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To be, or not to be more active in the RS wiki community, that is the question.[1][edit | edit source]

Hello! I see you've found my page. This page won't be good for ages, Maybe in 2013[2], but not now. I'm in the middle of updating this page right now, it should be done soon unless they voices in my head start up again.[3]

Daily note[4][5]:[edit | edit source]

Random ramblings from a demented mind[6][edit | edit source]

Have to remember to do something about File:5thage religion.png, its extremely wrong.

I find myself disliking most new editors I've noticed, most of the time because they do one thing I deem Wrong, which then makes the rest of their edits seem wrong to me. I guess I need to Asume good faith more often haha. I have recently found out that this makes me a WikiVampire

Wikia:You still haven't finished linking Juna/dialogue like you said you would, Noob.

One last thing, I HATE, Ponies, Bronies & MLP, we need to kill it with fire.

You expected this page to be good?[edit | edit source]

Note: The brackets are an inner monologue inside my head and double brackets is the response, which I am sharing with you (yes I am weird).

Hi, (you know, adding in the other bits makes this "hi" kinda pointless now doesn't it?) my name is Hasaan (Duh) and I love RS and have been playing it since 05 (started sometime in January, so I've been playing for about 5 years now) but only gotten to about 1400 total level, 80 combat and 200 QP [7] (Skill more Quest less you noob! (but its so boring D:))). I like online games and play many different ones (I also fail at spelling). if you find someone named Hasaan or hasaan5 or hasaan95 or Hasaan with loads of 5s added on or Hasaan_uk it WILL (most likely) be me. I hope that I can help around the Wikia and make it better place, but I guess I won't be that much of a help right now. Hopefully I'll get better. I'll try best to help right now though (maybe I should read some of those help guides instead of questing).

My first edit EVER!

Games I Own/Play:[edit | edit source]

I'll add information about the games whenever I'm bothered. :P

My PSN = Hasaan

Currently Playing = ~

MMO games:[edit | edit source]

Console games (Series)[edit | edit source]

  • ~ Assassins creed (From one onwards, only have the "Main" games and Bloodlines + Project Legacy)
  • Grand theft auto (Have all from 3 onwards, apart from Chinatown and Vice City Stories)
  • Elder Scrolls (Have Oblivion & Skyrim, thinking of buying Morrowind)
  • Kingdom Hearts (Have 1 & 2, the rest either can't be bought in England or are on a console I don't own)
  • InFamous (Have both 1 & 2, waiting for 3(I hope))
  • Battlefield (Have 2 (Modern combat version) & 3 Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 1943 (or was it 1942, or 2142? whatever one was only for online) and accounts on Heros, Play4Free and Online
  • FiFa (First one was 1998 I think, and I have them all from 2005 onwards,)
  • A few WWE games from random years

Console games (Standalone)[edit | edit source]

  • Red Dead Redemption (Not technically a standalone since it is an indirect sequel to a game before, although i don't own it)
  • LA Noire
  • ~ DishonoUred
  • Many, many others I'm forgetting (Like above :P), I'll edit them in when I remember.

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

A WikiOgre. This user is a WikiOgre.

Not really references just some notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ I thought it was a statement
  2. ^ Damn, is it 2013 already? Oh well, make it 2015!
  3. ^ updating this page has been added to my list of "Things I should have already done but am too lazy to actually do"
  4. ^ Will be updated by me every day so you can see what I'm doing( If something worth mentioning happened, If not I'll leave it empty or post something like "Nothing interesting happened."). If i miss out a day I'll write it for all the days I've missed (Unless it was many, many days). Plus it's also a slow way of getting my edit count up so noobs think I'm awesome (too bad nobody else falls for it). Smile
  5. ^ I removed the note for a few months but brought it back on the last day of march due to popular demand from the voices inside my head
  6. ^ This is for random things I have thought of and liked and wanted to post and the rest are notes to remind me of some things
  7. ^ Tis lies now, See Here for a updated account view