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This page is long. I wouldn't force it on you to read it all. Seriously, listening to myself drawl on could be awkward.

I haven't the clue why you came to this page. This is the detailed "about me" page. As in, detailed (or as much so as I wish).

The basics[edit | edit source]

Starting is always hard. I suppose I could say I'm tall, fit, and largely appear to be average. I consider myself to be humble in conversing with others, though deep down, I find humbleness doesn't always fit every situation. Why downplay yourself when doing so can cause harm on the long run? To settle matters simply, I'm a nerd. There's no doubt about that. Though, anyone who spends a reasonable amount of time editing a wiki for a video game is a nerd, no matter how you cut it. But hey, nerds are cool. Lots of great things in this world are possible thanks only to the work of us nerds.

The stuff I don't share[edit | edit source]

I never mention my age online. It's not that I actually care about how old I am, but rather, I find others tend to judge people differently with ages. If I'm really young, I'm suddenly a child in other's eyes, while if I'm older (than the observer, anyway), I'm suddenly an old bumbling fool. Even the inbetween doesn't fit, as old and young are relative values. For those who care, I consider myself young; but not so young I'm a raging twelve year old on the internet (more on that later).

I also generally don't mention my gender online. While it seems strange, and almost trivial (fear not, I am not transgendered or gay), there is a reasoning behind that. You see, when one doesn't know the gender of another, they tend to make assumptions. Online, with a perfect stranger with a very ambiguous name (such as "hofmic"), the initial assumption is male, while a name that sounds sweet, flowery, or so is presumed to be female. A person who uses heavy language and harsh criticism is viewed to be male, while someone who is kind, neutral, and soft toned tends to be viewed as female. I prefer to see what others presume, out of nothing more than interest, than clear that up. It doesn't really help you with anything by knowing my gender, while not knowing it lets you use your imagination. It's easier to like someone who seems compatible with you (as a way to put it). It's good to be likable.

With that being said, I will say that I am all for gender equality. I don't believe that mentally, either gender is superior, or at all different, for that matter, to the other. Sure, males tend to be stronger (just hormones), and there is those anatomical differences, but all these other different mindsets, ranging from the colours they should prefer, taste in clothing, the way they talk, and so on; it's all stereotypes and traditions. Nowhere does it say that a female must like dresses or skirts, and nowhere does it say a male can't like the colour pink. Personally, I loath these perceived differences, and hope to one day raise my own children to be who they want to be, not who they think they're supposed to be. Thus, by not stating a definite gender for myself (online, that is), I express myself as I will, without criticism from others. I also radically dislike the thought that liking or even recognizing something normally affiliated with the other gender gets you considered a "tomboy" or "gay".

Mirror mirror on the wall[edit | edit source]

I don't care to go into describing what I look like, especially with the difficulty of doing that within the boundaries of not revealing my gender. I wouldn't consider myself bad looking, though, let's not kid ourselves, we can't all be Kim Kardashian or Prince William. If I have to judge, I'd honestly place myself more on good looking side if anything. I boast dark brown hair, courtesy of hair dye, as I am prefer it over the very light brown my natural hair colour is. I'm a bit taller than average, but thin, and try to keep active.

I rather dislike the growing obesity numbers the (first) world is showing, and don't intend to ever end up like that. I don't care much for rough contact sports, with volleyball, badminton, and such being my favourites. I'm actually, surprisingly, a pretty good curler, though few others my age even bother with the sport, so I don't get to play it as much as I wish. I don't mind basketball and baseball, though have never been particularly attracted to hockey or soccer. I really liked those "sports" you'd play in Phys. Ed class in high school, such as dodgeball, even though they aren't by any means "official" sports. I don't really care much for watching sports myself, besides the hilights, preferring to play the game instead.

Welcome to planet Earth[edit | edit source]

I don't make my (relative) location too much of a secret. I am Canadian, hailing from the province of Saskatchewan (for comparison, it's roughly the size of Texas). Despite Saskatchewan being one of the fastest growing provinces, with a booming economy, I honestly don't care for it much here. There's simply little points of interest, and no future job opportunities here (I want to get into game design). I would expect to eventually move to the neighboring province of Alberta, at one point of my life.

