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Hi, thanks for looking at my page :) Anyway i've been playing runescape off and on since May of 2003. I'm sometimes a memeber, sometimes FTP, it really depends on how school is going.

Total level: 2388
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 99
Strength 99Agility 99Smithing 99
Defence 99Herblore 93Fishing 99
Ranged 98Thieving 99Cooking 99
Prayer 90Crafting 99Firemaking 95
Magic 98Fletching 93Woodcutting 95
Runecrafting 99Slayer 99Farming 99
Construction 99Hunter 99Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 45Divination 99Invention 120
Archaeology 111Combat 137Quests 300
Music 672Tasks ----RuneScore 20,185
As of May 23 2010
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Goals[edit | edit source]

Prayer 55%
90  96 
6 levels
Magic 74%
96  99 
3 levels
Herblore 74%
93  96 
3 levels
Dungeoneering 14%
45  65 
20 levels

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