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Obscure game history that interests me

2004-08 Music release dates[edit | edit source]

  • See OSW page

"Greenland"[edit | edit source]

World Map Leak.png
  • This mysterious place that nobody seems to know anything about.
  • Was added on 20 September 2004, along with rest of Tirannwn
  • Map files were on version 1 throughout, were never updated
  • Appeared on the world map on 4th July 2006.
  • This was because before this date, the world map was generated from a separate "worldmap.dat", which deliberately hid many areas including Dragontooth Island, Tirannwn shoreline, ocean north of Wilderness
  • The new map was generated directly from game files instead causing it to appear
  • Probably removed on the 8th/9th July
  • By the 11th July, its map ID slots were blanked. They were filled by two ocean mapsquares south of Ape Atoll
  • Mod Ash didn't know much about it but sort of said it was the result of a lazy developer taking a blank green map, trying to draw a sea then giving up after a few minutes.
    • But why was it left in for nearly two years? Other developers would have noticed.
    • And the area is not flat, it has detailed terrain heights

Level-up messages[edit | edit source]

  • Level-up messages actually used to be weirdly inconsistent, which was never noticed since you only saw one at a time
  • Would initially say "Congratulations! You just advanced a cooking level."
  • Construction, upon release, says "Congratulations! You just advanced a Construction level."
  • While Hunter when released says "Congratulations! You've just advanced a Hunter level."
  • At some point in 2006-2007, only Fishing, Cooking, Fletching, Crafting, and Herblore were changed to match the Hunter style
  • Later in 2007 all other skills were changed to match the Construction style
    • Also before this point, Ranged would say underneath "Your ranging level is now XX"
  • Then on 21 May 2008 all were made consistent with new level-up messages
  • While on OSRS, in March 2015 the 5 skills that were initially changed to "You've" were changed again to "You"
  • But Hunter wasn't changed and is now the only skill that says "You've"

Level-up screens[edit | edit source]

  • The items that appear on the level-up message for each skill have also changed arbitrarily
  • Prayer: the star was changed from yellow to white in October 2006
  • Cooking: the cooking pot was graphically updated between March and August 2007
  • Farming: initially used a spade, which became broken sometime in 2006-07, then was replaced by a watering can between January and August 2007
  • Woodcutting: the tree got cut in half in 2007 (sometime after May) then was fixed again in November/December 2007

First to 200m dates[edit | edit source]

  • Anatomy of the previous bad information on wiki about the first to 200m in a skill
  • Dates that 200m was achieved in a skill from before they were tracked by wiki (April 2007) or Runetracker (October 2007).

Fletching: 1st January 2006[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
27/04/2007 2006
14/05/2007 1st January 2006
31/07/2008 2005
28/09/2010 18th November 2005

Hiscores archives place it between 31st December 2005 and 8th January 2006. Mentioned in this thread[1] on 7th January, while this thread[2] had a (now deleted) picture from RS rants forum with Neo stating he achieved it on the 1st. Ironically wiki had the correct date at first, until the entire list was deleted in 2008 and somebody tried to recreate it from memory. Where 18th November came from I have no idea.

Cooking: 8th January - 9th February 2006[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
06/04/2007 2006
14/05/2007 "before feb 20 2006"
09/06/2010 "Before February 2006"
28/09/2010 21st January 2006

Hiscores archives place it between 8th January and 9th February 2006. There’s literally no other evidence (and very little information about the player either). 21st January would fit but was added by the same IP who added the bad fletching date so I’m sceptical.

Firemaking: possibly 28th May 2006[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
28/04/2007 2006
14/05/2007 9th June 2006
14/05/2007 June 2006
14/05/2007 "june 9th 2006 but i'm not sure it might have been earlier"
31/07/2008 9th January 2006

This one is bizarre. His wiki user page[3] states it was 18th May 2006. Mystery solved, right?

Except, hiscores archives show he hadn’t achieved it by 19th May. And the same page says he completed it “end May 2006” and after Construction was released (30th May). The “XP” wiki page was edited on 29th May saying that 5 people had 200m, of which he would be one of them. Furthermore, this copy of the hiscores[4] showed he had achieved it by 30th May. Most likely the “18th” should read “28th”, but this would still have to be confirmed.

The false 9th January date that was listed for 4 years (and was prefaced by a message stating that it had been personally verified and should not be edited under any circumstances) was probably the result of 9th Jun being misremembered as 9th Jan.

Thieving: 19th November 2006[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
14/05/2007 November 2006
14/05/2007 “Nov. 30 2006 but he might had achieved this before that”
31/07/2008 2006
05/12/2009 November 2006
09/06/2010 1st November 2006
28/09/2010 19th November 2006

This thread[5] says he achieved it on 19th. Furthermore Hiscores archives place it between 2nd and 19th 2006, and this thread shows it was after the 12th. Seems pretty clear cut.

Attack: 11th December 2006[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
27/04/2007 2007
27/04/2007 11th December 2006

He made a video of it, the description of which says it was on 11th.[6] Hiscores archives say it was after the 8th. Again very straightforward.

Defence: 18th January 2007[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
27/04/2007 2007
14/05/2007 January 2007
14/06/2007 18th January 2007
31/07/2008 2007
11/09/2008 18th January 2007

Miles himself confirmed the date by editing the wiki page.[7] Hiscores archives say it was after the 13th, and he won this unofficial award for best achievement of January 2007.[8]

Ranged: 24th February 2007[edit | edit source]

Date Claimed Date
15/04/2007 24th February 2007

He also made a video, where several people said the date in chat.[9] This thread[10] was made on the same day, while hiscores archives say between 5th and 24th February. About as indisputable as it gets.

First 20 players to 200 million[edit | edit source]

Number Skill Player Date Source
1 Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching Xxx Neo Xxx7 1 January 2006 See above
2 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Eve340 Jan/Feb 2006
3 Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching Galliard01 21 February 2006 Video
4 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Matt258 12 May 2006 User page
5 Firemaking icon highscores.png Firemaking Empror1 28 May 2006 See above
6 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking David B 23 20 June 2006 N0valyfe blog
7 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking N0valyfe 22 June 2006 N0valyfe blog
8 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Zezima June/July 2006
Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Deenginger 5-10 Sep 2006
Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching Grey Willow 5-13 Sep 2006
Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Uloveme Sep/Oct 2006
12 Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching Matt258 10 October 2006 User page
13 Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching N0valyfe 18 October 2006 N0valyfe blog
14 Thieving icon highscores.png Thieving Herbaman 19 November 2006 See above
15 Attack icon highscores.png Attack Aclaw 11 December 2006 See above
16 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Yogosun 12 January 2007
17 Defence icon highscores.png Defence Miles15 18 January 2007 See above
18 Ranged icon highscores.png Ranged Enrix E B 24 February 2007 See above
19 Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking Neeko74 March 2007
20 Thieving icon highscores.png Thieving Jan738 11 April 2007 Wiki

References[edit | edit source]