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Flower of Lletya chathead.png

{{Infobox Deity |name = Gullaffe |aka = Gustavo, Gull, Affe |release = 1997 |members = Yes |gender = Male |quest = All |location = w119 |status = Alive |alignment = Tea and dancing |symbol = [[File:Cup of tea.png]] |colours = Pink, white, red |examine = am the pink bird (is guy) |voice = Yes }}

Flower of Lletya chathead.png

{{Infobox Deity |name = exGullaffe |aka = Gull, Affe, exGullaffe |release = 1997 |members = No |gender = Male |quest = All |location = w119 |status = Dead |alignment = Tea and dancing |symbol = [[File:Cup of tea.png]] |colours = Blue and yellow |examine = am the pink bird (is guy) |voice = Yes }}

Hello, I'm Gullaffe, or just Gull. I enjoy playing Runescape, drinking tea, playing board games and dancing. Currently I exclusively play on my ironman.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Can be found in the clan Fat Sweaty Ironmen, and guesting in United Hearts. On w119 I can be found excavating war table debris,doing farm runs or pickpocketing Amlodd workers. Likely won't respond when pickpocketing since it usually means left to brew tea.

Current goals[edit | edit source]

Currently I am spending most of my ingame time doing Archaeology in an attempt to get inquisitors staff. I also try to set up my player owned port to effectively farm ancient bones. Other than that I have a silly project where I am trying to fill my menagerie in Player-owned house with 29 squirrels and a sparky.

Vis wax[edit | edit source]

Mostly for fun I am trying to find a pattern to what runes are being used for vis wax here. So far I can predict the first rune 1 day in advance every two days. My prediction for tomorrow (the 12th February) is mud rune.png: RS3 Inventory image of mud runemud rune

Gulmundir[edit | edit source]

Gulmundir is my area locked Ironman, locked to areas with barbarian encampments.