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This user plays RuneScape as Hell Man813.
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2006 This user has been playing RuneScape since October 2006.
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Strength through wisdom.
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Total level: 1048
Attack 62Constitution 1Mining 50
Strength 60Agility 40Smithing 42
Defence 52Herblore 34Fishing 56
Ranged 41Thieving 48Cooking 58
Prayer 41Crafting 52Firemaking 51
Magic 52Fletching 62Woodcutting 71
Runecrafting 33Slayer 33Farming 43
Construction 30Hunter 31Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 71Quests 147
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Quests I Want To Do[edit | edit source]

Fairy Tale 2-Cure A Queen

Legends Quest

Monkey Madness

Recipe For Disaster

Temple of Ikov

Royal Trouble


Eagles Peak---COMPLETED!


Desert Treasure

Swan Song

Lunar Diplomacy

Skill Goals[edit | edit source]

90 woodcutting

95 Herblore

99 mining and smithing

70 hunter

80 magic

70 Farming

Somewhere between 80-99 in every other skill

Item Goals[edit | edit source]

White Party Hat


Blue Mask

Dragon Legs

Dragon Med Helm

Crystal Saw(achieved!)

Dragon Hally

Gold Goals[edit | edit source]

1k (achieved a long time ago)

10k (achieved a long time ago)

100k (achieved a long time ago)

500k (achieved)




(when you need and don't have it... you sing a different tune.)