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RuneScape Wiki Adventure Log[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1901
Attack 66Constitution 79Mining 82
Strength 66Agility 57Smithing 75
Defence 80Herblore 73Fishing 76
Ranged 62Thieving 88Cooking 80
Prayer 59Crafting 67Firemaking 77
Magic 82Fletching 61Woodcutting 77
Runecrafting 73Slayer 59Farming 80
Construction 77Hunter 56Summoning 62
Dungeoneering 59Divination 56Invention 0
Archaeology 71Combat 108.05Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore 3,505
As of 18 June 2021
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My name is Simon Gros, and welcome to my XP Counter icon.png RuneScape Wiki Adventure Log.

I'm 30 years old and live in Slovenia.

11th October 2020: Joining the Wiki & The Road so Far[edit | edit source]

I'm a relatively new player in RuneScape and have only regularly started playing the game very recently, about a year or two ago. Deciding to purely play a HCIM character due to a personal distaste for the casino type mechanisms introduced in the regular variation of the game, and partly also because it gives an additional twist to the game play itself where dying is much more scary, and surviving that more rewarding and exhilarating. The character I play now was created some time at the beginning of 2020 and I think I've progressed relatively far during this very short timespan, considering how old this game is today.

This is not my first dedicated HCIM character as I've had one lower leveled one before, which I played during 2019, but unfortunately it permanently died, which was still at the time when the game disabled your Hardcore Ironman account completely instead of purely degrading it to a regular Ironman (like it does now). This forced me to create a new account and begin from scratch, loosing quite a lot of expensive cosmetics and pets in the process (ah, RIP my Woody!!!). It's also not my first time on this Wiki itself, I've also joined here once before about a year ago. I made a new Wiki editing account again because I lost access to my old one due to double authentication being linked to my old smartphone which I don't have anymore. I've decided to rejoin Wiki editing after I became really bored recently which purely skilling in-game, which is what I've mostly been doing for the past few months.

Some Ironman player from the Wiki clan has helped me get (or rather, carried me through) almost a hundred Giant mole kills during which I've managed to loose my first divine coin, a very important aspect of Harcore Ironmen. It was through pure stupidity of simply forgetting to bring food to a boss fight on my part. But fortunatelly I've just recently purchased my second and final divine coin for 10 million gp, the money for which I gathered mostly by pickpocketing Gullible tourists for about two or three weeks of gameplay. Death is surely closer, but not quite here just yet.

I've also been a proud member of this Wiki's clan for a bit more then six months so far and an active member of its ingame clan chat. I've also decided to join the Wiki's Discord server as it might provide me useful info for both editing the Wiki and playing the game.

Maintaining a personal log of the development of my character and my progress here on my profile page allows me to be both better at playing the game, since it provides space for me to reflect, research and think things through, and also makes it much more interesting as a general gaming experience, at least to me personally, preventing me from getting bored too quivkly from mundane daily tasks ingame, which is the main reason I've made this new profile page. You can expect it updated every day from now on, or at least every day that I will be able to dedicate to the game itself.

I will also hopefully regularly be helping out the Wiki with editing various pages, some of which I already did today, and perhaps attempt at doing One Small Wiki Favour from now on if my account will be appropriate for the given tasks active at the time. The idea to get a bond in exchange back as a reward for doing tasks is nice, since those allow me to buy new cosmetic items in-game, which I've apparently also developed a thing for and been carelessly spending my money on, but is not the main reason for doing this, as the main reason of joining Wiki editing is for me mainly to enhance the game experience itself. I'm also hoping to eventually earn the Wikian title some time in the very distant future, but this is not an immediate goal.

12th October 2020: 77 Thieving & the Nature Spirit quest[edit | edit source]

Yesterday I spent a few hours adding transparent backgrounds to various images on the Wiki, which felt both like a work obligation striving towards the 30 images required for the bond reward and also as a kind of a relaxing meditative practice of hunting down pixels that need deletion. I've progressed relatively fast and produced 14 different images in one batch, but I'm not satisfied with my work because I believe I got sloppy in places and could have done some things better. I reported to the person in charge of the task and was also contacted in-game from someone who thanked me and gave me some advice as to how to proceed with my work, so I guess my contribution is already being noticed, even though I just started working on this yesterday. I might want to find the proper person to talk to about transparency editing work in the long term, as I quite enjoy it.

