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Hel Zuki[edit | edit source]

Brief History[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Hel Zuki and have been playing RS since Classic. I never understood the game back then and went from character to character without taking the game too seriously, in terms of skilling. I stopped playing for a while and then rejoined in 2004/5 where I was practically addicted to the game. Again, I tended to wander about doing the occasional quest and playing a lot of Castle Wars. I stopped playing AGAIN, rejoined briefly in 2010 and here I am now![edit | edit source]
This time I am dedicated to playing seriously!!! I started this character a year ago, had a few months break but now am swilling, questing, doing everthing - you name it! Currently, I have been working on achieving levl 60 + in all of my skills... Just one more to go (which I should achieve tomorrow!!!). [edit | edit source]