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Hey, I have been playing Runescape for a while now, and I enjoy it a lot.

You can find me online as El_Verdugo13. No, I do not speak Spanish, sorry. :)

Total level: 1119
Attack 66Constitution 1Mining 70
Strength 65Agility 42Smithing 62
Defence 63Herblore 43Fishing 50
Ranged 44Thieving 50Cooking 66
Prayer 48Crafting 54Firemaking 40
Magic 56Fletching 52Woodcutting 55
Runecrafting 37Slayer 45Farming 48
Construction 42Hunter 15Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 80*Quests 178
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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Changes I'd Like to See[edit | edit source]

  • Quests that make more sense. Many do not provide nearly enough clues to finish without online "help."
  • Addtional races. Come on, Jagex, you already have the models, just let me be a Dwarf or Gnome already. Each race has a couple slight skill advantages, with humans getting a %X bonus to their earned XP.
  • Ridden beasts. A higher level member perk with a continuing upkeep cost. I smell new skill!
  • A better map. I hate the artificial way they make the map seem huge when they are simply making you walk around walls. Look at the Kharidian Desert. Now add trees and critters - that is the way the map should look, a large area with HUGE deadspaces between cities.
  • Guards that do something. OK, you want to play the fool, and ice your fellow players or the occasional guard for a clue scroll, fine. The next time you walk into town - wham - the guards gang up on you and either kill you or lock you away, forcing you to "mine off your debt to society" or somesuch. Make the guards truly threatening too. Looks like most major cities are protected by Boy Scouts. Put some crack archers in those towers!
  • Player owned shops. This one is tricky, but could be done without being a mess. There are X member servers. Each server could have Y player owned businesses across the map, selling... whatever. Not just another general store, though. You should pick a template and go with it. Armor, weapons, potions/herbs, etc. YOU have to provide the stuff inside, and YOU get to set the prices. A certain percentage goes to the host kingdom in the form of taxes/payoffs. Others can sell to you, but it comes out of YOUR pocket. You run out of money in your business plan, it's YOUR problem. There would have to be a way to "lose" your shop if you stopped taking care of it. Maybe it should just cost a flat weekly GP fee to keep it open. You miss a payment, you're out in the street. Unsold merchandise goes to your bank.
  • Jobs. In the Cooking guild there is a guy who pays you to make pies. Why isn't there a guy to pay you to make other stuff? Where is the construction guy who ships your merchandise to X, and pays you a reasonable rate to do it? Too many truly practical items in the game have no real monetary value. Furniture, food, cloth, lumber, ore...
  • "Everywhere" wilderness. Not really everywhere, but once you step so far out of town, you should be in the wildy. This would encourage people to band together to travel as caravans, and end the artificial wildy boundaries.
  • Smarter monsters. If a powerful character strolls through a group of goblins, they should run and dive into their hidey holes. OR, band together and repel the invader. Not stroll around like idiots at the mall.
  • More control over the visuals. I hate the way everything looks tiny. I like the tiny option, but maybe I want to go into 1st person mode for a while and see what life is like as a RS character. At least let me zoom in a bit.
  • The wagon. OK, i am mining or farming and i can only carry so much stuff. Fine. Let me use a people- or horse-drawn wagon. 4 times the space as a normal inventory, and a nice juicy target for the wildy dwellers.
  • War. OK, this one is tricky, because we don't want to step on the World of Warcraft's toes, but why not full blown war between different regions of the map. Why should the whole world be friendly to me? Maybe some cities should be hostile to those from Verrock. Why can't small towns be fought over by the many crazed PK players. They can man the guard towers and fend off the invaders from X. This ain't capture the flag, it's war. Holding the city = ? Special useful items? Global point rankings? At the very least, this would bring your "faith" into bearing. Followers of Zamorak or Saradomin could be restricted in their movements, while Guthix players would have more unrestricted map access. I know, no one wants to commit to one God, etc..

Open Letter to Jagex[edit | edit source]

I want to start out by saying you have a great product here. Sure, I have my beefs (see above) but clearly you have a game many play and enjoy. I have been a paid member (2 accounts!) for more than a year, and have seen a great deal of the RS world.

Let me cut to the chase - I want to make my own world using your engines and graphics. I know RS is designed to be a friendly, fun world for players of all ages. My world will not be like that. I want a dark, dangerous world, where items of value and power come at a price. Where your allegiences and Faith are as powerful a tool as a Dragon Longsword. The rules will be the same, but players will have to truly be on their toes in order to survive and thrive.

I know you will never see this letter, or that you have probably seen thousands like it, but my many, many years of gaming and roleplaying experience would prove valuable. A second property using the RS resources would cost you little, and could bring Jagex a game with more serious "street cred."

[email protected]