The Nature Spirit quest.

I started my day by continuing to pickpocket Gullible tourists to work towards my 90 Thieving goal and unlocked tier 3 of Ports district during pickpocketing. Gained a level and progressed from Thieving77 to Thieving78 and also got a Hunter level from the buzzing implings in the meantime, which got me to Hunter48. Obtained the last missing Strange rock piece during my farming run at the player-owned farm and finally completed the statue in the Varrock museum for the first time, which got me a Statue plinth (item), which I put into my player-owned house along with a Replica statue piece. At the end of the day did a quest called Nature Spirit and was editing the article while following the guide in order to improve it, just like I planned in my Questing while Editing section. I chose this quest mainly to progress slightly towards my Sunspear goal.

Since I did not have as much time today for RuneScape as I thought I would have I only managed to edit three pictures on the Wiki for my Transparency Project.

13th October 2020: 73 Farming, 59 Crafting, 77 Mining, 47 Dungeoneering & Gem bag[edit | edit source]

I slept through most of the day, so I haven't been playing much. Advanced a level in Farming and got to Farming73 in the morning. Pickpocketed Gullible tourists, although I didn't get a level today this way, as it would take more than two additional hours. But I did get over 700k gp in the process with which I bought runes and went to fetch some vis wax with them. I have to remember to obtain the wax on a daily basis from now on. Did some Dungeoneering which got me to Dungeoneering46 and obtained a Gem bag for easier crafting training through Uncommon gem rocks. Did a few gem rock runs to test out my crafting training and it has increased it to about 50k exp/hour. Also got a crafting level this way which increased it to Crafting59. Also got an unintentional mining level in the meantime with this which got me to Mining77.

I redeemed my Prime Gaming loot in the game, but got an error that Ironmen are ineligible for the reward. So apparently I spent money for nothing again. Jagex is really neglecting the Ironman aspect of the game in this way, they should have given us some cosmetics or even oddments to compensate. But I don't even know where to complain.

Installed the Alt1 overlay app for RuneScape because the Wiki clan members suggested it. Should look into its functionality tommorow.

14th October 2020: 60 Crafting, 47 Herblore, 50 Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Did a couple of more runs of mining Uncommon gem rocks and got to Crafting60. Got a herblore level from Small prismatic lamps that I got from the Gielinorian Giving event which got me to Herblore47. Did some Dungeoneering and got to Dungeoneering50. Right now I have 3110 Dungeoneering tokens and need 20,000.

15th October 2020: 51 Dungeoneering, 50 Summoning, 54 Slayer, 69 Magic & Lost City[edit | edit source]

Today I'm continuing with some Dungeoneering. Completed a daily task and got to Dungeoneering51 with it. Currently I have 3797 Dungeoneering tokens and need 20,000. Trained Summoning for a while and completed another daily task in it which got me to Summoning50. Did the third daily task and did some Slayer training which got me to Slayer54 and Magic69. Was luckly enough to get Kalphites as a Slayer task, so I went to kill Kalphite Guardians who dropped 2 Hard clues. Also completed the short Lost City quest in order to unlock access to Zanaris needed for the next Slayer master, Chaeldar.

16th October 2020: 56 Slayer, 55 Attack, 66 Constitution, Icthlarin's Little Helper & Smoking Kills[edit | edit source]

Continuing with Slayer, I reached Slayer55, Attack55 and Constitution66. Later got to Slayer55 by squishing Corrupted sarabs in Menaphos city. Got my first Loop half of a key as a drop from Kalphites. Got the Guardian of Fortitude cosmetic outfit by completing the latest Travelling Artisan event. Bought myself the Legendary pet Fire drake. Did the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest, which was pretty long, in order to obtain a Catspeak amulet, and then did the Smoking Kills quest that provides a better Slayer point yield as a reward to completing it.

