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Welcome[edit | edit source]

Please bear with me as I am a total WikiNoob when it comes to the creating end of the business. If you find a gaffe I have created somewhere, please leave me a note at my talk page so I might learn.

Q4 2008 Notes[edit | edit source]

20 October 2008, Big News! I got my first skill cape! I leveled my Hitpoints to 99 and went to the friendly Surgeon General Tafani at the Duel Arena to get my skill cape. The emote is totally awesome! Lots of people commented on how an untrimmed Hitpoints cape is way cool and tough to get. I now have 14 of the 24 skills at the 90+ level.

31 October 2008, I just leveled my Runecrafting to 75 which means I can finally use the Giant pouch! It will help with all the Cosmic runes I make.

28 November 2008, I finished While Guthix Sleeps and put all the experience reward into my Runecrafting which raised it 3 levels to 78! I figured that 400k experience in Runecrafting equated to about six months worth of training (at the rate I craft runes). Plus, I sold my Elite black armour set and my Ruined dragon armour lump netting over 13 million coins.

13 December 2008, after leveling my Firemaking to 92 on Monday, I completed the All Fired Up (minigame), lighting all 14 beacons and received my Inferno adze, Flame gloves, and Ring of fire. It took me two attempts, as I had not worked out a good route the first time. After lighting the 14th beacon, I was nearly killed by a Revenant Knight, but managed to run to the bank in the Mage Arena.

21 December 2008, big day leveling. I got my triple 98s in Attack, Strength, and Defense. This caused a leveling in my combat to 132! Also, I leveled my Herblore to 90 which is my 15th 90 level skill!

Q1 2009 Notes[edit | edit source]

6 January 2009, finally made the near-suicide run through the Waterbirth Island dungeon and unlocked the last two tunes I was missing! Plus, did the new quest, In Pyre Need, and got the all the quest points again. I have all the quest points and all the song unlocks! Now, if only I could get some more Champion scroll drops!

16 February 2009, big weekend with 5 new Skill levels achieved, got my 133 Combat level, and got the 2 lastest Music unlocks from Soul Wars.

13 March 2009, took a few days away from my usual training to work on my Firemaking and Woodcutting. I got dressed up in my Lumberjack clothing, my Strung rabbit foot (for better Bird's nest drops), my Inferno adze, my Ring of fire, and my Flame gloves. Then I parked myself by the Seers' Village Yew trees and pounded out 400k xp fm and 500k xp wc, burning rows of the Yew logs that weren't incinerated by the adze. Finally got my fm 93 and wc 96 levels! What I need to do to go back and focus on my Agility and Hunter to raise up my lowest ones.

18 March 2009, finished The Chosen Commander last night which leveled my Agility to 77. I was somewhat disappointed in the quest in so much as it was built up as the 150th one and I have been waiting almost six weeks for it. It certainly wasn't a five star difficulty one and had way too many dialogues and cut scenes. While I am glad to finally rescue poor Zanik from her predicament, I was hoping for better quest.

23 March 2009, finally got the Sandwich Lady to appear which unlocked the 585th song! The elusive lady was avoiding me since the random events update. I was busily cooking Monkfish in the Rogue's Den when that fiesty lady snatched me away and offered me a Square sandwich!

Q2 2009 Notes[edit | edit source]

7 April 2009, huge day in my Runescape life! I achieved a quadruple 99 level this evening. For this festive run, I wore full Guthix armour set (sk), Adamant boots (for the color match), my Quest point cape, and wielded an Abyssal whip. Along side with my friend Neimster, I leveled my Cooking, Defence, Attack, and Strength skills to 99. We started in Lumbridge Castle where I cooked sharks. After the shower of sparks and fireworks, I lit and released multi-colored Origami balloons in the courtyard. Then it was across the bridge where I slew Goblins until my Defence leveled. More balloons were lit and released. I ran back to Lumbridge to purchase my Defence cape from Harlan and quickly showed the emote to Neimster. A quick trip to the Cooks' Guild ensued and I purchased my Cooking cape and was quickly flipping pancakes. More balloons were lit and released as I had made a ton of them for this celebration. Neimster and I made use of our Games necklaces for a quick teleport to Burthorpe Games Room where I killed guards until I acheived my Attack level. Again, the balloons were lit for celebration. I was ready to level Strength when I realized that I have failed to bring a weapon other than my whip which only has controlled strength training. Neimster came to my rescue and lent me his Dragon dagger which I used to spill the blood of more guards until I saw the fireworks for the last time. A trip inside the Warriors' Guild yielded the Attack cape and the Strength cape. More emotes and more balloons finished this 99 level run for me. What a great day and what a wonderful way to celebrate! Many thanks go to all the monsters who gave up their lives to add to my Experience total and a very special thank you to my good friend Neimster who made a wonderful day all the more perfect!

Stats[edit | edit source]

Total level: 2188
Attack 99 Constitution 99 Mining 88
Strength 99 Agility 78 Smithing 89
Defence 99 Herblore 92 Fishing 96
Ranged 95 Thieving 92 Cooking 99
Prayer 81 Crafting 95 Firemaking 93
Magic 94 Fletching 97 Woodcutting 96
Runecrafting 80 Slayer 94 Farming 88
Construction 81 Hunter 79 Summoning 85
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 134 Quest.png 284
Music icon.png 597 Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png ----
As of 9 Jun 2009

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