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This is a documentation subpage for User:Hofmic/Collapsible news.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template was designed as a replacement for {{Updates/Line}}, placing a collapsible box to allow more updates to fit in the same spot, and reduce crowding on the main page. It was based upon {{Updates/Line}} and uses nearly the exact same syntax.

{{User:Hofmic/Collapsible news
|date=<!--The date of the release of the update, in the DD Month YYYY format.-->
|title=<!--What the header is on the RuneScape main page. This is in bold letters above the description.-->
|text=<!--the description on the RuneScape main page-->
|update=<!--the name of the update as it appears in the Update: namespace (if different to "title")-->
|image=<!--the image icon from the RuneScape main page-->
|visibility=<!--to hide extra news items by default, set this to "hide". To have the item shown by default, exclude it entirely-->