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I have been working on quests, and I received the Quest point cape, and hood! (Though, currently I can't wear it...)


The remaining quests were:

check-3.png Back to my roots (72 Woodcutting)
xmark-2.png Blood Runs Deep (I'm too busy to achieve the requirements.)
check-3.png Forgiveness of a Chaos dwarf (I need 61 Hunter!? Oh well.)
check-3.png Contact! (To lazy to start with.)
check-3.png The Curse of Arrav (Only need a Thieving level of 66!)
check-3.png Dream Mentor (Did the quest till the big fight...)
check-3.png Mourning's End I (Still don't have 60 Ranged...)
check-3.png Mourning's End II (Completed on 25th of July.)
xmark-2.png Nomad's Requiem (Grandmaster!?)
check-3.png Rocking Out (Wtf)
check-3.png Summer's End (Scared of the Spirit Beast!)
check-3.png Temple of Senntisten (I can't wait to continue this storyline! :)
check-3.png While Guthix Sleeps (Completed on 27th of July.)
xmark-2.png Within the Light (Lots of high requirements...)
xmark-2.png Fur 'n' Seek - Wishlist (I hate Aquanites and Skeletal Wyverns.)