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polls[edit | edit source]

<poll> how many times did you visit my userpage? once twice thrice 4 times 5 times 6 times more than 6 i dont know my first time

<poll> what is the hardest skill to train for you? attack strength defense range magic prayer summoning hunter farming slayer fishing mining herblore construction agility smithing cooking fletching hitpoints firemaking thieving crafting all of them non of them some combat

<poll> you got 1 chance of getting a free weapon or shield, which of these would it be? saradomin sword saradomin god sword zamorak god sword bronze dagger armadyl god sword bandos god sword dragon claws dragon sq shield wooden shield crystal bow dark bow

<poll> what food would you use for fighting the king black dragon? potato cabbage tomato lobster swordfish beer something else

<poll> if you've been to the mage training arena and you got a staff what did you choose? zamorak saradomin