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Hello, I'm Gormagon! I've only recently created my account, so my userpage does not have a whole lot on it yet.

I started playing RS in 2007, back when it actually had a stable economy and 70% of the servers processing power was not taken up by endless and not required updates involving pointless things, thereby we did not have endless lagg and dumps on a 50 ping world with 300 people on it.(I can get 3 whitescreens in under 5 minutes.) I miss those days.

I still play because I want to learn more quest storylines and still have skill goals. When the lagg is not too bad I play mini games like Conquest,(2800+ rating, earned not payed for.) F.O.G,(My Fog rating is 7354) SC ect. I only have 766,282+ Dom rating but I am leveling strength to help me get more.

I am still figuring out the template thing. For some reason the images dissapeared.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My Character name is: Gormagon
  • My combat level is: 116
  • I am mostly a: Anythinger.
  • I have never botted, gold farmed or auto clicked.
  • I have three 99's, Magic, Thieving and Fletching. They are kind of newbish but w/e.