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Total level: 2873
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 99
Strength 99Agility 99Smithing 99
Defence 99Herblore 116Fishing 99
Ranged 99Thieving 99Cooking 99
Prayer 99Crafting 99Firemaking 99
Magic 99Fletching 99Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99Slayer 119Farming 114
Construction 99Hunter 99Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 115Divination 99Invention 120
Archaeology 111Combat 135Quests 425
Music 1,313Tasks 2,117RuneScore 19,775
As of 21/Feb/2022
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Others[edit | edit source]

  • House layout sandbox - need to review once construction gets update (if ever). At the moment the only things I am using house is for armour repair and teletabs creation.
  • User:Golduin/PvP_Perks - draft for Wilderness Perks. Need to consider separating Wildy slayer/PVM (Lava strykewyrms, Revenants, etc.), Wildy skilling (Dual wield augmented weapon + defender combo + skilling outfit -or- tool + defender + skilling outfit) and true Wildy PVP / PKing