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Hiya! I am I Am Me, Fendse in-game, Fendse#8969 on Discord, an occasionally active editor on here with an interest in programming and languages (human ones, not just computer ones). Around here, you'll usually find me off doing something small. If I do my job right, people probably won't notice. If I don't... Well, I've only broken one sitewide template so far, hopefully I didn't just do it again.

RSWikiTranscriber[edit | edit source]

I made an app for the Alt1 Toolkit which semi-automatically creates transcripts for the wiki as you go through dialogue. It's functional, though certainly not perfect. You can find it on GitHub over here.

Capes[edit | edit source]

Cape Date (approx) Notes
Quest point cape.png: Inventory image of Quest point capeQuest point cape Unknown date (definitely before 20 May 2011[1]) I keep all my notable capes in my bank in the order in which I got them, and this one's listed before the classic cape - it probably doesn't predate my access to RuneScape Classic, but it almost certainly does predate the release of the classic cape.
Classic cape.png: Inventory image of Classic capeClassic cape 3 May 2011 Got it on release, so I either participated in the November 2009 or the June 2010 reopening. But I don't remember which.
Summoning cape.png: Inventory image of Summoning capeSummoning cape 2 November 2012 I got like 6m of my xp in the bonus experience weekend about a week earlier. I still have the untrimmed cape keepsaked.
Veteran cape (5 year).png: Inventory image of Veteran cape (5 year)Veteran cape (5 year) [REDACTED] 2013
Firemaking cape (t).png: Inventory image of Firemaking cape (t)Firemaking cape (t) 6 November 2013 I did curly roots almost all the way there, but didn't know the jadinkos attracted on the surface affected the seeds you'd get. So I had igneous jadinkos running around, and ended up with like 500 lergberry and kalferberry seeds, which would go on to sit in my bank until I disassembled them after Invention was released a decade later.
Cooking cape (t).png: Inventory image of Cooking cape (t)Cooking cape (t) 22 July 2014
Mining cape (t).png: Inventory image of Mining cape (t)Mining cape (t) 12 October 2014 I found this neat program that would let you make a replica of part of a window, leave that replica on top of other windows, and forward clicks to the window it replicated. This was very useful at Seren stones.
Smithing cape (t).png: Inventory image of Smithing cape (t)Smithing cape (t) 22 November 2014 I had to do something with all that corrupted ore, no?
Fishing cape (t).png: Inventory image of Fishing cape (t)Fishing cape (t) 9 May 2015 I genuinely don't remember how I did this. All my Fishing-related memories are from the waterfall, but that didn't exist yet. I've never been one for drop-training, and I don't think I had a shark outfit yet, so I assume I did rocktails all the way?
Defence cape (t).png: Inventory image of Defence cape (t)Defence cape (t) 29 May 2015 Abyss
Constitution cape (t).png: Inventory image of Constitution cape (t)Constitution cape (t) 29 May 2015
Magic cape (t).png: Inventory image of Magic cape (t)Magic cape (t) 7 June 2015
Prayer cape (t).png: Inventory image of Prayer cape (t)Prayer cape (t) 25 July 2015
Herblore cape (t).png: Inventory image of Herblore cape (t)Herblore cape (t) 30 July 2015 I don't think I've made any overloads since.
Slayer cape (t).png: Inventory image of Slayer cape (t)Slayer cape (t) 3 January or 4 January 2016 I didn't write it down at the time, and all the highscore tracking sites I can find have no data on 3 January in particular.
Attack cape (t).png: Inventory image of Attack cape (t)Attack cape (t) 17 January 2016
Ranged cape (t).png: Inventory image of Ranged cape (t)Ranged cape (t) 18 January 2016
Dungeoneering cape (t).png: Inventory image of Dungeoneering cape (t)Dungeoneering cape (t) 19 January or 20 January 2016 Again, the 20th is missing from the tracking sites I checked.
Strength cape (t).png: Inventory image of Strength cape (t)Strength cape (t) 22 January 2016
Combatant's cape.png: Inventory image of Combatant's capeCombatant's cape Unknown
Woodcut. cape (t).png: Inventory image of Woodcut. cape (t)Woodcut. cape (t) 14 April 2016 Again, I have no memory of this. The arc wasn't out yet, and I'm pretty sure I've never cut any of the "new" trees like elder or crystal. Did I just do ivy?
Thieving cape (t).png: Inventory image of Thieving cape (t)Thieving cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2]
Crafting cape (t).png: Inventory image of Crafting cape (t)Crafting cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2] I'd like to say I barely used harps, but I've definitely spent 23000 harmonic dust, and have a couple thousand more in my bank, which I'm saving for eventually making an augmented hatchet. For some reason I made three crystal picks before making a second crystal hatchet, and the hatchet's on my toolbelt. I know I could ask Doc to remove it, but I don't want to not have a crystal hatchet on my toolbelt, you know?
Divination cape (t).png: Inventory image of Divination cape (t)Divination cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2] I was doing pretty good on the Divination front when it first came out, but then I just stopped for some reason?
Farming cape (t).png: Inventory image of Farming cape (t)Farming cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2][3]
Construction cape (t).png: Inventory image of Construction cape (t)Construction cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2][3]
Hunter cape (t).png: Inventory image of Hunter cape (t)Hunter cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2][3]
Fletching cape (t).png: Inventory image of Fletching cape (t)Fletching cape (t) During the Double XP Weekend starting 25 September 2016
Gatherer's cape.png: Inventory image of Gatherer's capeGatherer's cape During the Double XP Weekend starting 25 September 2016
Agility cape (t).png: Inventory image of Agility cape (t)Agility cape (t) During the Double XP Weekend starting 25 September 2016
Support cape.png: Inventory image of Support capeSupport cape During the Double XP Weekend starting 25 September 2016
Runecrafting cape (t).png: Inventory image of Runecrafting cape (t)Runecrafting cape (t) Between 29 October 2017 and 13 February 2018 Now, I'm pretty sure this was my last 99, so why is it listed before the invention cape? Honestly, I don't know. I'm going off the order in my bank. Maybe they got switched around at some point. Maybe I didn't buy the invention cape until I'd already bought this. Who knows? I don't.
Invention cape (t).png: Inventory image of Invention cape (t)Invention cape (t) Unknown date 2016[2]
Max cape.png: Inventory image of Max capeMax cape Between 29 October 2017 and 13 February 2018
Veteran cape (10 year).png: Inventory image of Veteran cape (10 year)Veteran cape (10 year) [REDACTED] 2018 Still not telling
Invention master cape.png: Inventory image of Invention master capeInvention master cape April 2019