17th October 2020: Urns, 79 Thieving, 61 Crafting, Ring of Wealth & Medium pen breeding[edit | edit source]

Did a daily task and another half an hour of pickpocketing Gullible tourists and got to Thieving79. Did a daily task in Crafting and started crafting urns, which got me to Crafting61. I'm currently making 100+ of each kind of urn which I'll use later for skilling, did about 300 today and will continue tommorow. Since I recently unlocked Lvl-5 Enchant I made myself a Ring of Wealth. Now I need to achieve 72 Crafting in order to be able to make an Amulet of glory. I've also unlocked Breeding in medium pens at the player-owned farm after finally reaching 3000 beans.

18th October 2020: Urns, 62 Crafting, 53 Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Can't report much today, since I slept through the day, so haven't been playing much. Got my Crafting to Thieving62 through a daily task, did the usual player-owned farm run and did some thieving to obtain more cash, so I currently have just over 500k gp. Did some Dungeoneering, got to Dungeoneering53 and obtained 5714 dungeoneering tokens in total.

19th October 2020: 54 Dungeoneering, 70 Magic[edit | edit source]

I'm starting with a few Dungeoneering runs and got to Dungeoneering54 with 7848 Dungeoneering tokens. Got an unintentional Magic level in the meantime which got me to Magic70.

20th October 2020: 57 Dungeoneering, 56 Strength, 68 Runecrafting, 74 Woodcutting & 61 Fletching[edit | edit source]

Continuing with Dungeoneering, got to Dungeoneering57 with 11,996 Dungeoneering tokens, plus an unintentional Strength level up to Strength56. Did some Fletching and got to Fletching61.

Did some RuneSpan, got to Runecrafting68 and currently have 3,481 Runespan points, while needing 7,500 for Wicked legs.

Also went to do some Woodcutting in Menaphos, got to Woodcutting74 and unlocked Port district Tier 4 in the meantime.

21th October 2020: 46 Prayer, 69 Runecrafting 74 Farming & Cactoad[edit | edit source]

I've reached Farming74 and successfully breeded a Cactoad. Did some Dungeoneering, got 12575 Dungeoneering tokens and got an unintentional Prayer level which got me to Prayer46.

Did some Runespan again and got to Runecrafting69 and obtained 4,462 Runespan points.

22th October 2020: 74 Firemaking, 58 Dungeoneering, 71 Smithing & Treasure trails[edit | edit source]

Did a daily task in Firemaking and got to Firemaking74.

Continuing with Dungeoneering I got to Dungeoneering58 with 13507 Dungeoneering tokens.

Did a daily task in Smithing and got to Smithing71.

Finally did some Treasure trails, mostly easy clue scrolls, about 10 of them.

23th October 2020: 51 Divination, 48 Herblore, 81 Thieving, The Feud, A Guild of Our Own & Safecracking[edit | edit source]

Did a daily task in Divination and got to Divination51.

Completed The Feud quest and the A Guild of Our Own caper for the Thieving guild to unlock safecracking, which got me an unintentional level in Herblore and got me to Herblore48.

Learned Safecracking and got two levels in Thieving in the first 45min of practice, which got me to Thieving81.

24th October 2020: Quests Galore!, 47 Prayer & 63 Crafting[edit | edit source]

Decided to do a couple of quests today, so I finished:

  1. Fishing contest
  2. The Giant Dwarf
  3. Dwarf Cannon
  4. Between a Rock...
  5. Goblin Diplomacy
  6. Gunnar's Ground
  7. Ernest the Chicken
  8. Biohazard
  9. Impressing the Locals
  10. Song from the Depths
  11. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
  12. The Death of Chivalry
  13. Elemental Workshop I
  14. Elemental Workshop II
  15. The Lost Tribe
  16. Tears of Guthix
  17. A Soul's Bane
  18. Violet is Blue
  19. Merlin's Crystal
  20. Witch's House
  21. The Golem

I also got two Prayer levels in the meantime which got me to Prayer48 and a Crafting level that got me to Crafting63.

