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About[edit | edit source]

I like designing buildings on paper and sometimes they get built out of lego. I love buildings, tunnels, temples, history, Geography, machines from the industrial revolution, anything steam powered, tanks, trains and last but not least computer games and technology.

I like the dwarfs because they make good buildings and interesting designs. I have not much money as I spend it very fast. I have no main ways to get money as the ones I know take to long. I prefer to explore instead of combat in runescape and I like doing quests which in include very weak foes if any. My favorite quest has to be Death to the Dorgeshuun. I have full rune and I can wear it all but I prefer robes or clothes like vyrewatch clothes and sometimes I imitate the role of charters. I loved the book Betrayal at Falador.

I have probably read most of this wiki as every page I go on has a link I have looked at before. If someone asks me anything about any city, quest or history about runescape I will answer it with out fail, and thats all cause of this brilliant wiki.

I follow Zamorak. I think that all the Mahjarrat are ok. I think Guthix is ok and I partly follow him because balance is needed when someone powerful is incharge, eg: Zamorak.

Things I need to do[edit | edit source]

Get full Zamorak armour.

Get a Zamorak Godsword.

Get a Zamorak Hawk.

Get Zamorak robes. check

Get MONEY! check

Prefect evil laugh. check

Complete Dragon Slayer. check

Get more MONEY! check

Get woodcutting up to level 60.

Do research on Mahjarrat. check

Get even MORE MONEY!

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