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This user has retired from the wiki.


About Me

My in-game name is Heaven Sent. I played RuneScape from early 2001 until 2017.
My in-game hobbies were notably Penguin Hide and Seek and Treasure Trails.


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Golden rainbow fish eggs detail.png
Aquarium checklist

Click on the eggs that you have collected to mark them.

Eggs Fish
Golden leaping sturgeon eggs detail.png Golden leaping sturgeon Leaping sturgeon
Golden leaping trout eggs detail.png Golden leaping trout Leaping trout
Golden leaping salmon eggs detail.png Golden leaping salmon Leaping salmon
Golden monkfish eggs detail.png Golden monkfish Monkfish
Golden swordfish eggs detail.png Golden swordfish Swordfish
Golden tuna eggs detail.png Golden tuna Tuna
Golden lobster eggs detail.png Golden lobster Lobster
Golden salmon eggs detail.png Golden salmon Salmon
Golden trout eggs detail.png Golden trout Trout
Golden shark eggs detail.png Golden shark Shark
Golden lava eel eggs detail.png Golden lava eel Lava eel
Golden rocktail eggs detail.png Golden rocktail Rocktail
Golden cavefish eggs detail.png Golden cavefish Cavefish
Golden rainbow fish eggs detail.png Golden rainbow fish Rainbow fish

Death chathead.png
Bossing: Expected profit per hour

Expand tables to show the suggested equipment.

Boss Inputs Expected profit/hour
Barrows chathead.png: Chat head image of BarrowsBarrows brothers
Equipment & Inventory


Daily Challenge icon.png
Daily checklist

Click on the tasks that you have completed to mark them.

Task Coins 10000.png Expected profit
Ships button.png Player-Owned Ports [Note 1] N/A N/A
Bork chathead.png Bork [Note 2] +8k Slayer 49,000
Daily Challenge icon.png Daily task [Note 3] +178k Dungeoneering N/A
Crystal tree blossom.png Crystal tree blossoms [Note 4] +15k Farming N/A
Dungeon map icon.png Motherlode maw [Note 5] N/A N/A
Divine simulacrum II.png Divine locations [Note 6] +14k Divination 165,600
Coeden chathead.png Coeden's logs [Note 7] N/A 100,900
Potato cactus detail.png Potato cacti [Note 8] N/A 71,300
Grimy fellstalk.png Herbs & Mushrooms [Note 9] +20k Farming 865,500
Wicked hood.png Wicked hood [Note 10] +4k Runecrafting 203,100
Vis wax.png Vis wax [Calculator] [Note 11] N/A 789,300

  1. ^ Rewards vary; Send out as many +80% voyages as possible for maximum rewards.
  2. ^ Assumes completion of The Mighty Fall, a Ring of Wealth, and completion of Varrock dairys.
  3. ^ My prefered daily task is Dungeoneering. Please fill this time slot with your prefered task instead.
  4. ^ With the Tirannwn quiver 4 equip, double blossoms may be harvested instead; Experience will not increased however.
  5. ^ Rewards vary greatly, but still worth the small time invested.
  6. ^ World hop inside the Gorajo resource dungeon until a Divine simulacrum I or II are found. Assumed rewards are:
    75 Elder energy 50 Radiant energy 100 Luminous energy 250 Incandescent energy 3 Sign of life
  7. ^ Must have an empty inventory; Option 2 has the least dialog prompts.
  8. ^ Small time investment for a decent profit; Keep if you wish to mix your own supers for Overloads.
  9. ^ Assumes 50 Grimy fellstalks are harvested along with 36 Morchella mushrooms.
  10. ^ Assumes 492 Nature runes are crafted with hood and pouches, and the collection of 500 Fire runes.
  11. ^ Assumes the collection of 75 Vis wax and subtracts the average cost of all runes except for combination runes.

Penguin (invisible).png
Ghost checklist

Sort by # for best spawns first rather than alphabetical order.
Click on the spawns that are being occupied to mark them.

