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Description[edit | edit source]

The Cockroach Queen is the most strongest non-revenant, non-quest and non-random event monster in free-to-play.

The monster is located in the Stronghold of Player Safety, in the giant hole near the southern part where Cockroach soldiers are.

They have some-what accurate attacks, and mainly hits 15s with Melee 13 with Magic and 17 with Ranged If you are close enough, it might use magic mostly.

This monster detects armour. EG. If you are wearing melee armour, it will use Magic on you. If you are wearing Magic armour, it will range you. If you wear Ranged armour, and ranging it, it will range you. Unless you are meleeing it, it will melee too.

Sometimes on busy worlds, alot of people gather to kill it, because of its high-value drops. However the popularity decreased due to the increased armour detection.

Habitat(s)[edit | edit source]

Other drops[edit | edit source]

Armour and Weapons




Charms (members only)

Seeds (members only)


  • 6-1200 coins (very common. Sometimes drops more than 1200gp)
  • 3-12 Mushroom (m)
  • Level 3 clue scroll (m) (uncommon)
  • Law talisman (m) (rare)
  • 5 noted swordfish (semi-rare)
  • 28 noted burnt bones (very rare)
  • Nothing
Predecessor Title Successor
Greater Demon Strongest Monster in F2P Blue Dragon

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