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An Asgarnian Adventure

I have just barely survived the journey back from the far North to bring you this momentous news. There I met the Grand Shaman of the barbarians, an ancient Barbarian with flowing white locks and beard. He claimed to be 354 years old and introduced me to his descendents who were his 12th generation grandchildren. He was keeper of the oral histories and I stayed with him for eighteen months and learned much of the history of the five ages.

As I was getting ready to leave and return to Varrock, he asked me to undertake the ceremony of brotherhood with him. This involved many sacred and dangerous rites which I have vowed to keep secret. It was only after I had survived the rites of brotherhood and proven I was truly an intertwined part of his immortal soul, that he finally allowed me to know the deepest secret kept by the Grand Shamans since the end of the Third Age.

He told me of the legends of The High King and of his Arch Mage Merlinaeus (often shortened to Merlin). He told me that in his youth he had undertaken a dangerous journey as was customary to prove your worth and become a Shaman. He had travelled the fabled route to Zanaris where he had sought out the last known dwelling place of Merlinaeus, a cave high up on Mount Olympus. After fruitlessly searching the mountain for three months, he finally had a dream in which he saw the first ray of sunshine come through the clouds and light up a triangular rock. He saw an old man place his right hand on that rock and say some words in an ancient tongue and the rock moved aside.

When he awoke he searched the mountainside for the triangular rock and found it on the sixth day. He camped there and early the next morning saw that there were clouds obscuring the sun. As he watched one ray of sunshine came through the clouds and lit up the rock. Quickly he placed his right hand on the rock, at first nothing happened. He spoke the words from his dream and then the rock began moving aside to reveal the entrance to a system of large caves in the mountain.

He would not tell me of all of the wonders which he found therein but he did tell me of the Prophesy of Merlinaeus which he found carved into the Mountainside inside the entrance to the caves. He showed me the prophesy which he had written on a dragon hide scroll. He allowed me to copy it and I have brought my hide back with me to donate to the Library of Varrock for Reldo to examine and consider. I have reproduced it here for all scholars and historians to read in the hope that the wise may gain understanding from it.

THE PROPHESY OF MERLINAEUS (Arch Magus - Leader of the Magi)

The High King led the Noble Knights of the Ring

Gloriously they challenged the terrible forces of the battling Gods

Through heroic feats they succeeded in bringing the Third Age to an end

However this called for the ultimate sacrifice from The High King

Against his Knights utmost protestations, he gave himself up to the Gods

Hear me closely for I, Merlinaeus, have had a vision of great portent;

When the dark clouds of chaos threaten anarchy and war

Then shall He return from Zanaris, to lead once more

On Mount Olympus, The High King shall arise anew as

The one long foretold - the “Once and Forever King”

Many shall not recognize him as The High King,

The gods shall banish his name and those of common blood shall mock

But the descendents of the Noble Knights of the Ring

In their hearts shall know him, his Imagas will stir them deeply

Once more, the Knights shall pledge their undying allegiance

The High King shall lead his Knights to Glories Legendary

Towards the Sixth Age, when mankind shall transcend the corporeal

His new Order shall challenge the Tyrants on unimagined new planes

Who as ever, shall deny the hard won rights of Mankind

Their hard fought victories shall truly begin the Age of the Mind.

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