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Details on the Mage Training Arena[edit | edit source]

I trained mage in the Mage Training Arena because of the combination of mage experience and money earned. I earned six Mage's books, 25 sets of Infinity boots, a Master wand, and the Bones to Peaches spell.

At first, I earned Mage's books, gaining about 560,000 xp for each one, but when their price tanked, I switched to Infinity boots.

Here is the rough breakdown per room when you earn a Mage's book:

Mage's book Experience earned Points earned Runes earned
Telekinetic Theatre 99,000 500
Alchemist's Playground 250,000 550
Enchanting Chamber 199,000 6,000 100 to 150 Blood, Death, and Cosmic
Creature Graveyard 18,000 500 100 Blood, Death, Earth, Water, and Nature

To get from 94 to 99 mage, I would have needed to earn nine more Mage's books or 40 more Infinity boots. I didn't think I could take spending that many days in the Telekinetic Theatre, however. So, instead, I enchanted shapes in the Enchanting Chamber to get from 94 to 99 mage. I got 75,000 to 80,000 experience an hour.

I got 99 mage on 9 June 2009.