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High Golden[edit | edit source]

Hi and welcome to my page! On this page you will be able to learn a bit about me, my goals concerning runescape, my current possesions, but also a section dedicated to guides & tips

on a few things I discovered throughout the game. I am also a native french speaker, but I will not translate this page in french due to its great length.

This is how my page is organized :

  1. About Me
  2. My Goals
  3. My Capes
  4. My Pets
  5. Screenshots
  6. My Opinion about a few things

About Me[edit | edit source]

I consider myself as a regular player, doing my things without annoying much people (I hope), enjoying sociable players and the ones that know how to be helpful or friendly. There are many things that I like about RuneScape,

but the chat is probably my favorite. In this section I will discuss about my prefered parts of the games, including mini-games, skilling methods, PvP, combat training, etc. I will tell you the things I prefer doing in

the game, the reason why I like them, and some tips on how I personally do each of those activities.

Sitting at the Grand Exchange[edit | edit source]

Recently, I came to a point where I get bored extremely easily, even by the part of the games I used to enjoy the most. This resulted in lots of money lost in PvP, waste of cash trying to train some skills I had far too low money for,

extreme boredom putting me on the edge of quitting, and probably many more symptoms. But I found a solution! If you never did it before, try sitting at the G-E! It is :

  • Refreshing (easy to do, relaxing)
  • Forces me to socialize (I don't sit in G-E alone, that would increase my boredom)
  • Gets me to know new people (cause at 1 A.M. no friends are online)
  • Enjoying (whats more euphoriant than buying 5k needles?)
  • G-E-N-I-U-S (sorry that was just a bad pun involving "G-E")

More seriously, sitting at the Grand Exchange, just talking to others, has become my major source of energy to give me the courage to train boring skills like Ranged, Smithing, Mining, and way, way more. I spend now around 75% of

my in-game time at the G-E, a thing that can be considered as a waste of time, but when you think about it, its like MSN, except you can throw snow balls at some noob's face and perform 698 magic skillcape emotes synching with

friends.Yeah... sitting at G-E is not THAT much of a waste of time.

Stealing Creation[edit | edit source]

Stealing Creation is, in my opinion, one of the most fun and addictive mini-game that JaGeX has ever launched. The many things I like about it are that cash does not matter, that teamwork is extremely important and that I can Ice Barrage the

other team when they start annoying me. On the other hand, the things I do not like about this game is that a LOT (if not all) of high leveled players (ranging from combat 120-138) take a huge advantage over lower leveled players. They come with

class 5 daggers to kill the poor targeted level 68 skiller, turn on turmoil, vengeance, and start killing. I find that not only unfair, but depressing. It can make you lose 20 minutes of your life that you are supposed to enjoy, with an ending bonus of 15+

SC points that crumbles to dust. These guys are almost impossible for low levels to kill, and even when these lower players succeed, they reapear 5 seconds later, having kept their precious killing weapon. Many people talk about "non-combat worlds",

also known as "Fast SC worlds" but after having tried those, I came to the conclusion that I did not enjoyed them. Everything has to be done fast, there is a lot of pressure on you, the fun is almost absent.

Now about the rewards of Stealing Creation. This mini-game's rewards are all centered on the same thing : experience-boost gears. You can either buy combat gears, or skilling gears. Personally, I spend about 90% of my SC points on proto-tools, that

transform into the various sacred clay items. I am currently concentrating on SC hammers, to train my smithing and construction (but this will be mentionned in the "Goal" section). What I love about these tools is that they can make you save a lot of

money when training skills that are money driven, but it does not, or almost never does, make you save some time. When you think about it, buying an SC hatchet (for example) will cost you 20 points, roughly acquired during 1 game, lasting around 20

minutes. So it takes around 20 minutes for every hatchets to be obtained. One hatchet lasts 40k xp or less (40k being using it on Teaks, the rest of the trees being all lower than 40k) and in that case a high leveled woodcutter will consume it completely in

around 30 minutes. For the time it took to run to the game, buy the hatchet, wait in the pen, you can count at least 25 minutes. So in total, it saved 5 minutes of woodcutting. And still there, the 5 minutes are not complete, because the logs, while giving

twice more xp, did not give twice more money, so someone woodcutting teaks for one hour would have around the same experience gained compared to someone playing one game of stealing creation + doing 30 minutes of teak woodcutting. Although, the

first player would have gotten more money from training his woodcutting skill.