I would hope to one day see more of the world. In Canada, I've been west, into Alberta and British Columbia numerous times, but never been further east than my home province of Saskatchewan. I've been to California a few times, Florida once, and the Dominican Republic once as well, but would still love to see more. While I wouldn't dream of moving incredibly far away (despite how much we complain about winter; I couldn't imagine a Christmas without snow). I've never been outside the continent of North America, but would particularly love to see Europe, such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany; as well as Australia.

I am disgusted by the stereotypes and prejudice many individuals have towards other countries in general. Even here in Canada, many people refer to the United States as a vastly inferior country that we should never be like. Of course, I think Canada is better than the United States; it's natural for people to believe their country to be the best (with exceptions to countries with abusive regimes, such as much of the middle east, Africa, and Asia). Personally, I have nothing against my southern neighbors, the Americans, nor any other nationality. Why should I, after all? One does not choose the country of their birth, and everyone tends to feel at least some attachment to their home country.

The touchy stuff[edit | edit source]

This section may be controversial. The weak of heart should skip it.

I am pro-life. Let's get that out of the box. As liberal as I am, and as much as I would love to support the idea of choice, I think there's a line between choice and order. Obviously, we won't let people murder without punishment, and I see abortion being the same way. While I understand that one would not want to carry the baby of say, a rapist, I don't think murder is justified. My heart goes out to people caught in such circumstances, but my stance remains the same.

Equally, I am against capital punishment. While my stance on this has been a bit like a see-saw the past few years, I think I've finally decided on my position here. I believe humanity is inheritively good, and the way one is raised can vastly influence their moral compass, but when it comes down to it, even the most deprived, most ruthless of our society, should not be killed. While it could be cheaper than jail, and perhaps more effective, there is the principal flaw: who should kill the killers?

I would also consider myself to be against euthanasia (mercy killing) and assisted suicide. As you probably have figured from my above positions, I value human life. While I mourn those who are stuck in circumstances where they may be in chronic pain or even a vegative state, moral and religious purposes prevent me from ever supporting ending a life early.

Religion, of course, is always a touchy subject. I'm a Roman Catholic, but do have my own preconceptions. I don't try and force my religion on everyone, though, of course, I do believe in it, and will argue to protect it if provoked. I do believe in creationism, but not in the way some do. I'm not gullible enough to believe the world was made a couple thousand years ago, or even remotely within that range. Evolution is a practical theory, and my belief is that evolution was God's method of creation. After all, evolution has still never explained how life began, and this is the explanation I accept. I don't care for others who try and convince me otherwise, but don't judge others who have different beliefs. I'm all for free religion and religious tolerance. I have nothing at all against Muslims or Jews, as its just different ways of believing in the same god. I don't consider the Old Testament of the bible to be very accurate, as it was written over the course of thousands of years, most certainly originating at a time where nothing was even written down, with many books being written by numerous authors. And of course, most of them weren't even there. I do believe in the truths of the New Testament, however.

On lighter notes, I am against most types of crime. I don't harbour any love for thieves, murderers, or swindlers. However, there is one type of crime that I have a more lenient approach on. Piracy (of digital media, not the eye patch kind). Is it stealing? I'm sure, but then again, if I would never buy the game normally, I don't see the creators as losing out on any money. Most torrent files have an instruction to support the artists that you enjoy. That's the law I live by. Instead of dishing out money to find that I hate metal (which I do), I'd rather pay those who I truly enjoy.

I wouldn't consider myself a straight edge, but am against smoking and drugs, overall. I don't agree with excessive drinking, but enjoy the ability to have a little alcohol from time to time. However, I have never gotten drunk, and don't ever plan to. There are some things in life easier left never experienced.

