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My PvP Log[edit | edit source]


Stats: 2 Kills - 0 Oh dear, you are dead

Drops: Steel Spear(p++)

My Equipment: Full Initiate, dds, dscimmy, addy defender, tunas, runes for tele,

Story: Kill 1 - Upstairs Ardougne Bank with dds spec, Kill 2 - Upstairs Camelot Bank with dds. Easy kills they werent wearing anything.


Stats: 4 Kills - 2 Oh dear, you are dead

Drops: Rune Legs, Combat Robe Top, 47 rune arrows, egg potatoes, attack pot, str pot, steel square shield, magic shortbow, ring of recoil, and super str pot

My Equipment: Full Initiate, dds, dscimmy, addy defender, tuna potatoes, tunas, egg potatoes, runes for tele, climbing boots, barrows gloves, ammy of power

Story: Kill 1 - 92 running past explorer jacks shop in granite body, dskirt, and dlong. DDS specs and scimmy easy kill. Kill 2 - Not sure what level. I was running towards Varrock bank and clicked on some one by accident, LOL. Two dds specs and he was dead. Big drop from this guy. Kill 3 - 89 in Rune plate, legs and dds. Outside of falador by shortcut to taverly. Good fight I had more food. Kill 4 - 89 same guy same story. Recharged prayer and food and used portal from house to Fally. Back to area outside of shortcut. Death 1 - Fighting 109, me with full food. I guessed I could tele if I needed. He was in full rune with neit helm, dds and whip. He was hitting me pretty good while we both stopped to eat and guy with GS startied fighting him he ran briefly and the GS guy went after me. I tried to tele... teleblocked? Must have been hit when I teleported into Fally. Dropped all. Dork I forgot to click save one item. Looking to avenge myself I went at it again. Sold all my earlier drops and restocked minus barrows gloves. Death 2 - 111 Upstairs Camelot bank. Why didn't I tele away right away. First spec was 30 - 24..... Dropped all got hit so fast could not even turn on save one item.


Stats: 1 Kill - 1 Oh dear, you are dead

Drops: Mith full helm

My Equipment: Torag's legs, fighter torso, dds, d boots, neit helm, ammy of glory, runes for tele

Story: Kill 1 - 83 not wearing much upstairs at Lumby Church. Easy kill. Death 1 - 92 with black dhide and rune kite and helm. I watched this guy range fight another ranger for a while. My target ate at least 10 or 11 times. Assuming he was getting low I was gonna quick hit him out. Nope, dds specs failed. I ate my last piece of food and ran for bank. He hit 3 consecutive times after I ran, 18, 16, 18. Died in bank. Stupid me....

Drops approx 120k - Items Lost approx 700k!! Not gonna make money here... LOL, back to the real world. Stock up on tele tabs, food, defenders, pots, switch back to Ancients, get dragon spear and some Proselyte armor after Wanted and Slug Menance. Then try again next week.


Stats: 4 Kills - 1 Oh dear, your are dead

Drops: 5 lobbies, str pot, addy platebody

My Equipment: Barrelchest anchor, super attack & super str pots

Story: Kill 1 - 89 Upstairs Lumby Church. Kill 2 - 83 Upstairs across from explorer Jack's. Chased him around a bit and did not eat. Then ran so he would chase. Once he got the skull I ate and killed him. Kill 3 - 87 Outside lumby castle. Death 1 - Kill 3 came back to finish me off. Kill 4 - 85 Fally single combat area. I was mainly fight no armor guys except the 83. Was not risking much nor attacking anyone with stuff. Just goofing around.