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Total level: 1,998
Attack 90 Constitution 93 Mining 83
Strength 94 Agility 78 Smithing 80
Defence 90 Herblore 78 Fishing 80
Ranged 87 Thieving 78 Cooking 85
Prayer 72 Crafting 92 Firemaking 93
Magic 94 Fletching 87 Woodcutting 82
Runecrafting 77 Slayer 85 Farming 75
Construction 71 Hunter 74 Summoning 80
Dungeoneering N/A Divination N/A Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 124 Quest icon fixed.png 293 Task icon fixed.png ----
Music icon fixed.png 609

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello folks, I am Golduin.

I play runescape since I have found this game on - 28 August 2007.

I have become a member when I have done all the f2p quests, which was 20 October 2007.

Before becoming a member, I have had done all the requirements for all the f2p guilds.

I currently enjoy most the mini-games.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

I have and maintain Quest cape

I have completed all the tasks from

  1. Karamja Diary
  2. Varrock Diary
  3. Lumbridge and Draynor Diary
  4. Fremennik Province Diary
  5. Falador Diary
  6. Seers' Village Diary
  7. Ardougne Diary, except elite tasks

I have earned Void Knight mace and full Void knight set from Pest control.

I am master in all roles in Barbarian assault and possess Full Penance including all 4 penance hats.

I have full Lumberjack clothing set from Temple Trekking.

I have Inferno adze from All Fired Up (minigame).

Favourites[edit | edit source]

Quests notes[edit | edit source]

Underground pass route: 4 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3

Cold War emotes: clap - shiver - wave ; password: cabbage

User Boxes[edit | edit source]

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In-game alignment
Sergeant clan rank.png This user is a sergeant in the clan Barbarian Assault Addicts.
Phoenix crossbow.png This user is a member of the Phoenix Gang.
Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.
Zaros symbol.png This user follows Zaros,
the Empty Lord.
Rare items
Grim reaper hood.png This user has a grim reaper hood.

Snow globe.png This user has a snow globe.

Chocatrice cape.png This user has a chocatrice cape.

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ru Этот участник говорит по Русски.
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