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Hello user. Let me explain more about myself. When I created the character Swaheart (my original user), I was 14 years old and was still immature. I had no actual friends next to me (I had just moved from my home town), I was forced to live in a relative's home, my parents were divorced, the dogs I loved fled, and my only entertainment was faking someone who I wasn't on the internet (someone that swore a lot is an example) and playing Runescape at the same time.

I could never criticize my cousins, aunt, uncle, whom I was living with. I was forced to hear the things they wanted to say (which mostly made me sad), do what they told me to do, and at the same time face the many problems I was having at that part of my life, everything quietly. Acting someone who I wasn't on the Internet was an effective way to vent my feelings.

One day when I was reading the wiki, I tried uploading an image of something that I cannot remember. I received the message stating that I could not do that, an account was needed. So I created an account, without the minimum knowledge of policies and rules, only knowing the pompous title: "anyone can edit this wiki". I tried editing and again exaggerating to the side of Zaros. Zaros, in my mind, had the philosophy that could change my real life, if he existed.

He was the god of glorious past, and justice in the present. Since before my parents became divorced, I had nearly no limitations in life, I had an awesome mother and maternal family, awesome friends, a dad who could give me anything...But was cruel in essence, but still. Since I heard that Zaros could supposedly change so many things and make justice for his followers I pushed myself too much to his side, I understood him (since everything in my life was suddenly destroyed, much like his empire). Anyway, I tried editing without the knowledge that rules, user page, talk page, chat and policies even existed.

When I discovered the chat, it was by looking at the button and wondering "ooh, what will happen if I click this?" After some time I tried to act again to not believe in my reality, like when I stated I was female. After some edits, I stated Seren participated the God Wars and I insisted on the topic and that made me become disruptive and engage in the Discovery channel scenery. I was banned/blocked and that was like...enough in my ruined world. I didn't accept losing another thing (my wiki account), and I created Hallowvalle with the sole purpose of destroying AnselaJonla.

Since I had already revealed that my in-game name was Hallowvalle, I was expecting people to know who I was (SwaHeart) and give me a chance to show I was more than that. But then...I noticed everyone didn't remember that detail and I decided to hide SwaHeart from my history. I changed my gender, my location, everything and tried to perfect every detail about my false life. After some time in the chat, I noticed how awesome most users were and I nearly deleted my desire for revenge against AnselaJonla, only touching on the subject when she broke UTP. I continued and became a chat moderator. I gone further but then I started noticing that I didn't deserve the rights, I didn't deserve the people next to me, since every detail about my person were lies. They weren't my actual friends. Considering that, I made a hard decision, I started to corrupt the character I created, I had many arguments with many people with the objective of making them dislike my presence.. Anyway, after trying to corrupt my character multiple times, I decided to be objective and just reveal myself, and since more recently I've been watching "Revenge" I wanted to sound a little maleficent. That was very entertaining to be honest and I finally understood Sliske (although I don't follow him).

Reading the messages from that time, I have knowledge that the discussion was stupid and lacked recognition from both sides. But at the time I was depressive and ruined in reality, everything tended to sound much worse than they actually were.

Some things: I'm not really obsessed for lore, I'm not female (nor homosexual), I'm not from Sicily, I'm not Machiavellian, I'm not 18, I'm not a vengeful being, I'm not in an interchange, I don't really care for rights, ranks and titles, I don't consider myself so close-minded and I'm not a psychopath as some people have been claiming (that was funny to read).

Current Truth: I'm Brazilian, I'm 16, I am now studying in an excellent private school, I have my own house now, I'm Christian (although I don't follow everything to the letter), I have a lot of friends and I'm really happy. If I'm going to be blocked, I ask to not be abandoned by the wiki fellows in game. Don't consider this an attempt to stay in the wiki and/or decrease my consequence. I just believe you deserve to know the truth. This is who I am.