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Hey everyone! Greenman480 here! Sorry that it says Greenman4804, someone took greenman480... lol. Okay, well there's not much to this account, but check out my rs videos on youtube!

PM me on RS(Greenman480) or email([email protected]) please no spam or junk or any of that. Ok, well let me tell you about myself........

My name is Sid. Awesome name..... lol..... I'm not too popular, but my friends are popular. I'm friends with Bk2lumby4you(before he was hacked), Zezima, B o0 m e r(Boomertwins), etc. I've met many famous people(xxphatmagexx, angel cape, dawgsays, tehnoobshow, starrychelx, etc.) but I'm not really friends with them. I've had conversations and all, but not like actual friends.

In my spare time, I play Runescape.(DUH) But no, I'm not a nerd. Think what you want. Anyway, I also play Guitar Hero(Check my GH vids on link on top) and sports. Probably my 3 favorite and popular sports are Soccer, Basketball, and Football. I'm pretty smart, I guess... lol.

This might be out-of-date but right now I'm around 95. I have around 80 strength, and attack, and 70 defence, and like 76 or 77 hp. I don't really mage or range, but my mage is about 60-65 and range 55-60. I make money in a little bit of everything. Treasure Trails here, killing there, woodcutting over there... whatever.

Okay well that's it, questions or comment, just message me on youtube or email or something, so cya!