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First off, this does not mean if a god on a higher tier fights a lower tier, that the higher tier would necessarily automatically win. As an adventurer, I'm sure you've fought many things that are more powerful than you, but it was your skill and cunning that brought you to be the victor. Power is still an advantage, and a relevant thing to keep track of, though.

Secondly, there are tiers within a tier, like two gods on the same tier don't have to have the same amount of power. You can rise within the tiers and not actually advance a whole tier of power.

Thirdly, the tiers of the gods have changed over the ages, and will likely continue to change. Especially when gods are scavenging Guthix's lost power, and getting beaten in battles and whatnot.

The tiers of godhood go from 7 to 1, with Tier 1 being the most powerful - Home to exclusively Elder Gods at this moment. Tier 7 being not truly 'gods' but 'honorable mentions', usually beings blessed with divine power, though again, not exclusively - you would be surprised at some of the things confirmed to be tier 7.

Tiers of Godhood[edit | edit source]

Tier 7 - Avatars and Aspects[edit | edit source]

Cannot be more powerful than the process that originally created them. Live forever. Not affected by the Edicts.

  • Avatar of Bandos
  • Apmeken
  • Crondis
  • Het
  • Scabaras

Tier 6 - Demigods[edit | edit source]

Sons or daughters of gods. Greater-than-human strength and magic. Able to open small portals to other worlds. Not affected by the Edicts. Able to manipulate mortals against their will.

  • Icthlarin
  • Amascut

Tier 5- Inexperienced Gods[edit | edit source]

Greater strength and magical fortitude. Largely affected by the Edicts. Able to shrink or grow.

  • Tumeken
  • Elidinis
  • Marimbo
  • Brassica Prime
  • Zamorak (After BoL)

Tier 4 - Experienced Gods[edit | edit source]

Can riskily manipulate elements and magic on a large scale. Able to open large portals to other worlds.

  • Bandos
  • Armadyl
  • Tuska
  • Skargaroth
  • Saradomin (Before BoL)
  • Zamorak (Before BoL)

Tier 3 - High Gods[edit | edit source]

Able to be destructive or constructive on a huge continent wide scale. Able to magically manipulate lower-tier immortals.

  • Saradomin (After BoL)

Tier 2 - Transcendent Gods[edit | edit source]

Able to manipulate life to create mutations of that life. Able to escape from own body to become incorporeal idea. Able to manipulate the lifeforce (the anima mundi) of the world.

  • Guthix
  • Zaros
  • Seren

Tier 1 - Elder Gods[edit | edit source]

Able to create life and worlds from nothing. Can create artefacts that focus and retain their own power. Can choose to diminish and 'power down'. Cannot be killed.

  • Jas
  • Ful
  • Wen
  • Bik
  • Mah