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Black Unicorn.png
This is my money making guide!!! :)
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The best thing for MEMBERS to do when they get to 30-40 combat is Black Unicorns kill them and collect there horns they sell for: 1,988gp and 15k for 10 horns!!! Oh by the way they are in the wildiness near the stealing creation.

hill giant

The other thing is for more combat wise people (35-40 combat) go to the GRAND EXCHANGE and buy a brass key then go east past the wheat and cooking guild till you get to a old shack unlock the door and go down the hole. When you get there you will find lots of hill giants(lvl 28 combat) kill them and get there BIG BONES but they only sell for 500gp each, but are easer to kill

For MEMBERS only go to yanille and buy a bird snare then go to the feldip hills and catch crismson swifts they are only lvl 1 hunting good for beginners collect there meat and sell it for 200gp each you can get 50k an hour.

This is a stupid money making technique but good for beginners, go to varrock with a pickaxe and mine clay till full inventory then sell at the Grand Exchange you get 129gp each piece of clay, also try adding water the clay for more money!

Hope this helps

best regards Harrytt1234 08:54, February 13, 2010 (UTC) . I will try and get more ways of making money byeee............ try my wood cutting guide.