25th October 2020: Questing Continued, Armour of Trials, 63 Defence, 52 Prayer, 52 Agility, 50 Herblore, 75 Farming, 76 Construction[edit | edit source]

Today, continuing with questing, I've completed:

  1. Shadow of the Storm
  2. What Lies Below
  3. Scorpion Catcher
  4. All Fired Up
  5. The Needle Skips
  6. Tribal Totem
  7. In Search of the Myreque
  8. What's Mine is Yours
  9. Beneath Cursed Tides
  10. Sea Slug
  11. Benedict's World Tour
  12. Clock Tower
  13. Monk's Friend
  14. Hazeel Cult
  15. Holy Grail
  16. Troll Stronghold
  17. Troll Romance
  18. In Pyre Need
  19. Gower Quest
  20. Perils of Ice Mountain
  21. Eagles' Peak
  22. Call of the Ancestors
  23. Tower of Life
  24. Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  25. Bringing Home the Bacon
  26. Murder Mystery
  27. Sheep Herder

Got a Defence level in the process, which got me to Defence63, gained four Prayer levels and got to Prayer52, two Herblore levels and got to Herblore50, an Agility level to Agility52 and also got Farming to Farming75 and Construction to Construction76.

Also obtained all five pieces of Armour of Trials

26th October 2020: Combat Training: 72 Magic, 64 Defence, 67 Constitution & Vanquish + Haloween Event: 53 Herblore & 70 Cooking[edit | edit source]

I've decided to do some combat training today by safespotting Exiled kalphite guardians because I've obtained my tier 75 hybrid weapon called Vanquish.

I got two levels in Magic so far which got me to Magic72, a level in Defence and got to Defence64, and got Constitution to Constitution67.

Also got four Hard clue scrolls in the meantime and a Tooth half of a key, which I assembled into a Crystal key.

Started with the Halloween event, got four Herblore levels, got to Herblore54, and a Cooking level which got me to Cooking70. Also bought a few cosmetics.

27th October 2020: Halloween Event Continued, 61 Herblore, 72 cooking, 53 Divination[edit | edit source]

I'll be doing the Halloween event for the next two weeks due to the Herblore activity in it. Today I got six levels in Herblore in it which got me to Herblore61 and two cooking level which got me to Cooking72.

Did a daily task in Divination which got me to Divination53.

28th October 2020: Halloween Event Continued, 65 Herblore, 74 Cooking, 51 Summoning[edit | edit source]

Am continuing with the Halloween event, which got me to Herblore65 and 74Cooking.

Did a couple of daily tasks and got my Summoning up one level to Summoning51.

Wiki Editing[edit | edit source]

My first edit on this page was to add a brief description to Stasis armour, since I got it from the Kerapac Track. I don't have access to my 4k computer screen for another few months, so I won't be uploading any more screenshots of models to the site itself, as those would require a higher screen resolution than 1920x1080 at which I'm currently running the game.

Keep in mind my knowledge of Wiki code itself is still very very basic and I'm learning new things as I progress.

I'm currently doing the Image transparency Task for One Small Wiki Favour, and we'll see how far my progress will get, the aim is to add transparency to 30 (or perhaps even 60) wiki images that are already uploaded on the site, and perhaps even earn a bond in the process.

The Transparency Project[edit | edit source]

I've decided to make an entire long-term Transparency Project of editing images on this Wiki by adding transparency layers into them for their backgrounds. I'm picking up individual images randomly from the Category:Images needing transparency and Category:Images needing translucency links.

So far I've added transparency to:


Questing while Editing[edit | edit source]

I've been saving the vast majority of quests on my account and left them unstarted because rejoining Wiki editing has been planned since I started my character. The idea is to do individual quests really slowly and use the data from thee game to update and improve existing quest related pages. While this can be painstaking in terms of how fast I progress it might possibly turn out to be extremely productive. Many people who read the Wiki often do it so purely for the sake of getting the text that might help them finish a quest - and the problem is that some of the older quest guides are badly written and for example also contain errors which cause the person following a guide to become confused when the guide does not match the in-game experience. The second point is in adding content and improving upon the already existing articles, also in terms of aesthetics and grammar.