And oh, yes, we're missing one last "touch subject". It's always the most difficult to bring up. Despite my religion, I have nothing at all against pre-marital sex, and don't find anything wrong with it. However, personally, I'm all for saving sex for marriage. At the very least, it's something special, and not something that should be wasted away by being sold as a commodity or with a random stranger in the backseat of a car. Like most people, however, I likely wouldn't say no if the right moment came, even if it wasn't the perfect moment I was waiting for.

Welcome to life[edit | edit source]

I'm an optimist. Pessimists annoy me; and why shouldn't they? I believe in living for the moment, carpe diem, and whatnot. I consider myself a bit of a romantic, but at the same time, very practical. I try and balance myself between those two fronts. Obviously, the world is not perfect. We can't pretend it is, and everything will always be easy. I'm an optimist, but I don't believe things will turn out okay if you don't try for it. In other words, it's through hard work that you'll find success.

Despite the seriousness of this massive page, I consider myself a light person and try to be humorous when possible. I know when to be serious, and exercise that ability, but otherwise, really, I'm all over the place. The thing that scares me the most is a person without a sense of humour.

Here, hear[edit | edit source]

I have a moderately severe hearing loss. I consider that to be my one greatest limitation in life. While I can understand people fine on a one to one basis, once we get a large group of people trying to converse, I struggle and generally miss out, well, pretty much everything.

My hearing doesn't stop me from enjoying music, nor dimish my intelligence (if anything, I'm smarter because my hearing makes me work harder). Part of the reason I love technology is because it lets me get around these limitations. While I love a live performance of a play, movies have subtitles, which open a new door for me. Games like RuneScape, IRCs, and chatrooms allow me to converse without worrying about my hearing.

Accents give me a load of trouble, and I'm told that apparently my voice sounds somewhat like a British accent (which I find strange, since I once missed out on a part in a drama performance because I could not imitate a British accent).

Media madness[edit | edit source]

It's hard to say what kinds of media one likes. I pay attention to the news, it's a "live" bookmark in Chrome. I love the concept of a wiki; a peer edited site with such capabilities. Obviously, I'm a gamer; I prefer fantasy games, particularly RPGs. RuneScape is the only MMO I've played. I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls series, as well.

Amongst movies, I like fantasy, action, drama, and comedy. I dislike horror movies, and am generally like romance movies (though prefer to see a romance subplot in another genre of movie). I'd say Schindler's List is the best movie of all time, with To Kill a Mockingbird, The Dark Knight, Inception, and Source Code to be a few other great movies I've seen recently. I watch movies out of order, watching as many older classics (which I've never seen before) as often as newer movies.

As for music, I like rock, country, and pop. Rascal Flatts takes the number one spot, though Daughtry, Taylor Swift, Lifehouse, and Rise Against are also great artists, in my opinion. I dislike the metal in general, particularly "death metal" and "screamo". I like songs that have a meaning, and would say Rascal Flatts' "God Blessed the Broken Road" to be the best song of all time. Seriously, if you haven't heard it, go listen to it.

Roadmap for the future[edit | edit source]

As mentioned previously, I hope to get into computer science. I plan to get a bachelor's degree in computer science, then get a job with a game studio. Of course, since Saskatchewan hasn't a single such studio, relocating will be necessary. I hope to garner an impressive resume while in university to better my chances, though Bioware in Edmonton is my number one hope for the future. Of course, I'm trying to keep my options open, I know things won't necessarily turn out the way I hope, and real life is harsh.

At the moment, I am single, more so because my hearing makes it difficult to converse with others, leaving me left out, than my "nerdiness". Small town school's don't offer a lot of diversity there, either.

Beyond this, all I can do is speculate. I hope to some day marry and have children. Mentally, I've already developed a bond for the names "Katrina" and "Logan". I don't know the order my life will go in. Maybe some day I could even open my own game studio (though I don't care much for managing finances, so such a future possibility would not be done alone). Whatever the future holds, I cannot say, but I only hope it can be good.

Wow, did you seriously read that whole page? Or did you just scroll to the bottom? Either way, go eat a potato. Tis a good life.