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To do[edit | edit source]

Clean up To do list
Potion Share - images
Same on Lunar_spells
Harmonic dust - clean-up / better rate information
Challenge System (historical) - clean-up (redundant non-historical info)
Artefact - general clean-up (long table). Check the disassembly stuff.
Archaeology Campus & Varrock Dig Site - expansion / clarification
Kharid-et - Culinarum excavation site - info?
The Empty Throne Room
Material cache (Third Age iron)
Kharid-et_Dig_Site#Inner_fortress - missing info/pics with mess of subarticles for sites
Archaeology - clean
Soil - subpage rarities
Remote farm device - text
Sealed clue scroll (master) - not inclued in drop tables where it should (1% of elite drops)
Casket (elite) - not updated properly - check others too
Casket (disambiguation) - old event caskets
Other 'historical' articles
Mobilising Armies
Slayer helmet (c)
Template:ClueRewardsHard - clarify references
Slayer_collection_log - check references on pages around slayer-specific drops (not well worded)
Laboratory slime and other ED - drops references messy
Slayer assignment - better pages for each in search
Template:Disassembly - check
Template:Araxxor rotation - extend to future rotations (more use). See Module:Rotations and Module:Rotations/Merchant
Araxxi - better overall article - enrage spelling, mentioning enrage mechanic above drops section that relies on it. Strategy page with info that should not be separated.
Template:hiscore errors
Template:Uses material list - need to check what templates feed into it
Treasure Trails/Full guide - clean up
Temple of Aminishi - guide / what is it? Strategy moved unnecessarily
Check other EDs
Bloody skulls
Eagle-eye_kiteshield - Intro needs to be filled out with information
Masterwork_armour#Masterwork_materials - timings and then general check of page
Trimmed_masterwork_armour - check, clean up
Similar with timings on subpages
Divine_charge - What is that?
Obsidian_equipment#Armour - tokkul-zo degradation, cost of reducing degradation, clarify where you donate.
Fight Kiln/Strategies#Important_Wave_Strategies - notes about obsidian armour degs, crystal simulataneous usage
Smithing#Forging_items - times? being understandable?
Module:Infobox_recipe - add experience three cell where tick info is simple
Big Game Hunter - an actual article
Greater demon - slayer task / kril.
Generalisation of slayer tasks.
Allotment_patch - lunar
Orthen teleportation device - mention on subpages
Orthen - Moksha ritual site excavation site and Moksha ritual site - useless separation
Arc - seems complicated, apparently
Consider how references display in reflist without letter. see Ripper_dinosaur
Theoretical blueprints - clarity
Stormguard_Citadel_Dig_Site#Areas - map? better info?
Hidey-holes - items have notes on clue use on their pages
Lovingly Crafted - explanations / cross-references on pages
Crumpled note (stained) and similar
Warforge Dig Site - surface
Calculator:Herblore - untradables
Calculator:Other/Miscellania and Calculator:Other/Miscellania dynamic - mismatch
Elite training dummy - clarify xp drops
Herby_Werby#Gameplay - cleanup
Armour spikes - make sense?
Material crates - better info on pages
Invention pouch - should have specific info
Invention - just be better
Chamber of Shrines - dud
Prismatic medium fallen star - outdated info on draining - check others
Varrock Teleport and others - better cost section
Prismatic large fallen star (thaler) - merge
Corrupted slayer helmet - clearer distinctions from others
Spirit tree - just be better
Archaeology_training#Qualifications - notes
You_Are_It#Rewards - necklace stuff?
'Animate Dead' spell scroll (damaged) - merge
Hotspot - disambig?
Default for infobox switches such as Ring of duelling
Archaeology training - lead section
Smoke Cloud and similar spells - actual article
Add digsites to collection infobox (Imperial Sorcery)
Artefact - needs rework
Clean up To do list