Goals[edit | edit source]

For the past month I've often been raising the question about possible in-game goals towards which to work and strive as to be most productive. RuneScape is an interesting game in this regard, since it depends on the player how he wants to play it and even if he wants to play it at all. And because of its immense content that has accumulated over the past two decades the possibilities of just what to do in the game itself are endless. Here I will try to provide a basic outline of what I am striving towards:

Ghost hunter equipment[edit | edit source]

Item Obtained
Ectoplasmator.png Ectoplasmator Yes
Ghost hunter goggles (20).png Ghost hunter goggles Yes
Ghost hunter body (20).png Ghost hunter body Yes
Ghost hunter legs (20).png Ghost hunter legs No
Ghost hunter backpack (20).png Ghost hunter backpack No
Ghostly essence.png Ghostly essence 10

Wicked robes[edit | edit source]

Item Obtained Point cost Level required
Wicked hood.png Wicked hood Yes / None
Wicked cape.png Wicked cape Yes 2,500 30
Wicked legs.png Wicked legs No 7,500 55
Wicked robe top.png Wicked robe top No 15,000 80

Gem bag upgrade[edit | edit source]

I need to do some Dungeoneering in order to obtain a Gem bag (upgraded). It requires 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens, yet I currently only have 127.

72 Crafting[edit | edit source]

I need Crafting72 in order to be able to make a Dragonstone amulet which I will enchant into an Amulet of glory.

60 Slayer[edit | edit source]

I plan to achieve 60 Slayer soon in order to unlock Aberrant spectres, which I plan to grind for Ghost hunter equipment and Ghostly essence.

78 Fletching[edit | edit source]

Need Fletching78 in order to obtain a Corpsethorn staff while Dungeoneering within Daemonheim.

90 Thieving[edit | edit source]

This is a goal I've set myself in order to unlock Player-owned Ports. I've progressed a lot in the Thieving skill from purely pickpocketing Gullible tourists during the past two or three weeks. Being a lucky bastard that I am I got both an Onyx ring and an Uncut Onyx in the process. I've also done two of the three Thieving capers for the Thieving guild yesterday and I still have to do the entire third one to unlock Safecracking, which should yield far better experience and gp rates than the method I've been using so far. After I learn Safecracking, which I've never done before, I will see if perhaps even striving to 99 Thieving right now might be a possibility.

Shifting Tombs: 50 Prayer[edit | edit source]

I need to get 5 levels in Prayer to reach Prayer50 so that I can do the Shifting Tombs minigame.

Unlocking Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

This is a more long-term goal I still have to do more research about.

Obtaining Sunspear[edit | edit source]

Sunspear is again a more longterm goal that involves completing the The Lord of Vampyrium quest. I still have to seriously rethink my short term priorities first before embarking on these larger kind of goals.


Quests: Biohazard, Underground Pass, Shilo Village, Merlin's Crystal, Lost City, Heroes' Quest, Family Crest, [107 quest points], Legends' Quest, In Search of the Myreque, In Aid of the Myreque, The Darkness of Hallowvale, Legacy of Seergaze, The Branches of Darkmeyer, The Lord of Vampyrium

Skills: Agility 51 - 63 (12 levels), Strength 55 - 75 (20 levels), Woodcutting 73 - 76 (3 levels), Fletching 60 - 70 (10 levels), Crafting 58 - 64 (6 levels), Slayer 51 - 78 (27 levels), Magic 67 - 70 (3 levels), Construction 75 - 79 (4 levels), Hunter 48 - 76 (28 levels), Attack 54 - 75 (21 levels), Constitution 65 - 75 (10 levels), Defence 62 - 75 (13 levels)

Fashionscape[edit | edit source]

A section for cosmetics.

  • Courier outfit
  • One Special Courier outfit
  • Enchanters Echo
  • Stasis armour
  • Thok's Hand-me-downs
  • Crustacea armour
  • Shadow magus
  • Bastion of Fortitude
  • Defender of the Mind
  • Warden of the Mind
  • Master crafter outfit
  • Oathbreaker Outfit
  • Bright Inquisitor Outfit
  • Radiant Dawn
  • Valkyrie Outfit
  • Beach Sand Outfit
  • Menaphos Faction (Imperial)
  • Ironman (Hardcore)
  • Revenant
  • Spirit Hunter
  • Nomad
  • Construct of Strength
  • Sir Owen
  • Assassin
  • Cabaret

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