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Stats[edit | edit source]

Heya, <insert name here>! Welcome to my stats page.

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Total level: 2194
Attack 91Constitution 93Mining 83
Strength 92Agility 84Smithing 81
Defence 92Herblore 82Fishing 88
Ranged 87Thieving 83Cooking 99
Prayer 90Crafting 91Firemaking 97
Magic 90Fletching 84Woodcutting 87
Runecrafting 87Slayer 83Farming 80
Construction 80Hunter 84Summoning 80
Dungeoneering 102Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 127Quests 333
Music 873Tasks 513RuneScore ----
As of 24 June 2021
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Agility-icon.png Agility[edit | edit source]

I own agile legs which I achieved at level 82 with boosts, I believe. I also own other lightness equipment such as lightness boots, from the Temple of Ikov, penance gloves, a reward of Barbarian Assault, and a spottier cape, a cape which requires higher hunter abilities. I tend to train at Gnome Advanced Course with summer pies, but I will soon not need to use them anymore, unless I wish to boost Barbarian Advanced Course too, which I may do for agile top.

Attack-icon.png Attack[edit | edit source]

I own an abyssal whip, which I used to recolour but not anymore, Korasi's sword, the powerful sword which the brave Captain Korasi gifted me before the fatal incident that Professor Melville caused. I also have a super poisoned dragon dagger which I sometimes use in Slayer tasks (although I also tend to use enhanced excalibur).

Constitution-icon.png Constitution[edit | edit source]

It's a very useful skill! I tend to heal using either enhanced excalibur, during Slayer tasks, or sharks in general. Although I have rapid renewal, I'm mostly on ancient curses prayer book, so I don't use it; I wouldn't use it even though I was on the normal prayer book. The only reason I bought it is for the trimmed Completionist cape

Construction-icon.png Construction[edit | edit source]

I usually train Construction building teak dining tables or oak larders. Sometimes with sacred clay hammers, but even though I like Stealing Creation, I don't play it often. I love Player Owned Houses, and I'm anxiously expecting Player Owned Ports. I also expect a Construction revamp. I will let you know when I have my house template ready so you can see it.

Cooking-icon.png Cooking[edit | edit source]

Cooking Emote.gif

I achieved 99 Cooking on 2012! I wanted to max it so I could be useful in Daemonheim (fishing ferret puzzles, high-level food, etc.). I got 99 on the F2P world 120. My friends Pistol Pete and Yuyut40 attended. I baked a cake, gave it to Yuyut, who ate a piece, then he gave it to Pete, who ate another piece and I ate the last one. Now we three hold the power of cookery of DOOM! :)

Crafting-icon.png Crafting[edit | edit source]

I tend to craft using my clan citadel's loom, which is about 230,000 XP per week. I also use to craft potion flasks (5,000 daily XP) and sometimes assist ancient effigies with a crafting potion at Daemonheim, world 117, which is up to 30,000 daily XP.

Defence-icon.png Defence[edit | edit source]

Defence is useful. Thanks to it I can wield the almost-best melee armour in Daemonheim, which I tend to get from forgotten warrior drops.

Dungeoneering-icon.png Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Ah! My favourite skill! I love Dungeoneering. I used to hate it when it was released, not sure why. But it's filled with lore. Why are there Seren altars? Did Moia really die and Bilrach is alive down there, trying to open the Rift? Is Zamorak really the one in the Rift? If so, who are the voices that Bilrach hears? Are Dragonkin much more involved than what we thought?

I have a promethium platebody, shadow silk hood (which I hope to replace for a blood necklace), promethium two-handed sword and a celestial surgebox bound, and I have a tier-10 berserker ring.

I love [[keying]]; not the best keyer around but I've accomplished 24-minute large dungeons with world 77 noobs.

I achieved 99 Dungeoneering the 14th of April of 2012, two years and two days after the skill was released, and since then I've been breaching the lower dungeons of Daemonheim.

Farming-icon.png Farming[edit | edit source]

Ah, Farming. I used to train it with farming runs. Turned lazy. Fruit and tree runs. Turned lazy. Fruit tree runs. Turned lazy. Daily calquat trees. Turned lazy. And there it stopped. Sometimes people ask me for a polypore staff repair, or I repair mine. I also need all Livid Farm spells, so I train it there too. I really need to re-plant calquat trees again.

Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Fire! I used to train it in the Fist of Guthix with maple logs and master penance horn. I reached 92 on the world 92 and I quickly went to do the course to obtain my inferno adze. After lighting the last beacon, a PKer was about to attack me but I managed to climb a ladder to hide in a beacon before he engaged combat with me. I was lucky; if he had been a ranger or mager, I would have succumbed (although I already had my adze)! I also remember someone in my past clan helping me set a course to obtain the ring of fire and flame gloves. Thank you, wherever you are! :)

I then used to train in the Jadinko Lair and after completing The Firemaker's Curse I did Char's training cave weekly. I now use to train with bonfires for Summoning purposes.

