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Welcome to My Page.[edit | edit source]

Hello I'm Guypo6. :D Im a longtime Runscape user of 4 years. I started runescape on about mid-year 2006 so errrrmm.......acully I've played for 5 years wow time flies. I play Runescape on and off so if im not on daily Im gunna do that a lot. If you want to add me feel free I like to have friends :). I'm not the best player and I'm soon to have my first 99 skill cape Yay!

The Old Days[edit | edit source]

When I was a newb I use to really like the game but i didn't have a computer at my house so I couldn't play often. I play on and of now but i have started to play a little more frequntly after getting a membership. This is my secong time having a membership and i hope to get a lot farther in the game. My skills have inproved drasticaly recently.

Me![edit | edit source]


Release Date Sometime in 2006
Combat Level 63
Life Points 510
Slayer Level 7 :) Woot!
Slayer Experience Umm..0?
Assigned by Zamorak
Members only? Yes!
Aggresive? Hehe...come and find out!
Poisonous? Sometimes>:)
Immune to poison? lol yes!
Attack Style Melee,Range,and magic/prayer
Attack Speed Uwnkown
Max Hit 1000k
Weakness You will never know!
Always drops Bones,and grave stone.
Examine Text Woot it's Guypo6!

Usual Armour: Rune Armour

Usual weapon: My trusty rune claws

My fav world :) :18

Fav monster to kill: Any demons.


Clan[edit | edit source]

Im in my own clan called Zaros Army .Zaros ftw lol. I just remebered a funny story .When i was a nOOb and i didn't know what ftw stood for so i looked it up. When I finally found it it said ftw ment f--- the world so whenever i heard someone say something like Zamorak ftw Im like so u dont like Zammy and thier like no i love him and im like what? Then i finally got the real definition from this dude i say and we were cutting wood. Lol wow its not as funny as it was when i was thinking about it lol. :) lolz Wow this section has nothing to do with my clan but anyway if you want to join my clan and chat feel free too.

Clan name: Zaros Army ;)