Cave Horrors[edit | edit source]

The cave horrors are the only creature in the game dropping the black mask (10), an extremely useful helm used by slayers to make the Slayer Helm. Its price is currently around 1.8M, making killing cave horrors a really profitable activity if you spend time

killing them. The notable drops of those monsters are high level herbs (ranarrs, lantagyme, snapdragon), seeds (torstol, ranarr, etc.) and the Black Mask (10). Getting a combination of these drops, good melee or ranging stats (magic is not an efficient

way to kill them), luck and productivity, one hour of killing cave horrors can usually make a profit ranging from 400k-4M (4M being with 2 black masks drops in one hour, a rare but possible thing). The average for me is around 2M/hours, as I get around

1 black mask per hours (average). The only bad side about killing cave horrors is that it can be annoying killing them, as they perform a "special" attack that will make you slower in killing the beast, you cannot take any amulet with you (the witchwood icon

is a MUST), their attacks are melee-based magic, meaning that protection against both types is recommended and it is not worth it to attack them if your primary goal is to get some combat experience. They have 550 lifepoints, meaning that killing one will

not give much experience, and they spawn far from each others, making you move often and losing time.

Bounty Hunter & PvP[edit | edit source]

Even though I have extremely bad stats for my level (115 combat with no combat 99's except magic, which in my opinion does not count as I use it in a secondary way, no turmoil either)

I enjoy pking from time to time. Being melee based, I like going in BH+1 worlds, as it will save my most precious weapon, most likely a whip, a saradomin swird or a godsword (for me).

My strategy is to earn as much earning potential as I can, using a combination of prayer-boosting gears and the deflect melee or protect melee prayer, depending

on which prayer book I'm on. The proselyte armor & soul wars cape make it an outfit of about 200-300k risk, with OK ranged defence bonus (in case of void cannoneers, players rushing using

dark bows, rune crossbow). My choice of using the Fremnik Sea Boots 3 is that they represent 0 risk, they have great defence bonus (almost as much as rune boots) and many people think I'm

risking over 1M, because Fremnik Sea Boots and Bandos Boots look almost the same, especially for a beginner. I dont tend to rush often, as my stats arent good, and I can get fights pretty

easily, but it happens from time to time, out of boredom or simply anger. My favoured weapon is the whip, as it is fast, accurate, and one-handed. I love the combination of rune defender, whip

and vengance, as it can and will get you a lot of K.O.'s if you know ho to use this technique correctly. And anyways, I can't afford an AGS (at all) right now so I'm happy with what I got.

Recently I tried going into PvP worlds, using the less crowded ones as clans tend not to go there often, using a "range tanker" outfit, that seemed to rock even though I have low ranged level (85

at the moment, 82 when I tried it). Many players dont want to risk whips, godswords, etc so they bring weak weapons like dragon scimitars. Using dragon bolts (e) agaisnt those opponents

seemed to give really good results. Most of the time, the spec did not kill, but the shot after did, the opponent being left with extremely low HP (yes I know, I said HP.) due to the spec. PvP

world give an advantage to rangers as there isnt a lot of weapons that are extremely expensive, unlike melee weapons. Most of the time, a rune crossbow (costing around 12k-14k will do the

job). Something I NEVER do in PvP world is eping. Due to the wide range of players able to attack you, it is not a good choice, and will give no advantages compared to Bounty Hunter worlds.

Skilling Sprees V.S. Afking[edit | edit source]

I occasionally do some "Skilling Sprees", during which I level a skill intensely for a period ranging from a few hours to upto 2 weeks (as it happened while attempting to get 99 fletching & magic).

Those periods are often not the most amusing ones, but this permited me to get loads of experience and, sometimes, money during a short period of time. The most often, I do Skilling Sprees to

obtain a certain quest requirement, an important goal level (like a level to 90 or 99) or simply to race a friend. I am currently in a skilling spree of hunter, having two objectives : 91 hunter (completed

as I am now 95) and 99 (for the cape, of course). My hunter outfit is pretty basic, composed with larupia, my fletching cape (t), boots of ligthness, etc. My favourite spot is the red chinchompa

hunter area near feldip hills, as it constitutes an OK income and good xp/hour. I am planning on a lot of skilling sprees really soon, ranging from getting up my runecrafting level, to obtaining the

skillcape of woodcutting. Skilling sprees is not a method I invented, only one that I use often to power-train a certain skill.

In opposition to skilling sprees, there is what is commonly called "loafing" or "afking", which is another skilling method consisting is slower gain of experience, but with considerably less efforts.

I do not like this method as it is a slow experience rate, but I must admit it can come in handy while playing mini-games like souls war. Most of the time, the players using this technique like to

do more than one thing at a time, such as watching television or reading guides, checking at a regular rate their RuneScape window. Souls War has a high rate of loafers, because it is easy to do

and it does not give less zeal compared to someone being active during the game. Lots of low-levels do it also because they consider themselves close to useless, being crushed in one shot by

high levels with godsword and turmoil, making their game experience less enjoyable. Also, the issue of the battle is (sadly) extremely often decided in advance by clans of high levels that all go

on the same side.

