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Total level: 2898 (3254)
Attack 115Constitution 126Mining 115
Strength 115Agility 108Smithing 112
Defence 125Herblore 121Fishing 114
Ranged 125Thieving 113Cooking 109
Prayer 107Crafting 106Firemaking 111
Magic 124Fletching 104Woodcutting 106
Runecrafting 105Slayer 123Farming 122
Construction 117Hunter 120Summoning 107
Dungeoneering 125Divination 109Invention 150
Archaeology 120Combat 138Quests 434
Music 1,346Tasks 2,747RuneScore 27,700
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Total level: 1782 (1781)
Attack 64Constitution 76Mining 72
Strength 61Agility 61Smithing 55
Defence 75Herblore 65Fishing 73
Ranged 73Thieving 74Cooking 70
Prayer 61Crafting 71Firemaking 63
Magic 81Fletching 51Woodcutting 66
Runecrafting 59Slayer 72Farming 71
Construction 74Hunter 75Summoning 52
Dungeoneering 54Divination 60Invention 0
Archaeology 52Combat 104.4Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore 3,535
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Trimmed completionist cape[edit | edit source]

Task Description Progress
Chompy Massacre Slaughter 4,000 innocent birds 501 / 4,000
Master Angler Earn my very own Tactical Fishing kit 720/2760 tokens and 407/500 medals
Who Will Be Her Lover? Build woman of shiny stone 21 / 32

Cosmetics missing[edit | edit source]

Not including cosmetics unlocked via RuneCoins or Loyalty Points, nor cosmetics that can no longer be obtained.

Cosmetic Obtained from Cost
Battle Robes (Cruor) Nex: Angel of Death encounter 442,646,039
Battle Robes (Fumus) Nex: Angel of Death encounter 169,210,032
Battle Robes (Umbra) Nex: Angel of Death encounter 463,930,709
Battle Robes (Glacies) Nex: Angel of Death encounter 347,534,281
Sunfury Armour (Tier 2) Upgraded from Tier 1 N/A
Raptor's Basic Outfit Raptor's chest of slaying Raptor key.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raptor keyRaptor key (2 / 4)
Raptor's Advanced Outfit Upgraded from basic outfit N/A
Kethsi outfit Elite rune dragons Kethsi outfit scroll.png: RS3 Inventory image of Kethsi outfit scrollKethsi outfit scroll (1 / 5)
Glacor Adornment Arch Ur Arch-Glacor encounter N/A
Profound Halo How Many Games? Castle wars ticket (gold).png: RS3 Inventory image of Castle wars ticket (gold)Gold tickets 51 / 4,150
Right banana Farming requests 31,124,076
Left banana Farming requests 30,219,694
Merethiel's stave Solak encounter 5,436,187
Erethdor's grimoire Solak encounter 211,233,844
Assassin walk override Faceless Assassins 1,171,565,669
Plague doctor walk override Plague Doctor 427,891,594
Zombie walk override Walk Like a Zombie 220,347,354

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