Master quest cape progress[edit | edit source]

Achievement Status
A Mini Shipment Haven't found the azure key yet.
Angs Off My Ring I have some crystal armour pieces, no attuned ones. No luck with the ring drop, but I never kill shapeshifters off task anyway.
Diary of the Gods Missing Nex's Followers because I've still never gotten around to killing Nex
Don't Fear the Ripper Missing Miner's journal #3, #4 and #5, as well as The diary of Jebediah Omnis
Dragonkin Logs Missing Kalibath's journal and Phalaks' experiment log
Dragon Ink Missing all of them.
Ice Ice Chimpy 12/25
Library of Nex
Lovingly Crafted Missing Festering and Blasphemous journals
Marmaros and Thok Letters Missing parts 3 and 10
Master Quester I need to finish Curse of the Black Stone already.
Miscellaneous Notes Missing Blink's scribblings
Of Kraken Ink Missing all of them
Pulling on the Threads Would be quick enough to finish, I suppose.
Stalker Notes Missing part 5
Tactless Analysis 0/22, gonna try to complete this when I do CotBS
The Book of Elei 12/22, I did not complete this when I did CotBS
The History of Slayer Collected 26/110 souls
The Many Hands That Write None collected
Umbral Diplomacy 0/22, gonna try to complete this when I do CotBS
History of Bilrach Missing parts 28, 29 and 30. 107/119 Dungoneering
Kal'gerion Notes Missing part 5. 107/113 Dungoneeering
Scribblings of a Dragonkin 107/115 Dungoneering

Completionist cape progress[edit | edit source]

Achievement Status
Famous Not attempted
Lunar Master 246940/430000 produce (Spiritualise Food)
Make Them Bleed Not attempted
Master Quester I'll finish Curse of the Black Stone one of these days.
Music Maestro 1226/1262, which is worse than I thought.
Peachy Bones Probably almost 0, though I don't think I've been to that place since Rune Mechanics came out so who knows?
Slayer Master Not attempted
Reaper Crew 17/39 (oof), 112/115 Slayer

Asides[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ I'm listed (under a name I haven't used for several years) in the "Questcape hall of fame" thread on the RSOF with a number below 1000, and the 1000th name was supposedly added in 20 May 2011.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g Runetrack had stopped working at this point. Runetracker has no updates for my account between 9 May and 9 November 2016. Runeclan might have more information, but doesn't have an easy way to check what level you were on a given date.
  3. ^ a b c Probably during the Double XP Weekend starting 25 September 2016