My Goals[edit | edit source]

Hey, don't worry, this section will not be as long as the first one. It is only to communicate to others my present goals and how or when I am willing to achieve them.

Here is a short list of all the principal goals I fixed to myself, no matter how far I am from them or how I want to achieve them :

  • 99 Ranged
  • 99 Hunter
  • 88 Summoning
  • 99 Strength
  • 99 Thieving
  • 99 Agility
  • 95 Prayer
  • 96 Herblore
  • All quest finished
  • All songs unlocked
  • Accumulate 200M coins

(note that I do not list goals that I already achieved)

99 Ranged[edit | edit source]

Currently, it is the goal I am aiming for in the nearest future. Since I do not consider myself as a rich player, I will not use red chinchompas (neither will I use grey ones). I prefer using iron knives on yaks, since they have a decent amount of hitpoints (you read right, HITPOINTS)

and even though they are very often crowded, I am too lazy to do anything else right now. I do not think that I will achieve this goal in the next week, or even in the next weeks because I am going on vacation soon. To reach this goal I will separate it in 3 parts : 1. Reaching level 90, 2.

95 and 3. 99. Getting the skillcape is the ultimate objective, but I will not power-train it. I will stop training at 95, hopefully getting 99 doing GWD bosses, tormented demons, and other activites using ranged.

99 Hunter[edit | edit source]

The hunter cape, to be honest, is one of my favourites. The colours (in my opinion) never get old, the trim is nice, but the emote is (sorry for all of you that like it) crap. The emote is extremely boring as it shows something that a level 1 hunter can do : trapping a kebbit.

To be honest, I think jagex could completely change it without getting a too negative response from most of the players. Also, getting 91 for kingly impling is really important for me, having seen about 7 this past week.

88 Summoning[edit | edit source]

This one is pretty obvious. I want a spirit unicorn, then maybe a pack yak, and eventually 99. But I do not see, in any ways, how I can afford summoning at the moment.

99 Strength[edit | edit source]

One of the goals from which I am the closest right now, as I am level 91 strength and close from level 92. I know that it is only half from 99, but with intense pest control, it can be worked out very fast.

99 Thieving[edit | edit source]

I set this goal to myself after speaking with a player wielding the thieving cape. He taught me a little about Pyramid Plunder, an activity of which I knew nothing about, even though I had access to Sophanem for a long time, and even did the "Contact!"

quest. So I began doing some PP (pyramid plunder), enjoying the (new for me) mini-game, but most of all enjoying the fast experience. I got from level 55 to level 80 in 3 days, which surprised me and eventually got me almost allergic to that game. I am

now almost unnable to play it again as I did too many hours straight of PPing, but I hope that the desire of getting one of my two favourite capes will boost me enough to stand hours of pyramid plunding.

99 Agility[edit | edit source]

The agility cape has been, is, and always will be, my favourite cape in the game. It has an awesome skillcape emote, and the colours attract me a lot, to the point that I wish I didnt have any 99's so that it would be possible to own an untrim version of the cape. This objective is for

now, considering my famous lazyness, way out of bounds. Although I still think that, one day, I will be able to talk to Capt'n Izzy No-Beard to claim the cape.

95 Prayer[edit | edit source]

Turmoil seems to be such an awesome prayer. So awesome that players are willing to use hundreds of millions to access it. So it made me jealous, and now I want it too. For now it is just a dream that is far far away, but I as soon that I will have enough money, I will buy it right away.

I do not have any ideas on how I should train it ( Dragon bones ? Big Bones ? Anyone has any ideas ? ) but from the time I make enough money, I will have had a lot of time to figure it out.

96 Herblore[edit | edit source]

Overloads. Stop. Far far far far far far from having enough coins. Stop. Will take a while. Stop. (The form of the text is the one used in telegraphs, it is not an insult, a joke, or anything else.)

The QP cape[edit | edit source]

The completion of every single quest sure is an important step for any player. I am currently at 294 quest points, unable to complete every of them because of the slayer requirement (please note that not only do I dislike slayer, I think it is something completely stupid & unuseful) and

even though I am not far from achieving that requirement ( around 40k experience left ) I will not get a quest cape until I come back from my vacations. I am planning on having a big party this fall, including obtaining a QP cape, a woodcutting cape, the thieving cape, the hunter cape

and the ranged cape. This party might not be all at once, but will probably be close to each others (being 85+ in every single of the skills listed before).