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my cb is 88!

HI i'm torist4.i play rs on mostly world 45. my outfit is mostly a fighter torso,d scimmy,str ammy, warrior helm,gonna change to zerker soon, and lastly, blk gloves.oh, and rune defender.

My yes's and no's.

yes,i like to own peeps. yes,i blow things up. yes,you are annoying. no,i never lost to a lvl 5 in the duel arena. possibly,i can fly. yes,i have retribution. no,i am not drunk.

My Sig.

my sig =).

my other sig.

my other sig =).

my 3rd sig.

my 3rd sig =).

I like monkeys........................

ooH ooh aye aye!!!


i can mooooooooo! can yooooooooouuu?