Fishing-icon.png Fishing[edit | edit source]

I used to hate Fishing, but I heard about C2 Fishing (after the nerf). After the Fish Flingers revamp I also play that minigame, and I now own a basic tackle box, and a full fishing outfit (except for the boots). I have hunted the Thalassus 10 times after the Deadliest Catch quest.

Fletching-icon.png Fletching[edit | edit source]

For some reason, I also hate Fletching, even though it's similar to Cooking, in terms of difficulty and speed. Not much to say; I'm glad I achieved the level to fletch entgallow shortbows myself.

Herblore-icon.png Herblore[edit | edit source]

I have an anti-poison totem, full factory outfit and scroll of cleansing. I used to train with weapon poison++, but it did not sell well. I tend to train with potions that cost about 10gp/xp or less. I want it high for overloads, extreme potions, Elite Seers' Village tasks and Dungeoneering.

Hunter-icon.png Hunter[edit | edit source]

I used to train with green salamanders for fast XP and money. I remember losing my full Dagon'hai clothes, runes and other items when I was heading to the Mage Arena in a PvP world to avoid revenants (when there were), being killed by a player who was camping the entrance. I then trained for hours at swamp lizards to make it back, feeling proud. Then I switched to red salamanders for power training. I tried red chinchompas but it was unbearable. Then jadinko hunting, but I don't like it, I prefer staying loyal to red salamanders. I want to get 91 for kingly implings, but I've already caught a lot with the mud bath hunter boost.

Magic-icon.png Magic[edit | edit source]

I have unlocked Bones to Peaches, Claws of Guthix, Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak and the first two Livid Farm teleport spells. I used to train at Fist of Guthix as a free player, and then with high alchemy. Later, I tried stunning skeletons north of Edgeville. I want to unlock all Livid Farm spells before achieving 99 Magic.

Mining-icon.png Mining[edit | edit source]

I used to train mining gold at Dondakan's mine, then I switched to Lava Flow Mine after King of the Dwarves was released. I own a full golden mining outfit, and no trimmed pickaxes as I think the only pickaxe which looks good while trimmed is the dragon pickaxe, and I have no money or intention to buy it. I use to train at the Living Rock Caverns, mining concentrated gold with my beloved lava titan.

Prayer-icon.png Prayer[edit | edit source]

I have unlocked Chivalry, Piety, Rapid Renewal, Rigour and Augury, and I own a bonecrusher and demon horn necklace, which I like to combine during Slayer tasks. I train at world 31 using other people's gilded altars with dragon bones. I want to achieve 92 and 95 Prayer for the elite Varrock and Falador tasks, respectively. And also for recovering lifepoints in Dungeoneering, when no rats want to spare food >:o!

Ranged-icon.png Ranged[edit | edit source]

I used to train it killing blue dragons in the Heroes' Guild to make money. I remember wearing blue dragonhide, then red dragonhide and finally black dragonhide armour while killing them. I also remember how hard it was to beat other people with +111 combat level, because I had to right-click them. I was proud when I could attack them. I sometimes train it while cannoning Slayer tasks.

Runecrafting-icon.png Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

I used to train it runecrafting air runes. That's it, only air runes. Pure definition of noob. When making P2P, I used to runecraft nature runes, astral runes, death runes and finally blood runes. Then the Runespan came out, and achieved a few more levels. I'm currently rank 3 esteem in the Runespan.

Slayer-icon.png Slayer[edit | edit source]

I used to like it, then hate it, then like it, then hate it and I'm again back to Slayer, because I made a bet with a friend to see if I could achieve 95 Slayer before he maxed in all skills. You may think it's unfair, but it's being hard for me! I also want it high so I can kill my own Edimmus. I was in Mod Mark's friends chat when he said the "Final Slayer Master" thing. The only one who could achieve that position is The Raptor, although he's already said he doesn't want. I'm also excited about Social Slayer coming out next week, so I can slay with my friend!

Smithing-icon.png Smithing[edit | edit source]

I use to train it either smithing adamant bolts (unf) or Artisan's Workshop, because I want to buy all rewards. I've unlocked a couple of rewards already. I want it high to smith in Dungeoneering, because it can be very useful. It's expensive and a bit slow, though.

Strength-icon.png Strength[edit | edit source]

I use to train it a lot in Dungeoneering, because the berserker ring can only be used while in agressive stance. Not much to say :o

Summoning-icon.png Summoning[edit | edit source]

I use to play Temple Trekking for talon beast charms, which give a lot of Summoning XP. I am proud of achieving the level to summon lava titans and adept bloodragers. I want an unicorn stallion and a pack yak. Baroo baroo!

Thieving-icon.png Thieving[edit | edit source]

I have an Ardougne cloak 3 which I always use while Thieving, and I use to pickpocket monkey knife fighters and play Pyramid Plunder.

Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

I used to train it woodcutting maple trees. I now use to do sawmill training or ivy woodcutting.