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Hello, my runescape name is hiddensoul89. Be sure to add me! Anyways, I just started using this wiki and editing!

Heres some infomation about my equipment.

Rune Guantlets[edit | edit source]

Attack Bonuses:

Stab: +0

Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: -1
Ranged: -1

Defense Bonuses:

Stab: +10

Slash: +11

Crush: +11

Magic: -1

Range: +10
Summoning: +10
Absorb Melee: +0%
Absorb Magic: +0%

Absorb Ranged: +0%

Other Bonuses:

Strength: +2.0
Ranged Strength: +0
Prayer: +0
Magic Damage: +0%

(To be finished...)