# Name Description
4 Al Kharid
Southwest of Ranael's Skirt Store.
29 Barbarian Outpost
North of the Barbarian Assault building.
13 Brimhaven
Northeast of the Horseshoe goldmine.
11 Castle Wars
East of the Castle Wars lobby. Just north of the bridge.
33 Central Karamja
Directly north from the mine, west of the nature altar, under the tropical tree.
7 Death Plateau
On the path to Death Plateau. East of the two torches.
3 Digsite
East of the crashed glider, just north of the southern bush.
6 Draynor Manor
Draynor Manor yard, just northeast from the fence entrance.
10 Dorgesh-Kaan
East of the large white fern southeast of the bank.
17 Eagles' Peak
Northwest of Eagles' Peak, next to the tree. Southwest of the boulder trap.
34 East Karamja
West of the fence entrance to the glider. Near the baby monkeys.
31 Entrana
Northwestern corner of Entrana, near the seaweed.
32 Feldip Hills
Northwest of Rantz, between the oak trees.
22 Gnome Maze
Inside the southwestern part of the Gnome Maze. Between the two benches.
23 Gnome Stronghold
West of the bank, by the river. Under the northwest leg of the tree house.
9 Goblin Village
West of the Generals' house in Goblin Village.
15 Ice Mtn.
Southwest of the Oracle's tent.
30 Lighthouse
Southeast of the Lighthouse, just past the bridge, west of the shallow pool.
1 Lumber Yard
In the centre of the Lumber Yard.
12 Lumbridge Swamp
Northeast of Father Urhney's swamp shack.
Mage Training Arena
West of the Mage Training Arena, east of the rocky outcrop.
2 McGrubor's Wood
West of Fairy Ring code ALS.
25 Mining Camp
Northwest of the Desert Mining Camp. Northwest of the scarfed cactus.
27 Mudskipper Point
Northwest of Fairy Ring code AIQ, northwest of the palm tree.
14 Musa Point
Among the trees southeast of the volcano, northwest of the agility shortcut.
18 North Ardougne
West of Ardougne's Outpost, south of the cracked dolmen.
26 Observatory
North of the Observatory, near the Hill giants.
19 Bandit Camp
East of the Bandit camp lodestone.
21 Port Khazard
East of the General store, in the middle of the four posts.
20 Rellekka
Among the rock crabs inside town. Two steps south of the bone spawn.
16 White Wolf Mtn.
South of the Sindarpos glider. Two steps south of the thorny bush.
24 Witchaven
East of Witchaven Church.
28 Wizards' Tower
Outside Wizards' Tower, east of Fairy Ring code DIS.
8 Zanaris
Northwest of the oak tree directly east of the furnace.

Nemi Forest checklist

Click on the resources you have collected to mark them.

Skill Action
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering
Open a chest
Farming Farming
Cure a fungal growth
Farming Farming
Check health on mysterious flowers
Farming Farming
Check health on mushrooms
Mining Mining
Mine the corruption from the red rocks
Prayer Prayer
Pay respects at an obelisk
Prayer Prayer
Heal an explorer
Prayer Prayer
Free a dead monk's spirit
Prayer Prayer
Cleanse a water pool

Ships button.png
Player-owned Port resource pricing tool

Tables automatically sort by best value per trade resource.

Item Chi needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Chi
a !Seasinger's hood detail.png 30 Chi.png 2,674,452 89,148
b !Seasinger's robe top detail.png 80 Chi.png 4,727,984 59,100
c !Seasinger's robe bottom detail.png 50 Chi.png 3,510,913 70,218
Item Lacquer needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Lacquer
a !Death Lotus hood detail.png 30 Lacquer.png 4,213,409 140,447
b !Death Lotus chestplate detail.png 80 Lacquer.png 9,345,356 116,817
c !Death Lotus chaps detail.png 50 Lacquer.png 7,281,877 145,638
Item Plate needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Plate
a !Tetsu helm detail.png 30 Plate.png 1,200,086 40,003
b !Tetsu body detail.png 80 Plate.png 1,927,978 24,100
c !Tetsu platelegs detail.png 50 Plate.png 1,593,408 31,868
Item Pearls needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Pearl
Leviathan ring detail.png 80 Pearls.png 321,045 4,013
Item Scales needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Scale
Reefwalker's cape detail.png 80 Koi Scales.png 190,606 2,383
Item Items needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Spice
Rocktail soup detail.png Spices.png + Rocktail detail.png 14,764 9,904
Icon Scrimshaw Gold per Bone
Scrimshaw of cruelty detail.png Scrimshaw of cruelty 683,066
Scrimshaw of the elements detail.png Scrimshaw of the elements 668,607
Scrimshaw of vampyrism detail.png Scrimshaw of vampyrism 681,892
Scrimshaw of magic detail.png Scrimshaw of magic 259,508
Scrimshaw of ranging detail.png Scrimshaw of ranging 305,166
Scrimshaw of attack detail.png Scrimshaw of attack 168,551
Casket-salvaging scrimshaw detail.png Casket-salvaging scrimshaw 20,154
Whopper-baiting scrimshaw detail.png Whopper-baiting scrimshaw 119,734

Meilyr worker.png
Prifddinas Pickpocketing checklist

Click on the clans that have caught you to mark them.

Clan Default Thieving experience XP Voice of Seren Thieving experience XP
Meilyr Clan.png Meilyr 170 204
Crwys Clan.png Crwys 155 186
Hefin Clan.png Hefin 150 180
Trahaearn Clan.png Trahaearn 145 174
Amlodd Clan.png Amlodd 140 168
Cadarn Clan.png Cadarn 135 162
Ithell Clan.png Ithell 130 156
Iorwerth Clan.png Iorwerth 125 150