. I will still edit the site ever now and then if I find something that I think needs fixing, and I will still be active on the forums. I will try my best to attend wiki events such as the Wikifests. I'm still on the site, so if you need help just ask! :D
The 2009 Autumn Wikifest is over. We hope you all had fun!

Note: my poll is at the bottom of this page, so if you want to vote, keep scrolling down. I put this here because most people wont notice it down there! If you voted last month then there's a new poll!

Hello and welcome to my user page. I joined the wiki on October 29, 2006 and was sysopped by Vimescarrot on 21:57 UTC January 20, 2007. My username is Ilyas259. I started playing RuneScape around May of 2006.

My Pages

I have abandoned my story, The Tale of James (it's crap don't read it). Please don't make any grammar or spelling corrections. I have a Wiki Clan Chat, which was for some time the official chat and is still being used by many users. Please see this page for more info. Here is a directory or table of contents of all of my subpages. My fakes can be found here.

Templates and Userboxes

These are my userboxes and templates. They speak for themselves.

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Again, they speak for themselves. Just pick the answer that seems right to you and at the end of the month we'll see what the results are.

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